We have always used a baby monitor since Harper has been in her own room since 6 months, but I have recently been struggling with it. Now she is a bit older and has cuddly toys in bed....it was sometimes hard to see which was her and which was the toy πŸ€£πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ....not anymore.... We have kindly been gifted the amazing @lollipopbabycamera, and I cannot believe the quality! It was so easy to set up, it was up and working in seconds, with no worrying about where to put it, it is just bends around the side of the cot. I love that its also on an app so we have it wherever we are. Our last monitor was meant to be cordless but always needed to be plugged in....so I am loving the freedom. Swipe to see how clear the night vision is too 😍 A D | G I F T E D




I love how easily it attaches! ❀️


Need this so so amazing 😍😍


We have this baby camera and is amazing ❀️