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Believer in the one true God. Let's talk about it! 🇭🇰@fearplus_hk👕 🇺🇲@deschampskateboards 🛹 18yrs a skater. 我喜歡玩滑板.

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Working on the weird ones! Plus 3 lazy grinds in a row! Trying to make them look better than mine used to! @deschampskateboards (new designs coming) @fearplus_hk (new shop just opened! order something)

Regular Fs flips were working today ?? Yeah I don't know either. @deschampskateboards @fearplus_hk (new shop opening soon for the HK homies)


6 years ago you were just a little rascal with very sharp teeth 我狗狗長大的 太大了哈哈

Do you personally prefer raw clips or slow mo or added music or all of them combined? Enjoy a throwback from China 5 shove! 你喜歡什麼樣的滑板影片?音樂,影片編輯,自然影片還是什麼❓


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