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@filipasaw + @lix_boa + @vitrinecuriosa A place for things found on the street, lost, fallen or abandoned. Beach cleaning when possible. πŸ“Portugal

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RIP bichinhos 😒 1st pic courtesy of @bobacastrotora and 2nd courtesy of @jgabrielbjj (bem hajam πŸ™Œ) I don't like posting dead animals, it takes years to collect pics for a post like this. Most are insects that met their end in shop's showcases, but a warning: don't swipe until the 10th pic if you're squeamish about cats 😭 #rip #deadanimals #found #abandoned #thrownaway #leftbehind #forgotten #discarded #lostandfound #streetfinds #pavementfinds #streetscene

So Instagram Facebook keeps removing/banning my post with found street art stickers that featured a female nipple. It was my first post ever that "violates community guidelines regarding nudity or sexual activity". It's a photo of a sticker, someone's art, it's not sexual, it's not offensive, it's not immoral, it's not sensitive content. This here is also someone's art, and not a photo, let's see how that goes 🀨 Apparently in 2021, these big companies are still faking morality and being publicly insensitive, sexist, retrograde and offensively blind to simple non-issues such as the representation of the human body. This is the way we're looking at you, IG/FB πŸ˜‘πŸ€¨πŸ€¬πŸ˜ πŸ˜€ Free the fucking nipple #freethenippz #forfuckssake #graffiti #posed #found #foundobjects #leftbehind #streetfinds #streetart #lisbonstreets #lisbonstreetart #streetphotography #streetscene

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