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Relax. 😌 It’s Friday and the start of a holiday weekend! See you at 5:30 tonight. Facebook Live Use Fun to Overcome. #ThePowerofFun

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Flint wants you to invest in your moment of pure joy so that memory will be there to recall and relive forever! It is #ThePowerofFun and you can practice your way to happy 😉👍💪

In the midst of decluttering we found moments of joy. You have to decide what you keep and what you throw away. That effort revealed a secret to building sustainable happiness in our lives. We only kept the items that brought back a memory of joy. That remembering boosts your mood, inspires gratitude and actually helps you live a longer and happier life. So throw away all your stuff and keep all your moments of joy! @gsbureau #joy #gratitude #ThePowerofFun #tellmesomthinggood

Sandy and I are in the final stages of moving. An exciting time for us as we plan our future but OMG...the stress of moving!! Did you know that many people rate moving as one of the top 5 most stressful events in life? I can tell you that has been our experience over the last few weeks. But, it has been a wonderful proving ground for #ThePowerofFun process. When you know that stress is coming here are 3 ways to lessen the effects on you and your family. 1. Do your best to maintain a routine. During stressful times it is vital to maintain some of our daily rituals and routines. Those routines help to keep you grounded to some simple normalcies. 2. Focus on the present. Stress levels can be increased by looking into the future. Your brain is wired to make the future look worse then reality will reveal so it is important focus on the now and not on the "later". 3. Get physical. Spend about 15 minutes each day to be physically active. This doesn't have to be done at the gym. You can just go out for a walk or find a "workout hit" online. Just 15 minutes of daily physical activity can help to keep stress levels lower and it will help you get needed sleep...which would be number 4 on this list! When you see that stress is coming just remember...routine, present and physical as a #PowerofFun process to help you get through. Good luck and let me know your thoughts here. 🙏🙏🙏

Truly humbled and grateful to have had the opportunity to deliver some powerful fun to Accelerated Learning Solutions. 🙏🙏 Thank you Angela Whitford-Narine and your entire staff at ALS. All of you are truly lifesavers! You are front line rescuers of the highest order and proud of the work you do in the non-traditional education space. 💪 Looking forward to hearing how you leverage powerful fun to engage your students, schools and communities. You will make the world a better place! 🙌😊 #education #ThePowerofFun

During difficult times remember to embrace challenges. It is your opportunity to adapt, build resilience and learn to overcome. Darwin’s studies prove that the strongest species don’t have the best chance to survive. Species that can adapt survive and thrive! #heroofhappiness #ThePowerofFun #happiness #SeriousFun

Preparing for just one keynote takes hours and hours of work. 🙄 I’ve given the same keynote for hundreds of clients over the last two years. Shouldn’t I have it “down” by now? 🧐 The truth is…I do but I am consistently trying to make it better. I love the work and believe the message will help make the world a better place. As speakers we are in the service of our audience so if they are giving me a hour of their time, I better make sure their time spent will be valuable. Do you have it down, too? Are you putting in the work your audience deserves? #ThePowerofFun will help you be a better friend, co-worker, leader, parent, coach or just a better human being. Put in the work and build on your happiness. You have it “down”! Love the work and make the world a better place! 🙏👍💪

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Hoje no Brooklyn em todo o mundo, nossos colegas da Argentina!! Você tem alguma dúvida sobre a nossa atividade ?? 🥊🥊 Pode perguntar 👇👇👇 . . . . #brooklynfitboxingportugal #brooklynfitboxing #WeRFitboxers #carnide #fitness #ThePowerofFun #lisboa #Repost @brooklynfitboxingarg

Where is your happy place? 🧐 No this isn’t a rhetorical question. Please list your happy place in the comments section. 🙏 Why should you do this? 💪 It’s not for me…it is for you! 👏☝️ When you stop for a few minutes each day to recall a place or a time that made you happy it will boost your mood. It refreshes your perspective and rewires your brain. It’s all about practicing your way to happy. Go ahead…you can do it. Tell me where your happy place is! #daveraymondspeaks. #behappynow #ThePowerofFun

Today I start to give up added sugar for 40 days! That means no, candy, ice cream, pies, cakes, doughnuts etc! If you see me hanging around a bridge please throw me a Twinkie! 😂🙏🤟 #ThePowerofFun #virtualkeynote #leadership

Right from the Power of Fun studio we were proud to present to some talented high school students from New York, Indiana and Chicago. It was a #ThePowerofFun power hour for Athletes for Charity. Thank you @cathleenlaporte #athletesforcharity @mascothall #virtualpresentations #fun

Thank you 🙏 Invacare for believing in the #ThePowerofFun and supporting it during your National Sales and Training event. The work you do every single day is a study in kindness that changes lives 😇! Big shout out 📣 to Keith, Paul, Joost and the entire Invacare team. I am grateful for your support! #invacare #leadership #kindness @gsbureau @invacareasia @invacareuk @invacareanz