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🔸🔸Poetconnection Artist collaborations Music and Words !!!! #artistcollabpc ▶️ Tip: You can download the tunes and add to your post with Reposta app. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ✍️ Write a poem in not more than 50 words taking one of the artist tune as inspiration. 🔶 Please tag the artist and give the credit for their tune in the caption. @kmusic1318 ( Tune 1) @theprettyprovocativepoet ( Tune 2 ) @luademorais (Tune 3) 🔶 The theme for the poem is sensual, it should be inspired by one of the three tunes. 📣📣 Closing date: September 30th ( your time zone ). 📣📣 ✅ Multiple submissions are allowed. ✅ All submissions will be featured in our stories for 24 hours. ✅ Winners will be chosen by team collaborative decsision. 📣📣📣 Rules 📣📣📣 🌼 Its' mandatory to use #artistcollabpc in your caption and tag @poetconnection and artist on your post. 🌼 Tag 3 writers at least in the comment section and share it to spread the word or encourage your friends to participate as well. 🌼 Submissions are only accepted through feed posts. No submission throught comment or dm would be accepted. -------------------------------------------------------------- 🔸Please, DM if you have any queries. 🔸Hope you enjoy our monthly and weekly challenges. 🔸Looking forward to all your amazing submissions. -------------------------------------------------------------- #poetconnection #pcsensual #poetconnectionprompts #instapoetry #creativewritingprompts #creativeprompts #poetsofinstagram #writingprompt #poetryprompts #poetryholics #sensualpoetry


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