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Merry Christmas from all of us at Advansio.

We stand with the Nigerian youths to #EndPoliceBrutality in whatever label it is given. #EndPoliceBrutality

Hardworking and solutions- oriented minds, get in here! Send us a mail today, we can’t wait to have you onboard. #Advansio #JobVacancy

As we celebrate our nation Nigeria and the strength of her people, today is another day to remind every Nigerian that nation building is our collective responsibility. Here’s to many more years of celebrating progress, growth and development! Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! #Advansio #NigeriaAt60

Are you a creative UI/UX designer? Are you well versed in composition and graphic design, with a knack for palettes, typography and branding? Do you have what it takes to make an interface shine and have its own identity? If your answer is YES, then you are who we are looking for! Send your CV and portfolio to hr@advansio.com, let’s get started! #Advansio #JobVacancy #FinTech

We offer Software, Web Application, Mobile App and Database Development Services to make digital payments as well as other financial services accessible to every African. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinancialServices #financialgoals #africans

Welcome to the EMBER months!! Make a lifestyle decision today and stick with it for the rest of the year. We are rooting for you! #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #financialgoals #africans

If you don’t know your customers, how could you possibly give them what they want? COVID-19 has changed how customers want to bank and perform financial transactions. We believe personalization presents an opportunity for businesses to engage customers and provide better services. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinTechAfrica #financialgoals #africans

There are two truths and a lie about this picture below: - One of these Advansio people is a software engineer. - All three are Yorubas. - All three wear recommended glasses. Which is the lie? 😁 #AdvansioPeople

John owns a small business but has big dreams of expanding that business. Accessing credits, funding, reliable banking and financial services will help bring John's dreams to life. We power financial solutions in Africa through our innovative technology for businesses like John’s and many others. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinTechAfrica

If your needs currently exceed 50% of your income, you should be thinking about the steps you might want to take or expenses you may be able to reduce in order to make this a more attainable plan. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinancialTip

The African Region of the World Health Organisation carries a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden. But together, we can prevent more malaria cases and ultimately malaria deaths by combating the spread of mosquitoes with these important measures. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #WorldMosquitoDay