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Merry Christmas from all of us at Advansio.

We stand with the Nigerian youths to #EndPoliceBrutality in whatever label it is given. #EndPoliceBrutality

Hardworking and solutions- oriented minds, get in here! Send us a mail today, we can’t wait to have you onboard. #Advansio #JobVacancy

As we celebrate our nation Nigeria and the strength of her people, today is another day to remind every Nigerian that nation building is our collective responsibility. Here’s to many more years of celebrating progress, growth and development! Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! #Advansio #NigeriaAt60

Are you a creative UI/UX designer? Are you well versed in composition and graphic design, with a knack for palettes, typography and branding? Do you have what it takes to make an interface shine and have its own identity? If your answer is YES, then you are who we are looking for! Send your CV and portfolio to hr@advansio.com, let’s get started! #Advansio #JobVacancy #FinTech

We offer Software, Web Application, Mobile App and Database Development Services to make digital payments as well as other financial services accessible to every African. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinancialServices #financialgoals #africans

Welcome to the EMBER months!! Make a lifestyle decision today and stick with it for the rest of the year. We are rooting for you! #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #financialgoals #africans

If you don’t know your customers, how could you possibly give them what they want? COVID-19 has changed how customers want to bank and perform financial transactions. We believe personalization presents an opportunity for businesses to engage customers and provide better services. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinTechAfrica #financialgoals #africans

There are two truths and a lie about this picture below: - One of these Advansio people is a software engineer. - All three are Yorubas. - All three wear recommended glasses. Which is the lie? 😁 #AdvansioPeople

John owns a small business but has big dreams of expanding that business. Accessing credits, funding, reliable banking and financial services will help bring John's dreams to life. We power financial solutions in Africa through our innovative technology for businesses like John’s and many others. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinTechAfrica

If your needs currently exceed 50% of your income, you should be thinking about the steps you might want to take or expenses you may be able to reduce in order to make this a more attainable plan. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinancialTip

The African Region of the World Health Organisation carries a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden. But together, we can prevent more malaria cases and ultimately malaria deaths by combating the spread of mosquitoes with these important measures. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #WorldMosquitoDay

World Humanitarian Day is observed annually around the world to pay tribute to aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service. Today, we honour our health workers who are on the frontline of the Covid 19 pandemic around the world. Thank You. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #WorldHumanitarianDay

If you could only choose between these two financial decisions to secure your future, which would it be? #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #Investments #Insurance

From fintech to healthcare and the environment, these tech innovations made by Africans are improving the lives of millions of people. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

The 30 day rule states that instead of making an unplanned impulse purchase, deposit the money into your savings account for thirty days. If you still want to buy that item after the 30-day period is up, then go for it. Otherwise, the money stays in your savings account. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #FinancialTips

Thanks to digital banking, Africans can now make money deposits, withdrawals, transfers, checking/saving account management, apply for financial products, loan management, bill payment and account services, all from their smartphones. #Advansio #AdvansioTermOfTheWeek #DisruptiveInnovation

Wishing all our muslim clients and followers all the blessings of the Eid celebration. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #EidKabir2020

At Advansio, it's more than just working together, it's building lasting bonds. These friendship moments from the Advansio team is everything you need on International Day Of Friendship. Tag your best friends below! #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #InternationalDayOfFriendship

The future of financial technology in Africa is bright and we'll be at the frontline through collaboration. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

‪Fraud and identity theft cost financial institutions billions of dollars annually, this term of the week has the potential to save the industry from experiencing these significant losses.‬ ‪ #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #AdvansioTerms

According to Forbes, here are the top four fintech trends everyone should be watching out for in 2020. Which of these do you think has significantly created more financial solutions this year? #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

Every year, we remember and celebrate one of the greatest leaders Africa has ever known. These inspirational quotes guided his lives and we hope it can inspire yours too. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #InternationalNelsonMandelaDay

World Population Day is a special day created to raise awareness about population issues. Today, we at Advansio join the rest of the world to raise awareness of women's and girls' needs for sexual and reproductive health and vulnerabilities during the Co-Vid 19 pandemic. #Advansio #WorldPopulationDay

These money inventions totally changed the world. Match the invention with the correct year it was created, shall we? #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #moneygames

With KYC, institutions in the financial sector can prevent and combat illegal financial activities while managing customer risks prudently. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #KnowYourCustomer

Open your mind to groundbreaking imagination and creativity this week with this insightful quote from one of the greatest scientist the world has ever known. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #MondayMotivation

Meet Dolapo, our capable Quality Assurance Officer. A.k.a life of the party. Skilled in ensuring that all our projects meet the standards, also skilled in cooking meals that are ten over ten every other day. What two things would you call your super talents? #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #AdvansioPeople

Electronic payment systems are rapidly replacing traditional modes of payment as they offer a variety of options to Africans. From reduction of financial security risks to reduced costs of use, this term of the week will not only sustain economic growth but also render the African economy stronger. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #AdvansioTerm

Not even a pandemic can stop us from powering businesses through our technology solutions in Africa. How about you? #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

Meet Chuks, our ever smiling Software Engineer. Beyond the wide grin is a code lover whose hobbies for the weekends are playing games and fueling his body with good food. What are YOUR weekend hobbies ? #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #AdvansioPeople

When it comes to anticipating customer behaviour, while also creating solution based strategies for alternative banks and financial institutions from all around Africa, this term of the week is a game changer. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #BigData

This #WCW is dedicated to Women in Fin-Tech, starting with some of the smart women at Advansio. Tag other women in tech below, it’s appreciation day! 😁 #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation #WomenInTech

Making a difference with sustainable relationships and collaborations. #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

One day is not enough to celebrate the sacrifices of fathers but today is a good day to celebrate our real life heroes. Whatever you do today, don’t forget to send your father a gift, a prayer, a heartfelt message or a call. It’s #fathersday! #Advansio #FathersDay2020

At Advansio, our projects go through numerous stages of testing to ensure smooth performance, user-friendliness, and bulletproof security. We pride ourself in developing high-quality enterprise software solutions. Show us a project we cannot take on, we'll wait! 😎 #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

East to West, North to South, wherever Africans are, the Advansio team will be there! 💪🏽 #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

Fun fact! Our favorite letter is C and it stands for Collaboration.💪🏽 #Advansio #DisruptiveInnovation

Cheers to many more years of Democracy prevailing in our great nation! Happy Democracy Day, Nigeria. #Advansio #DemocracyDay2020