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Sometimes a single photo won’t do it justice. “This natural phenomenon is a murmuration of starling birds twisting and turning across the sky. If you look closely, you can see the predator chasing, which caused the birds' ‘dance.’ Scientists believe that murmurations offer safety in numbers; protection from predators that are attracted by the sheer number of birds." #shotoniphone by Claire D. @claireonline

There is beauty in how you frame it. “These photos give the neighborhood a symbolic style that makes everything feel absent. It allows me to place the focus on pure geometric abstraction. I like to express the mathematical structure of the universe by using the harmony of architecture and nature.” #shotoniphone by Jose R.G. @casaruiz

Our eyes are drawn to light. “I wanted to portray the different potential that light carries as an object, capturing it as a force of its own. It takes the shape of windows, street lights and corners, which is the beauty of it. I try to make the light source the focal point for discovering the rest of the photo.” #shotoniphone by Mansor S. @mansoralsofi

Let your eyes tell the story. "A photo not only captures and frames a moment, it also holds the story behind it. There is always a story and memory attached to each photo. Photography is my passion. When we follow our passion and do what we love, feelings and emotions automatically come into the pictures.” #shotoniphone by Gourav D. @_tryambkam

Shooting style is like a good recipe. “I like to shoot my photos face on, because straight lines are pleasing to the eye. I then try to expose the image correctly by manually adjusting the exposure if needed, so I have plenty to work with when I edit the image. My recipe is to reduce contrast by about 50%, then increase the saturation by about the same. I also like to play with the tint, often bringing in some pink tones.” #shotoniphone by Glenn H. @blueboy70

Emotion is connected to every photo. “The sole purpose of my photos is to create something that people can feel. I want my art to resonate with the viewer. The image of the young boy’s shadow, for example, is a visual representation of my inner child looking forward to brighter days. While another photo with the woman is about vulnerability and peace. Open spaces represent vulnerability to me, and you can’t hide out in the open.” #shotoniphone by Brandon B. @piecefulhueman

Commissioned by Apple. Check out these tips for creating unique light textures that give your photos an unexpected twist. - Find an object that allows light to filter through. - Place the object between your subject and a natural light source. - Shoot with the ‘Natural Light’ setting in Portrait mode to emphasize the light source. - Keep experimenting with other household objects for different effects. #lighting #shotoniphone by @bynwabugo

Even the most ordinary moments can be beautiful.

“I was sitting in the backseat of a rickshaw in Lucknow, India, and saw this man holding the rod in front of me for safety. These close-up details of his hands add more structure to the photo and give it clarity.” #ShotoniPhone by Harshit J. @harshitjaiswalaman

Even the most ordinary moments can be beautiful. “I was sitting in the backseat of a rickshaw in Lucknow, India, and saw this man holding the rod in front of me for safety. These close-up details of his hands add more structure to the photo and give it clarity.” #shotoniphone by Harshit J. @harshitjaiswalaman

Try something new. “Color is a very important element of photography. It allows me to emphasize the subject matter, especially in minimalistic photos. On a sunny day, try to use light and shade. Block the exposure while hiding in the shadows. The illuminated facade will show its perfect color. You can even gently pull the exposure up on the camera to open up many editing variants.” #shotoniphone by Patryk W. @patryk_wikalinski

Today, in celebration of #WorldPhotographyDay share your world with the world. 1. Romaric L. @romdilon "When I take street photography, I picture being in a movie that I’ve never seen. I then imagine the next scene and try to get the most unique shot." - 2. Indrajit K. @indrajitkhambe “A photograph can be interpreted in various ways, like a poem. You can read it and re-read it and interpret it as you wish." - 3. Idris S. @idrissolomon "Photography has taught me how to harness my awareness and pay attention to the small details that are easily ignored by the untrained eye. I love how quickly you can make an image that creates a lifelong memory." - 4. Alexsandros S. @aleko_stergiou "Photography is a machine of memories where we can remember emotions and the portraits of life. It brings the expectation of something new, which can be magical." #shotoniphone

Commissioned by Apple. Make your photos greater even after you’ve taken them. Check out these editing tips to make your portraits even more vibrant using Photos App. - 1. Final edit - 2. Increase the contrast to make your subject stand-out. - 3. Make dark areas darker by boosting up the black point setting. - 4. Add vividness to your portrait with saturation. - 5. Use vibrance to increase intensity in muted colors. Learn more about how to shoot vibrant #portraits with @bynwabugo in Reels. #shotoniphone by Christina N.

Commissioned by Apple. Check out these tips to enhance the studio quality of Portrait mode even more with simple color combos. - Find a backdrop or vibrant background and frame your subject. - Use complementary colors to increase contrast between your subject and background. Combos like: 
🟡+🔵 🟢+🟠 🔴+🔵 🟣+🟢 🟠+🔵 🟡+🟣 - Switch it up by trying similar colors to blend your subject with the background. - Capture in Portrait mode to make your subject even more prominent. #portrait #shotoniphone by @bynwabugo

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