New Farm Shop and Cider Centre Opening 3rd December 2020 Bassingham Road, Aubourn, Lincolnshire Thu - Sun 9.30 - 2.30 Fresh local produce

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Happy 10th Birthday to my little assistant ft. Oreo cake and a tower of pizzas courtesy of @caffeportico ❤️❤️❤️

Wow! After another sell out we’ll have a fresh batch of bakes for you tomorrow.. Oreo cake & loaves Biscoff cake & loaves Caramel apple cake Raspberry brownies (GF) Marshmallow brownies Baked vanilla cheesecake (GF) Chocolate cherry ‘poke cake’ Choc chip scones Stilton & walnut scones Pork & Haggis sausage rolls Pork & Apple sausage rolls And lots of fresh bread ❤️ Please message to reserve for either Saturday or Sunday x

Delicious late lunch all from our shop ft. @bottlebrushferments, pork & haggis sausage rolls, tzatziki and the best blue cheese & broccoli quiche 💙 Plus baked vanilla cheesecake ❤️ Sharing it with the toddler, honest 😛

Good morning 🍰

❤️Cakes and bakes to banish the January blues this week.. Biscoff layer cake & loaves Carrot cake & loaves (fruit ‘n’ nut) Oreo brownies Chocolate orange brownies Baked vanilla cheesecake Battenburg slices Chocolate Oreo loaf cakes Stilton & date scones Choc chip scones Haggis sausage rolls Lemon tarts Raspberry & coconut tarts Treacle tarts And plenty of lovely fresh bread Please pop a message over if you would like to preorder anything these week 😊 #farmshop #cake #bake #bakery #freshbread #oreos #biscoff #yum #battenberg #shoplocal #shopfresh #supportlocal #shopsmall

Totally nerve wracking 5 minute interview on @bbcradiolincs this morning 🙈 Thank you for having me! Can’t believe I forgot to mention the haggis sausage rolls!

I can’t believe I forgot to mention the baked vanilla cheesecake in my last post.. must be because I want to keep it all for myself 😛

My afternoon of baking means we have for you tomorrow.. A Victoria sandwich with fresh vanilla cream and hedgerow jam Lemon drizzle cake with thyme Raspberry and white chocolate loaves Cheese & walnut scones Cherry scones Rocky road And bagels! We won’t be able to stock up on bread but please pop a message over to reserve any for next week and any cakes for tomorrow x

Thank you so much for all your purchases today, it was a sell out on the bakery counter! 🙌 And I’ve only just had a chance to photograph these delicious new quiches we have from a great local chef - available whole or by the slice and to preorder 💫 Restocking cakes and sausage rolls tomorrow, any requests? #farmshop #bakery #cake #cakery #quiche

🥯 shape bake repeat 🥯

Friday nights can only mean one thing around here... sausage roll prep 😂 .. oh and a glass of cider 🍎 This weekend we’re celebrating Burns Night with pork & haggis sausage rolls 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Plus our favourite, pork & apple 🍏 As always, pop us a message if you’d like to reserve anything x #farmshop #sausagerolls #sausages #haggis #cider #cidercentre #burnsnight #scotland

☀️ It’s a beautiful day here in Aubourn, perfect for a walk and a pit stop for coffee, hot chocolate, cake and broccoli & stilton soup 🥦 #farmshop #coffee #soup #warmup #sunshine

❤️Afternoon Tea with your Valentine❤️ We are teaming up with our local pub @royal_oak_aubourn to offer a special afternoon tea for Valentines weekend ❤️ We will be supplying miniature scones and cakes to compliment their tasty sandwiches, look out for the full menu and details on how to order soon ❤️ We are also taking orders for full layer cakes and batches of brownies, perfect for any occasion with your loved ones ❤️ #farmshop #cake #valentines #afternoontea #brownies #scones #homemade

Fully stocked with treats 😛

Very happy to have a selection of our favourite beers in stock from @longmanbrewery based in East Sussex #farmshop #beer #bestbitter #Tryanuary

Some treats up for grabs this week... ❤️ Oreo cake Banoffee cake Apple & cinnamon crumble cake White chocolate chunk brownies (GF) Cream cheese brownies (GF) Cherry bakewell slice Stilton & date scones Chocolate chip scones Lemon tarts Raspberry & coconut tarts Treacle tarts ❤️ Plus lots of lovely fresh bread 🥖 Pop a message over to reserve anything you fancy 🙌 #farmshop #brownies #cake #scones #homemade #freshbread #glutenfree #oreos #banoffee

Our snack selection is growing by the day! 😛 New in this weekend... @meltingpotfudge #greattaste gold award winners! 💫 We have their full range of both gluten free and vegan fudge, which shall I try first? 🙌 Also new in, local and delicious @piperscrisps 🥔 #farmshop #greattasteawards #fudge #snacking #vegan #glutenfree #crisps

🔥Available this weekend & to preorder... Homemade bagels Cinnamon & Raisin bagels Choc chip scones Blue cheese & walnut scones Pork & Apple sausage rolls Vegetarian sausage rolls Tea cakes Lemon tarts Raspberry & coconut tarts Cherry brownies (gf) Caramel brownies (gf) Walnut brownies (gf) Chocolate chip cookie cake Peach and almond cake AND plenty of fresh bread 🔥

From soil to cup 🥔 Try our homemade warming and healthy soup 🍵 #fresh #farmshop #soup #homemade

Open as usual! ❄️ Despite the grim weather and news.. we are open as usual, Thursday - Sunday 9.30-2.30 ❄️ Pick up your essentials and treat yourself to a slice of cake, a bottle of cider and a hot coffee at the same time ❄️ We are operating our usual 2 customer / 1 bubble limit inside the shop with plenty of space to wait outside whilst you chat to the geese and pigs 🐷 #farmshop #essentials #cake #coffee #cider #cidercentre #propercider #homemadecake #brownies #freshbread #fruitnveg #milk #eggs

We’ve also stocked up on cider 😍 #farmshop #cider #propercider #cidercentre @cotswoldciderco

Evening! We’re back open tomorrow with these tasty treats on offer.. Chocolate chip cookie cake Peach & Almond cake (and loaf cakes of the same) Gluten free brownies - caramel - walnut - cherry Fruit scones Cheddar & apple scones Just message to reserve anything you fancy x #farmshop #cake #brownies #glutenfree #cookies #treats

A special triple chocolate cake piled high with chocolate treats, off to the staff of Bassingham Primary School tomorrow to keep up morale! Whole cakes for any occasion available to order x #farmshop #cake #roses #chocolate #indulgence #homeschooling

Today’s second batch of choc chip scones just out the oven ❤️ #farmshop #scones #chocolate #freshouttheoven

Lovely view whilst putting out the veggies this morning 🌙 #farmshop #sunrise #moon

Lots and lots of baked goodies available today! As well as the usual breads we have squishy white tin loaves, yummy fruit loaves, tasty tea cakes and delicious dark rye Plus sausage rolls, fruit scones, cheese scones, chocolate Oreo cake and plenty of brownies x

We’ve stocked up on plenty of #glutenfree goodies this week including more gooey brownies, baking essentials and tasty snacks ❤️ We also have gluten free cakes, brownies and scones available to order ❤️ #farmshop #freee #brownies #snacks #shoplocal

Are you trying #veganuary this year? Apparently a record number of people are having a go! We’ve got you covered for lunch & snacking with this lovely lot And I can confirm it’s all delicious whether you’re going vegan or not! #farmshop #food #vegan #shoplocal

Available this week... CAKES Biscoff Jammie Dodger BROWNIES Oreo Raspberry (GF) White choc chip (GF) Please pop a message over to reserve any of the above x #farmshop #cake #brownies #glutenfree #homemade #biscoff #jammiedodgers

Potatoes looking particularly pretty in the late afternoon light 😍 We’re all stocked up on veggies and lots more including plenty of new gluten free and vegan treats for you Open Thursday - Sunday 9.30am - 2.30pm #farmshop #veg #fruitnveg #local #vegan #glutenfree

Open as usual! Thursday - Sunday 9.30-2.30 Now with 25% off calendars Since we won’t be needing them for a while... #farmshop #lockdown #2021 #calendar

SCONES Mature cheddar & walnut (very nice with marmite apparently) AND Choccy chip 😋 #farmshop #scones

Lovely dose of the white stuff in Aubourn ❄️

New in this week/year! A full range of @tonyschocolonely A selection of delicious craft beers Gluten free brownies A new gift section with 20% off calendars And even though we’re short on veg there’s plenty of yummy British apples #farmshop #cake #cider #beer #glutenfree #brownies #apples

Happy New Year! 💫 This weekend we will have for you.. Gluten free brownies - raspberry - plain - white choc chip - orange & ginger Carrot cake Sweet scones Bagels Lemon tarts And plenty of freshly baked bread See you tomorrow! 💫 #farmshop #cake #brownies #bread

A bit chilly but very pretty today ❄️

Oooh this is exciting 😄

Hello! Just popping up again following the news to say we will be open as planned on the 2nd as we are an essential shop and here to help you avoid those supermarkets! 🙌 Fresh veggies and other essentials will be restocked next week and I’m getting to work on our website and delivery system 💪 Please let me know if you would like me to order in and/or deliver to you anything in particular xx #farmshop #lincoln #lincolnshire

I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas & New Year break ❤️ We’re stocking up on goodies for you and trying not to lose track of the days too much because we’ll be back on Saturday 2nd (in case you’re equally confused it’s Tuesday 29th today) 😂 And we’ll have lots of lovely fresh bread, cakes, milk and more... and plenty of cider!🍎 #farmshop #freshbread #cake #cider #lostdays