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my moon is in dignity in cancer (“driven by emotion, intuition, and empathy with an innate need to nurture and protect”) in the 9th house (“house of expansion, education, philosophy, travel, higher understanding”) hbu 🔭

it’s dark because you are trying too hard. lightly, child, lightly. just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. throw away your baggage and go forward. there are quicksands all about you trying to suck you down into fear and self-pity and despair. that’s why you must walk so lightly, on tiptoes and no luggage, completely unencumbered. — aldous huxley

current palette inspo: shaft (1971)

i get by with a little help from my friends (books, plants, jacket/duvet hybrid)

committing to the jane austen novel that is lockdown and doing everything by candlelight

i will romanticize anything it makes life at once sublime and not enough

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cosplaying marilyn monroe in some like it hot

and death shall have no dominion.

i miss sitting at a bar and feeling like i’m about to meet someone vital to my life story

think beyond binaries and limiting beliefs about your identity! you are multi-faceted, fluid, ever-adapting, and ever-transforming; there is more than enough space for contradicting qualities, interests, and approaches to life in you at once. you can (and should!) add on to your inherent selves and step into your vastness and boundlessness (ya i said all that but i also need language and ways to compartmentalize myself to navigate reality and rein in my abstract thinking. i love a personality test. i love having a certain Look. i love astrology and honestly this post is my libra rising jumping out. and that’s ok too)

bed head ☁️

about me

can someone check on the sun

corny little things that remind me of my friends. may our favourite people never become strangers

mentally i’m here ↑ no but really this year’s seasonal depression is a different beast and i’m really going thru it lol sending love and so much warmth

it’s there, even in the monotony anyway, my real, earnest takeaway from the past 8 months of collective purgatory is that there is no path to happiness: happiness is the path. it’s one of those platitudes that older and wiser people tell you all the time but it really doesn’t ingrain itself into your heart/mind until your life leads you there organically :(

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perfect night 🌃 thanks for keeping me company @jetvicko 💛✨

the fire next time by james baldwin, 1963

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icy grl

*owen wilson voice* wow

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wearing 82 layers so i don’t have to check a bag

Q4 reads ☁️

the category is: black and white romantic comedies for cool autumn nights —— from the shop around the corner (1940), paris blues (1961), sabrina (1954), roman holiday (1953), it happened one night (1934), bringing up baby (1938), city lights (1931), top hat (1935) the movement in ginger’s feather dress??? swoon

you magnify everything good in me.

ruching is so reliable

i’d like to kiss you but i just washed my hair

what’s inspiring me aesthetically lately: belle de jour (1967), christian dior fall 2000 RTW, and professors who wear tweed with elbow patches 💼🧦🤎

imagine sitting an entire day for one (1) portrait when they still used to paint them and not liking the finished product loool couldn’t be me

it’s my first time eating dinner in a restaurant 🥺

lit from within and without 🌅

snaps from saturday

i want to remember this feeling forever

making up for lost time 💛✨

the year of loungewear

it’s a late summer evening and you’re driving home from the ocean and you feel that exhilarated type of exhaustion that feels like floating

my fav people are moving here one by one my vancouver propaganda is working

in my next life i’ll be small enough to sleep in a leaf