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I love mystery novels, and can’t wait to share with you an excerpt from this novel, "Soft Hearts: A Rett Swinson Mystery." It’s actually on my list to read next! You also have a chance to win a copy for yourself! https://worldofmyimagination.com/soft-hearts-a-rett-swinson-mystery-excerpt-and-giveaway/

We’re back again with another author this Saturday night! This time Arthur Herbert, author of the book The Cuts that Cure is here to share with us a book, a movie, and a random wild card recommendation.

Today at my blog, I review Karen Brown Tyson's (@constantcommunicators) 21-day devotional, #timetoreset, as part of the @wow_womenonwriting blog tour! Come by and read my review and find out more about this profound book.

It's Saturday and tonight we have author @julieandersonwriter! She has a book, a movie, and one wild card recommendation for us. You can also find out more about her book Plague and her second book Oracle, coming out this May in this post too! She has a book to make you laugh, a movie you'll be shocked to know is a true story, and a musical recommendation to fill your Saturday night.

If you love thrillers, you'll definitely want to come by my blog today and check out the excerpt from the book, #TheCutsthatCure by Arthur Herbert. Not only that, you also have the chance to win a copy for yourself!

What are you doing this Saturday night? Join me and author @kathleenbasi as she shares her 3 suggestions this Saturday night! Check out the blog post for her reading suggestion, movie suggestion, and one wild card suggestion. Find out more about her book #ASongfortheRoad, an absolute must-read this year. Link here (and in bio!): https://worldofmyimagination.com/3-things-on-a-saturday-night-with-author-kathleen-m-basi/

I think we all struggle with getting up to go to work in the morning sometimes (especially on Mondays!) but what if going back at all troubled you? I received an anonymous unemployment story that describes the sense of dread my contributor feels about going back. This person requested to remain anonymous, and I was so touched by their honesty. Check it out here: https://ladyunemployed.com/what-if-i-dont-want-to-work-anymore-an-anonymous-unemployment-story/

What do you think about writer's block? Today, over at my writing blog, I have author Eric Lodin discussing whether writer's block actually exists or not. It made me think, that's for sure. I find when I can make writing a habit, I am far more inspired to write. I think if I ever feel "blocked" it's usually a result of personal stress or work stress getting in the way. Accepting where I'm at, in those cases, helps me the most. What do you think? Read Eric's post here (Link in Bio too): https://worldofmyimagination.com/i-dont-believe-in-writers-block-by-author-eric-lodin/

While I'm not #vegan, I was honored to feature this film on my blog, LadyUnemployed. Guest reviewer Lisa Jones shares her thoughts about the film. Whether you are #vegan, #vegancurious, or just love a good #Documentary, I encourage you to check out this review and then watch this film. Link here and in bio: https://ladyunemployed.com/the-invisible-vegan-review-by-lisa-jones/ #vegan #vegandocumentaries #theinvisiblevegan #vegandocumentary #filmreview #bloglife #blogpost #sundayshare #blogger

It's been a while since I posted! The reason is I have a job that I started January of this year. I'm in public relations now and really enjoy what I do. Recently I was updating my blog and discovered an unemployment story that I wanted to share. If you are long term unemployed, I hope you know you are not alone. Read the full post here: https://ladyunemployed.com/9-years-without-a-job-an-unemployment-story/ #unemployment #unemployed #saturdaynight #blogger #blog #bloggingworld #jobsearch #jobsearching #blogging

I've been in a creative funk lately, and recently, I got inspiration from two random stories that I thought would be perfect if they were bridged together. This inspired my latest blog post on @WomenonWriting where I talk about being inspired when you are in a creative slump. My blog post itself is probably the most creative I've been in a month, so I'd love it if you came by and checked it out! 👇 https://muffin.wow-womenonwriting.com/2020/12/psst-hey-you-yeah-you-dont-give-up.html

I got my latest issue of @vanityfair and in an article about @stephenathome, I spotted this photo of someone immersed in their chair. I can relate a little too well! Has anyone else become one with their chair this year?