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I've been in a creative funk lately, and recently, I got inspiration from two random stories that I thought would be perfect if they were bridged together. This inspired my latest blog post on @WomenonWriting where I talk about being inspired when you are in a creative slump. My blog post itself is probably the most creative I've been in a month, so I'd love it if you came by and checked it out! 👇 https://muffin.wow-womenonwriting.com/2020/12/psst-hey-you-yeah-you-dont-give-up.html

I got my latest issue of @vanityfair and in an article about @stephenathome, I spotted this photo of someone immersed in their chair. I can relate a little too well! Has anyone else become one with their chair this year?

#ad I'm so excited to partner with @craftrecordings on their release of the #70thanniversary of "A Charlie Brown Christmas!" I had the chance to listen to this CD and it brought in so much nostalgia. Find out more info about this CD and get a chance to win one for yourself too! Link (and in bio): https://ladyunemployed.com/listening-to-a-charlie-brown-christmas-and-giveaway/ #charliebrown #acharliebrownchristmas #charliebrownchristmas #cdgiveaway #giveaway #Music #christmasmusic

In need of some motivation? Recently on the @wow_womenonwriting, I shared some tips on how to kick-start your writing and get motivated! I know I'm struggling a lot lately, so I think it's time I follow my own advice. Read my post: https://muffin.wow-womenonwriting.com/2020/11/dont-wait-for-new-years-eve.html Are you able to stay motivated lately? How are you doing it?

What are you doing this Saturday night? Recently, author August Norman @augustnormanauthor shared his 3 suggestions for Saturday night over at my blog, World of My Imagination. Read more about his recommendations and make sure you check out his thriller, "Sins of the Mother." Link (and in bio): https://worldofmyimagination.com/3-suggestions-on-a-saturday-night-with-author-august-norman/

Found the most random, creepy article screenshot I saved from an old newspaper. The rest of the article (dated in 1992) talks about how around the time the original "IT" came out, these teens were dressing up as clowns to freak kids out. 🤡 Okay so THEN this reminds me of a straight up HORRIBLE movie I started but never finished. It's called "Clown" from 2014. It's about this guy who puts on an old clown costume for his son's party and can't take it off. AT ALL! I stopped when I saw him attempt to use a hacksaw to slice the costume off. Horrible! And that's my random share of the night! 😁

Alright this made me smile! Like Secret Society 101 is to not talk about the secret society right? . . . . . . #funnyreddit #funnyredditposts #MondayMotivation #mondaymood #funnymemes #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #writersofinstagram

An amazing headline to read! (And yes, I get the physical newspaper). I felt such joy and relief yesterday hearing the announcement that Joe Biden won. And listening to his speech, and also Kamala Harris speak, was so amazing. It was a speech to unite, not divide. Wow! What a breath of fresh air.

It's the smallest gestures that can go such a long way. I did grocery delivery through my local grocery store @zupansmarkets and they sent flowers with my first delivery! Such a nice gesture. Things like that go a long way

My first laugh of the day! I saw this after someone retweeted this tweet from McDonald's and it cracked me up. I captured a few replies that made me smile! Haha. You'll catch my tweet at the end. Hope everyone is having a good Friday! The fall is here, it's cold and glorious, and I'm happy to need a sweater. I also have an update on my writing blog today too! So link in bio - go check it out!

It's finally here! You can read my flash fiction story, "We've Been Here Before," in the fall issue of @skyislandjournal! Some fun facts about this story: It was originally submitted as part of the Furious Fiction contest with @writerscentreau. I later revised it from 500 words to about 900. Over the course of the revision, my character changed from female to male, which completely transformed my story! I'd love it if you read it and let me know what you think! https://www.skyislandjournal.com/issues #/issue-14-fall-2020/

Do you like scary movies but don't like horror? Well, over at my blog today I've compiled some of my favorite movies that you must watch if you don't enjoy the horror genre - but love a good scare! https://ladyunemployed.com/12-must-watch-scary-movies-if-you-dont-like-horror/

What work-themed movie do you like? I'm doing some work on my blog Ladyunemployed and it's taking on an entertainment theme! Well, a little bit. There's only one post like it so far...but there's more to come! On the blog, I talk about my 10 favorite office based movies! On the list is Office Space...of course! Come by and see if I've missed any! https://ladyunemployed.com/10-excellent-movies-about-work-and-office-life/

#ad Are you restocking your pantry any time soon? Today at my review blog, I talk about the amazing @carmelinabrands tomato sauce and garbanzo beans. I also share a collection of excellent recipes you'll want to try. Best of all, you'll have the chance to try out some too! https://fancythatblog.blogspot.com/2020/10/my-favorite-brand-organic-italian.html

What are you reading lately? So, my official reading list aside, I realized I borrowed this as an ebook from my local library. And wow, it's so good! I love the setting of a roadside motel and the dual timelines (which I don't usually like in a book). Very much a mystery and I can't wait to see what happens! If you want a good thriller, check out The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James!

Books! Books! Books! October is an excellent time for reading. Especially if it eventually gets cold, cloudy, and rainy. I mean, one day it will be right? I've actually been adding a bunch of books to my reading list lately. Now if I could only get to reading them. What's on your reading list? Come by my blog post and check out what I'm reading! And also, this means my writing blog is back. Yay! https://worldofmyimagination.com/10-books-i-have-added-to-my-reading-list-for-october/

Now announcing.... "Dear Leader Tales" edited by Dan Kalin and E. E. King. What's so special about this collection? Well, my poem "The Office Party," is inside! I'm so honored to be included. I promise I'm not being biased when I say there are a ton of good stories here. Fun fact about my poem: I originally wrote it when I was 18! It was inspired by an office birthday party I went to at my first office job. It'll show you my feelings about work socialization, haha. This sentence summaries this collection perfectly: "These stories and poems are meant to humorously talk truth to power, even though we fully understand the narcissists simply won't see themselves represented." So, if you want a fun read, make sure get your copy on Amazon (free if you have Kindle Unlimited!): https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08K85DNPP/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1601669342&sr=8-3&fbclid=IwAR0BA77g2OwgufwyOff2XjLQYxWwe0xRPW_S_Mxad_TzyS-o6JKXBgK2GMs So excited to be part of this collection of amazing stories and poems!

This could only happen to me. I was messing with my writing blog through the hosting end of things...AND I DELETED IT!! CRUD!!!! I'm asking Bluehost (the hosting site) for help and apparently they might be able to restore it in 48 hours. So, that's my Friday.

Are you looking for work from home jobs? I have a resource for you! Make sure you check out my list of websites so you can find a work at home job, or maybe find a new one. Up on my LadyUnemployed.com blog today! https://ladyunemployed.com/where-can-you-find-remote-jobs/ #ctefollow #jobsearch #jobsearching #jobs #jobopportunity #WorkFromHome #workfromhomelife #remotejobs #remotework

I feel like this is a worthy Insta share, right? My most popular tweet of the year! Weirdly I really didn't watch much of the Emmy awards except for the first ten minutes. Then I realized how bored I would get with pandemic jokes. Also, I don't really watch the latest TV very much so I'm out of the loop on what's good anymore anyways. Did you watch? I'm also hugely against posting this much at the same time, especially in one day, on Instagram but I feel like this post will quickly get old if I didn't take my opportunity. #emmys #twitterquotes #twitterposts #funnymemes

I never did share on Instagram! But one of my flash fiction stories called "We've Been Here Before" will be published in the @skyislandjournal this fall! I can't wait to share my story with everyone. #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram

Alright I did it! I bought my blog domain: http://worldofmyimagination.com. I will always have a fondness towards this blog because I started it soon after graduating from college in 2011. I actually just realized my blog's 10 year anniversary is next year! I wanted to get away from the blogger platform because WordPress.org offers way more options. Plus, I feel like there is a bigger blogging community there. There's still a lot to be done: ☑️ Update how people can follow my blog via email. I used to use MailChimp and maybe I'll go back to that now I own my domain. ☑️ I need to update the photos in my blog posts. It'll take a while likely because I have over 600 posts! ☑️ I'm still not settled with the design but I love the header. Just wanted to update! #bloggingcommunity #writingcommunity #writingblogs #writersofinstagram #bloggersofinstagram

It's been a while since I posted! There are major fires happening on the West coast, including Oregon. I took some photos of what I see on my apartment balcony. It goes from recent to the latest. The last photo was yesterday, and the one before that is of this morning. The first four were from this afternoon/tonight. This year has been something else and I keep focusing on my faith and reminding myself that God is greater than any fear set before me (my mom reminded me of this earlier!). As the scriptures say: For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. II Timothy 1:7 NKJV In these moments of uncertainty, God is helping me. I'm so grateful. I couldn't go through this without Him. #oregonfires #wildfire