Have A Super Effective Day! 😎✌️ Air Max 90s 👟9️⃣0️⃣ Craft Beer 🍺 Untappd: BeerMax90s #beermax90s

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Like Beyoncé; I’m crazy in love with laser blue still. Stinks that they come out once every half decade, but they’re just clean as a whistle 9️⃣0️⃣👌💙

#BeerMax90s #lpu! Straight to feet, straight to hell, straight flames! Perfect 5 out of 5 on both ends 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bubble wrap no more, thanks @ipasalldaylong for the whale of a recommendation 🐋📦

Stealing some Kobe and Gianna spotlight 🟣🟡. Scott; you changed the people game. And for that; I’m honored to mega evolve the cheesecake and chicken wing game for you. Three years later; I’m pretty satisfied with the end result of these “Scott Wings” (cheesecake inspired chicken wings). • 6 years ago & 10 days ago (January 16, 2015); life took a halt on me as @kevin.j.liu updated me on what happened. • You were always there on my shitty times growing up. You fully gave your life to Jesus and being 100 percent selfless. I aspired you be like you cause no one on earth hated you as much as I have felt. But that’s such a crappy goal as you came to not be too phased about people’s imperfections. Your fight against the cancer was one of the most beautiful things you’ve shared with us while being a perfect husband to @tulipll. Thanks for being one of my bravest aspirations to this day; as I can’t wait to have a beer with you on the other side 🫐🍗🎂💙🙏 • P.S. I will create a story thread for the cheesecake wings if anyone is interested. There will be more nights of fried chicken and cheesecake 😉

3 4 3. First photosynthesis, then photo troph, and now this photo system; DAMN! Both these breweries letting y’all know they ain’t slowing down in the Empire State 🗽🪴🐍

Favorite ladies of mine. Envious of certain colorways women get. Compared to us guys, it’s kinda unfair they get relatively better 90 shape 🍇🍆💕

My first love. Without these, sneakers wouldn’t exist for me. And reminiscent of the better quality days ⚫️💡🌟

Most worn out of my 90s. 2020 infrareds and eggplants makes me care for these less, but still a great color to keep 🟠

Supporting local & small business, nice to see 2016 BCBS on draft 🥃🦆🏝

Keeping calm & lagering on; evening steak song 🥩🍺

A half case haul that takes me back to the crunchee trips I’ve made in my NYC times. Thanks @yeastofeden for the complimentary koozie 🫐🫐🫐

All 90s Everything 9️⃣0️⃣👟

73 on a nice winter weekend 😎😈

Lava flow, finding out the uniqueness of these @alvaradostreetbrewery slush versions with Yellowtail. The cuvee is fire blasting 🍓🍍🥥🍹🔥

#ThrowbackThursday #latergram as I miss sharing beer with people, especially this Dino ‘Mite stout with @ale_advisor @tbeam691 @brooklynbeerbear @barracus_galnew and @onebeeerleft. I might have to start a top beer list of 2021 🤔🍁 🥥🦖🦕

Humpday BeerMax Feature! Another one by the homie @thegoodbeerlife. Rocking the 2019 Nike Air Max 90 “Be True” 🌈 sipping on @monkishbrewing “Rinse In Riffs 🌧 (Batch 6)”. Big fan of these cascading features on all facets. - Keep tagging #BeerMax90s 🍻👟👟👟

Bright side of spring showers here, admiring the color combo and heel tabs staring at me 🟡🟢🔵

Shoe says it all; I just love Nike. Pair like this never gets old to me 📦👟❤️

Funday shoes, giving these decade plus old creps some fresh air. Still mind-blown of the color pops 🎡🎨🎢

Sunny Saturdays, more infrared time and coordinated jeans ☀️✂️👖🔴

Casual and freaky Friday. 2021 shows me the term the grass is greener on the other side is a real thing 🌱🔴👖

An underrated vegetable to the stash, thanks to a lil holiday sale at @feature. Took some time to get minor glue stains out of my toebox, but @nikesportswear, you have a killer at your disposal 🍆🔪📐

Sunday dri-fit socks, Nike slides and a lotta Riwaka 🧦

Some things I’ve missed in one small bottle: the city and barleywine (barrel aged) 🌆🥃

#FlashbackFriday to the last February when @timber_ales had a launch party at @carminestreetbeers; @nycbeersociety is truly a hero. And star searching got kicked super fast that night. Also poured a perfect pour of the @horusagedales collab Maris Goes To Oceanside (Coffee) for @beerswithmandy. That night was also the last time I devoured @pizzalovesemily Emmy Burger afterwards 🌌🔦🌕

Can says it all, cracking a strata boi for @ale_advisor birthday. Bye bye 2020, hello 2021 🎊🍺

Grey & Orange 90s with so much mileage of most likes this 2020. Wishing all of you a Happy New Years Eve as a hard year comes to a close 🔘🟠🦜

When #westcoastwednesday simultaneously hits @kingjames birthday! Not a shrimp of a beer, but a slam dunker. Happy birthday LeBron, glad you haven’t been in the Knicks 😂🏀

Most golden #treehousetuesday I’ll have before the year ends. Personal space doesn’t get more delicious than this, especially with that beautiful lag 🍺🌳🏠

2020 was a hard struck year for many. Especially me with massive transitions to life, it has shown how much of a rough diamond I am. I remember years back as red gyarados was my first tattoo at @village_tattoo_nyc because I wanted to shine amongst others being regarded as the flopping magikarp by others. No canon, Magikarps lived long enough can splash as high as mountains and survive in the most polluted waters. Saying that; I’m proud with what I’ve accomplished in 2020: - At the cost of leaving NYC; I moved out of the confined space of living with my parents. - I moved into Redding, my sisters @katherinecheng.co town these past few years. - I live with the most awesome housemates @bamigz @the_mainshane @jim_bucci6113. - I stuck with a @cornerstoneconcord since the pandemic started. - I downsized my sneaker collection to nearly 20 pairs. - I got myself back in the kitchen on my spare time to appreciate my heritage more. - I’m getting back to sustaining myself for the time being. Now if Lance is the @paulwallbaby of Pokémon, and Gyarados is the @where_mikejones of Pokémon, is Dragonite the @slimthug of Pokémon 🐉

Another year, 805 new beers and then some. Couldn’t do a top 10 like @ale_advisor, but I had fun picking between a top 5 of 2020 brews. Thanks to many of our favorite breweries pushing envelopes and brewing fire while keeping us sane in these tough times. And to those blessing me with beer mail in between. Btw, the other 5 went to my top 5 sneaker (Air Max 90) pickups of the year 🤪5️⃣🖐👟🍺

Holiday Weekend with my favorite hop; Strata 🌾🪵

A last minute Infrared Christmas tree. Lucky 7 with these 90s, and what an adventure you went through this past decade (and a half). Geriz Navidad to you all 🎄👟🔴

BeerMax90 Feature for Christmas! Here’s the dog @propr_glassware stouting out with @arrowlodgebrew “Quarantine Chronicles” and the 2020 Nike Air Max 90 “Enigma Stone”. Besides the sock game, the detail game goes hard! - Happy Holidays and keep the #BeerMax90s going! 🎄🍻👟👟👟

Sweet tea keep me in no hurry 🥤🎄

Happy 4 years to @shantyshackbrewing while I keep myself safe in an ideal concord paradise. And thanks @kalyanigraff for a delicious brew of the night, as the rest is history 🫐🌸🍇🤙

Supporting local businesses. Thanks @hammesa for telling me of a koi story bro 🍻🐠

First killshot in Redding. Pretty good beer night in the holiday. And thankful for friends and shares 🎄🪔🍻🍻🍻

What I really want for Christmas, a citrus tree 🍋🍊🎄