Have A Super Effective Day! 😎✌️ Beer/Sneaker Type Pokémon 😁 Air Max 90s 🅰️Ⓜ️9️⃣0️⃣ Craft Beer 🍺 Untappd: BeerMax90s #beermax90s Human Flamethrower 🔥🤮🖐

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5 more years til I officially become a Charizard, but IOUNNO what life has in store for me. To 31 it is ☕️🥃🍦🍁🎉

It’s been a while, but missing @hammesa putting me on to some liquid hedonism 🥃

Tipping four fours with 4 Charmanders and a @humblesea 4th anniversary lager brewers edition with @otherhalfnyc on this sunny day. Like @badassbrews say, you’ll need this in your life like I need all the Charmanders (my spirit animal) 🍺💥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Not too much of a hemp guy, but more of a tiny dankster myself. Happy 4/20 from a #beersneakertypepokemon 🌿💨🍺

More than just bringing home the bacon. It’s about the better sneaker days I wanted to grow more in the mid 2ks, memories of my hometown NYC and the vibes of food I love! Appreciate you @icollectkicks for holding it down, keep the sneaker reviews going 🙌🥓🐽🐖

#smallbusinesssunday, showing as much local support as possible in my favorite spots in Trump city meets the bourbon state: - @tasteandseecreamery @fusionlounge530 🍹🦑🍨

Tackling a bit more of shining fates. Dragapult was in my favor giving me Ditto vmax and baby shinies eiscue and applin. Otherwise, a fun set to tackle for the weekend ✨🎴👌

Reminding myself of how grateful I am being in the @top_hops fam a few years back even if I was in the 570 location and sometimes at Madison square park. I joked around with some friends at @robertaspizza about breadsticks, chicken wings and 2 liter sodas so hard to the point one of them called me “Panda Express”. And to this day, my rebound is that “I sell beer to go. Uh huh huh huh huh.” Grateful for how this industry has given me some of my closest friends and being around some of the most hip personalities I’ve got to encounter. Big up @trippinganimalsbrewing for brewing a bamboozle of a stout. And don’t forget to support top hops in @essexmarket and @urbanspacenyc 🐼🥜🥃

Rough diamond views, waterfalling to place. Happy you broke my ink virginity half a decade ago, Gyarados 🏞💦💎

Shore shooting accomplishments as my week isn’t finished: -finished my taxes for 2020 -testing negative for covid-19 (for the 3rd fuckin’ time) -winning my first IG giveaway thanks to @bianxogpoke and @pokemonmagic93. Earning a triple collab with triple dragonite on this lovely dragon night 👌🐲🎇 • And dragonite is the @slimthug of Pokémon cause he hyper beams enemies like a boss 💪

Appropriate sunset drink, the one that makes you wanna stay up all night 🌅💭💥