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Harper absolutely loves sensory play, and getting messy. We were kindly sent lots of different slime sets from @zimplikids and Harper couldn't wait to try this one....swipe to see her pulling it off the shelf this morning. We took it out into the garden with some friends over the weekend, and it was a huge hit....she has also been carrying the dinosaurs around ever since!. This little dino pack, comes with everything you need to create the slime 4 times, so is great value for money. You can just flush it down the toilet for a simple easy clean up....result!

We have had such a lovely few days catching up with family and friends outside ❤❤ How has your weekend been?

Dreaming of the sunnier days ❤ Weather can't make its mind up can it? Harper ALWAYS drinks so much water,  and i am forever clearing up puddles of water where her bottles have leaked everywhere...we have spent sooo much money finding one that doesn't, and even the non spill didn't do the job. Until now...... We were kindly sent this lovely bottle from @bboxuk and i can hands down say its the best bottle EVER! The  ergonomic tringle shape makes it really easy to hold, and she throws it down mid drink when she gets distracted....and no puddle. Harper loves carrying it around and the carry handle on the easy open lid, makes it possible. I have already placed an order for another and a pack of straws, its definitely a must for us mums.

How lovely has it been to have a bit of sunshine over a bank holiday weekend 🌻🌻 We enjoyed a little egg hunt yesterday, around the garden, she didn't understand first time around, but then made us hide them again and again 🤣. Harper has sooo much chocolate, I think she will be set until atleast her birthday 🤣. It's been so lovely to see her spending time with family.  She got a swimsuit and hat from her Nana and Grandad...and wanted it on....over her clothes, and spent the rest of the day like that 🙈. How have you spent the bank holiday?

🐰 Hoppy Easter 🐰 We all know, I like to make a fuss of any sort of celebration...and it shows this time. Our rabbit feed from @puddingspost, went out last night....and it worked its magic....the easter Bunny found it's way and left a special little package for Harper ❤🐰 Harper, loved sprinkling it outside, in her new Pyjamas, and then was SO excited when she walked into the living room this morning. Not sure how the chocolate isn't open yet 🙈 We have a little easter egg hunt to set up with the letter from @puddingspost in the garden this afternoon, and Harper's Nana and Grandad are coming over to help her. Easter made extra special for this little lady 🐰❤ Have a lovely Easter Sunday everyone, what are your plans?

A day late as always 🤣 Hello April, good Friday, bank holiday, and hopefully the month, we all get a bit more normality. I am so looking forward to making this first weekend of April special for Easter, and making lots of memories with my little family. I'm also hoping the roadmap continues, as I cannot wait for a haircut 🤣🤦‍♀️ I am all booked for the 19th and I cannot wait.....postpartum hair mixed with lockdown is getting the better of me.....what are you all looking forward to in April?

#ad One thing the last year has taught us, is how special family time is. We have been so lucky to get this extra time as a family, and one thing we were missing out on before was meal times all together. With my Husband now working from home, we look forward to enjoying a family meal with Harper when the working day is done. Over the last few weeks Harper loves to help me prepare the food ( or eat it before it gets to her plate 🤣) and it's the part of the day I really look forward to. I think being involved with the cooking, is definitely helping her eat well. @mccainukie believe every family should be able to enjoy mealtimes together, taking time for the little moments that matter. For some families, this isn't always possible. That's why McCain have committed to pledging £1m to @family_fund to help them reach their goal of providing 150,000 grants & services per year to UK families with disabled and seriously ill children. What things are you greatful for over the last year? #mccain #WeAreFamily #familyfund #familytime #mealtimes #familymeals #specialmoments #WeAreFamily

For the first time in such a long time, Harper wanted to sit in the pushchair on our walk yesterday.....and fell asleep! I think teething may be getting to her, these are the final 2 before the back molars so im hoping she will get a bit of a break after these. She has always been pretty good with teething, so its sometimes hard to tell. How are your little ones with teething?

Happy Friday ❤ First week back in the office this week so been a bit quite on here. Can't wait to enjoy a few days off with my little lady.  Do you have any weekend plans?

Happy Mothers day mumas ❤ Today is bitter sweet for me, miss my mum crazy amounts, and wish she could of met Harper, but  so greatful to be a mumma myself ❤❤ Sending lots of love to everyone today, if you find celebrating hard for whatever reason, know you are not alone.

Throwback Thursday! Why do they grow so quickly 😭😭😭

Here's  to strong women, may be know them, may we be them, may we raise them ❤

Happy Sunday everyone, how is your weekend? We spent time with a child minder on Friday, ready for my return to the office, she will only be going one day a week, but it makes me so nervous, as with lockdown she has never been away from us. She interacted so well im just worried about her social skills with other children. How did your little ones adjust?

World book day 📚 I have always loved reading, and I really hoped Harper would too.....and so far so good. We can spend hours reading every single day....and mostly its these little hey duggee books. She can say all the little charcaters names  and will point them all out, and matches up the little figures too. I also managed to pick up some of the world book day £1 books, one being from one of my favourites @tomfletcher, we have lots of his books already. Do your little ones enjoy books? What is their favourite? A little throwback thursday too, to last years world book day....look how much she has grown 😭😭

Hello March ❤ Well we are back around to March again....but hopefully this is near the end, and not the beginning 🙈 I feel like last March was just now....but it also feels like we have been in this situation forever 😅 I am looking forward to hopefully getting back into some sort of routine with  work and child care this month. The sunshine the last few days has really helped, so lets hope for lots more of that 🌞🌞

Easter prepping 🐰 As you have probably seen....I like to make a big fuss over any kind of 'special' date, espically over the last year, trying to make the most of everything, I love to make all occasions memorable for Harper. My lovely friend  @puddingspost, has just made my life a whole lot easier.....letters for all occasions! I have just received this absolutely gorgeous easter Bunny letter, and I LOVE it, a personalised letter, bunny food for the night before, and a little hunt for the day. The little details are amazing, little rubber bunny seal, bunny stamp etc, swipe through my pics to have a look, even the paper shimmers 🥰🥰. Today is the last chance to get 20% off using code PPEASTER2021......don't miss out.

Throwback Thursday..... A time where she would be where i left her, and would smile for a photo 😍 How hard is it to get photos of a toddler 🙈

Happy Monday! I wonder what today's announcement will bring....how are you all feeling? Hope you all had a lovely weekend ❤

Happy valentines day ❤❤ Any excuse to spoil my littlest love, especially at the moment. Do you celebrate valentines day?

We turned the kitchen diner into a softplay for the weekend ❤ I never thought I would miss softplay 🤦‍♀️ What are your weekend plans?

Happy February...... a week late I know...but insta didn't like me🤣🙍‍♀️ January seemed to go on forever didn't it?! I know not much can change for us all this month, but lets hope for a positive month, and that we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel ❤

know I have said it before but Harper is obssessed with comforters and blankets. For the last few months she has taken a muslin to bed as well as 'mousey' and I have felt a bit bad it was just a used old muslin 🤣🙈 We have kindly been sent this gorgeous  spotty and dusky pink muslin from @littlescandibaby and she absolutely loves it. Its already been dragged around everywhere, and has taken the old muslins place at naptime.....its taken pride of place with 'mousey' ❤❤ It also came in a gorgeous little wash bag with wash instructions.....now i just need to take it off her long enough to wash it 🤞 Please go and check  out @littlescandibaby, I think i need to buy a spare 🤣❤

On Daddy days.....they adventure. I am not sure what made her pick up a stick and use it as a walking stick.....but this girl certainly loves to explore ❤ The cutest picture to receive whilst working earlier this week.

A throwback to Harper's 1st Birthday....because this is a true representation of what I want to do every day in lockdown 🤣 anyone else?! Also how quickly do they change this was only 5 months ago 😭😭

Harper had a little treat over the weekend for being a little star whilst we work from home.....I think those eyes tell me everything 🤣❤ What's your little ones favourite treat?

It may have been the muddiest place ever, but we loved a morning at the park yesterday. Fresh air does you the world of good.

This sums up my week 🙃 How are you all doing?

It's the little things ❤ So I am workinh from home Monday to Wednesday whilst watching Harper🤯 It's definitely taking its toll, but im trying to take it a day at a time and not worry about the housework etc on an evening and take some time for myself.....but I normally find that hard. The last few nights I have had a shower, and then sat with a book and a hot chocolate and it has definitely helped. What do you do to try and regain a little calm after a crazy day?

Ikea hack  ❤ Anyone started an upcycle and then wondered what an earth they were thinking? Blopd sweat and tears went into my little project at the end of last year....Harper's christmas present. Pinterest and instagram was full of ideas, and I was full of high expectation 🤣 I wondered why I started many times, but was pleased with the end result, I mean its far from perfect but Harper loves it and that's all that matters. ❤

Bookworm  📚 From around 3 months old I have tried to read to Harper everynight.  We also have books around all day  and she will often bring me book after book and want to read them. Whilst working from home, I turned around to find her sat like this.....just melts my heart❤ Do your children like to read/storytime?

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#ad As you know, I’ve been working with Pura for a while now and I love their eco-friendly nappies and wipes. I’m excited to let you know that Pura is helping  people make a  positive change for the New Year by giving you an amazing 25% off its eco-friendly products with the code PURA25.

#throwbackthursday This is still one of my favourite photos of Harper....they just grow far to quickly. She Absolutely loved bath time, and still does. The @shnuggle bath definitely made bath time alot easier

It's a good thing, this one loves a puddle walk, as its all we got for a while. How is everyone feeling? My inbox is always open if you need it. It's tough, but we have done it before, and we will do it again, together ❤

Cosy ❤ Harper had her first night with a little duvet and pillow.....and slept all night.....hardly moving 😍 She has been trying to sleep with her head tilted and pushed against the top of the cot, and kept waking herself, so thought we would try a pillow, and hopefully its helped. How old were your little ones when they got a pillow and duvet?

Winter walks ❤ We spent our first day of 2021, the same way we spent alot of 2020.....going for a walk. I love watching Harper explore, and become more and more confident. How did you spend the first day of 2021? #winterwalks #wrappedupwarm # #2021 #byebye2020 #newyear2021 #family #pandemic #tier3 #newwiscoming #love #parent #parenting #parents #parenthood #family #kids #love #ewgirllteam #newmonth #january2021 #cutenessoverload #mom #baby #children #sparkleewgirls #motherhood #mother #momlife #discoverunder10k

Happy new year ❤❤ For a year where things slowed down, didn't the year fly by?! Here's to a year of health, happiness.... and hopefully....hugs!!!!

We are really trying to be more mindful of things affecting our planet, and being a part of the @mypura family is really helping that. We absolutely love the pura products and these flushable wipes are amazing. They are 99 percent water, which you can really tell, as they stay so moist and clean so well, which means you also use less wipes! Win win. I definitely wouldn't go back to any other wipes now, I absolutely love them.

This photo is a whole mood of the crimbo limbo period 🤣. Look at those little feet 😍😩

Hope you all had a lovely christmas 🎄🎅 We were having to much fun to get many photos.....but Harper was lucky that Santa still left presents .....she stole his cookie 🤣🙈