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This comes from the world’s largest democracy! In a world with so much hatred, everyone should be allowed to love. Hope will never be silent. #lgbt #lgbtq🌈 #lgbtindia #samesexmarriage Posted @withregram • @citizenjourno World superpower mother of democracy Hindu Rashtra

Thank you so much for speaking up @gretathunberg! God bless 💜✨ #FarmersProtest #IStandWithFarmers Posted @withregram • @gretathunberg We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India. Photo: Biplov Bhuyan, Hindustani Times

Everyone should care about this. Posted @withregram • @abishmathew You should know! @munawar.faruqui story so far courtesy @deadantco

🌍❤️ Posted @withregram • @thegoodquote Looking for compassionate messages of self-love?⠀ What You Missed While Blinking takes readers along a journey filled with moments of both darkness and Light. It is in these moments--between each blink of our eyes--where we gain the clarity and certainty we need to face any challenge, and the power to redefine the life we are meant to live. Follow @rachelwolchin to own your copy now. #rachelwolchin

Swades. 🇮🇳💙 #swades #swadesmovie #india @utvfilms #ashutoshgowariker @arrahman @jaduakhtar @uditnarayanmusic @iamsrk @gayatrioberoi #kishoriballal @rajeshvivekupadhyay.14224 @thedayashankar #smithseth #lekhtandon @makaranddeshpande_v @rahulvohraindia

Always remember this! Also, check out @beerbiceps, one of the most amazing people out there. He gives such insightful and meaningful thoughts, they help in keeping you elevated. Posted @withregram • @beerbiceps easiest path to peace...

Be kind always 🌼

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For some reason I’m unable to repost this IGTV video. Please visit @abhiandniyu and watch the full video. Goa needs us! It is IMPORTANT. Kindly send your objections. Link in bio ‼️ @mymollem.goa @mollem.memory.project #goa #mollem #savemollem #savemollemgoa #savegoa #bekind

No country is perfect...she has to be made better. @rakeyshommehra @arrahman @utvfilms @_aamirkhan #alicepatten @anupampkher @atulkulkarni_official @kunalkkapoor @actormaddy @sharmanjoshi @worldofsiddharth @sakpataudi Posted @withregram • @romppictures 🌈. - - - #Freedom #Independence #LoveWins #Section377 #GenderEquality #LoveIsLove #IndependenceDay #LGBT #Friday #Fridayfeeling #rangdebasanti

Kindness matters 🌸 Posted @withregram • @thegoodquote Follow @morgan.love for more quotes and poetry

Must read! Thank you so much Kristina for sharing your story ❤️ Posted @withregram • @kristinamakris 5 months ago this was me in ICU because of a Tampon. I almost lost my life. It brings me to tears looking at this picture but I’m writing this to help people understand the risks of Tampons. If you are a guy reading this please continue because you may have a sister or daughter that could use some guidance. When I was younger I would read the back of the tampon box about risks of TSS and thought 🤔 I’m invincible that would never happen to me. Well I was terribly wrong. At 32 years young I almost died. There is not enough awareness about the risks of wearing a tampon. No, I never left it in more then 6-8 hours. Super absorbency Tampons put you at a higher risk. What happens is the fibers start to develop bacteria then turns into a staff infection and the infection travels to your blood and then to your organs and thats when your body starts shutting down. (I went septic) After my last period I started feeling under the weather. I just didn’t feel well. I could tell my body was trying to fight something. Then I developed a swollen lymph node on my left groin. (I thought it was a pulled groin) Monday, January 15th is the day I woke up and it all hit me. Flu like symptoms. Fever, chills, vomiting and a rash developed on my Left inner thigh. I had just moved back home to my parents a week prior and If it wasn’t for my mom, I would not be here writing this post. The doctors told me if I didn’t come when I did I either would have lost limbs or worse... died. I had surgery on my inner thigh where the infection localized. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks being pumped 24/7 with 2 kinds of antibiotics. I was pumped with bags and bags of fluid to raise my blood pressure that I had gained 30 pounds of fluid. After a week of being bedridden I finally looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. When I was finally sent home the fight wasn’t over. I had an iv attached to my arm 24/7 pumping me with antibiotics along with a wound vac attached to my inner thigh 24/7. It took 3 months to physically get back to my normal life. Mentally I’m still struggling with the trauma. 👇🏼

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Absolutely loved this. Must watch! @barackobama #firedup #readytogo Posted @withregram • @mariashriver Fired up! Ready to go! Remember one voice can change a room. One voice can change a community, a state, a country. So can one vote. Get fired up, get ready! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. #inspireheartsandminds

This is so heartbreaking! I urge you all to never buy angora wool or any other product that comes from animals. Also, please avoid buying fur this winter season. Share this and encourage your friends and family to do the same. #animals #animalrights #peta #avoidanimalproducts #govegan #veganism #stopbuyingfur #angorarabbit #angora #winter Posted @withregram • @peta Do you know where angora wool comes from?  Live angora rabbits have their fur violently ripped out while their limbs are tied down. They scream in pain, but it’s all in vain. Many go into such extreme shock that they’re unable to move.  Art by @thefuzzydot

Amen 🙏 Posted @withregram • @anonymousmethod Sometimes you'll go through tests, which will give you everything you need, not everything you want, for god knows what is good for you. Trust the process. Life has its own way... . . . . . . . . . . #Quote #Quoteoftheday #poetry #lifelesson #motivationalquote #inspirationalquote #inspiration #motivation #wisdom #life #poetry #writer #poet #screenwriter #playwright #actor #acting #anonymousmethod #thegoodquote #rmdrke #rmdrake #jayshetty #princeea #meme #islam #islamicquotes #hadith #allah #muslim

#WithdrawTheCap Posted @withregram • @gretathunberg This week the European Parliament voted for a new 7yr Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that will be disastrous for climate, biodiversity and sustainable farming. But it’s not over yet. Sign the open letter demanding the @EU_Commission to #WithdrawTheCAP ! Link in bio

No means no. Posted @withregram • @thatdesifeminist ✨c o n s e n t✨ Movie: Pink (2016)

Hey! I recently created a petition to introduce Sex Education in Indian schools. Sex education should be a part of school curriculum. It is as important as any other subject or values taught in the schools. It has positive effects, including increasing young people's knowledge and improving their attitudes related to sexual and reproductive health and behaviors. Nowadays, with rapid growth of information, sex information is everywhere. Children are curious about sex. Therefore, schools need to instill correct concepts of sex to the students as early as possible before they are misled by indecent magazines and irresponsible media. It takes two to tango; not unless everyone takes a responsibility as citizens, most importantly as human beings nothing will ever change. We have to make each other remember that ball is in our court; things can still change. And maybe introducing Sex Ed to schools might be the start of bringing a change, it may help in reducing sexual assault cases everyday. Kindly click on the link in bio and SIGN and SHARE the petition. Thank you so much. Best wishes always :) @changedotorg @change.orgindia @presidentofindia @vicepresidentofindia @narendramodi @rameshpokhriyal_official @mygovindia #india #indiangovernment #indiangovt #sexeducation #sexeducationindia #change #changeispossible #mannkibaat #mankibaat #bekind

Felt like sharing this. #bekindalways❤️ Posted @withregram • @sketch_daily_abay Different story . Credit: @ugurgallen . • Follow and use #sketch_daily_abay to get featured 😊 • • • #pencildrawing #spiderman #pencilwork #charcoalart #lineart #amazingvideos #instadraw #originalart #artvideo #spiders #graphite #instavideo #graphitedrawing #talent #satisfyingvideo #pencilsketchings #fineart #creative #comic #charcoal #realism #spider #sketchbook #traditionalart #videocreator #bestvideo #artofinstagram #comics

Beautifully and boldly told. Posted @withregram • @thatdesifeminist Video source: Koovagam Ep:2, 101 India.

Posted @withregram • @mic Ever since she got famous, Billie Eilish has been adamant that her signature baggy clothes have nothing to do with other people. Earlier this week, paparazzi photos of Eilish wearing what she wanted to wear (a nude camisole and matching sweatpant-style shorts) went viral — but for the worst reasons. Strangers cruelly picked apart her appearance on social media. For her part, Eilish handled the unsolicited critiques of her body with poise. In the words of Mic's Kara Weisenstein: “Our culture is stupidly conditioned to harshly judge famous women for their physical appearance, no matter what other talents or attributes make them worthy of our admiration.” Hit the link in bio to learn more. [Getty Images]

@danaemercer is an awesome person who is showing the ‘reality’ and inspiring many people to love themselves for who they are. You are beautiful in your own amazing way, always remember this :) Posted @withregram • @danaemercer You are not a BEFORE fighting desperately for AFTER. You are not a body that must CHANGE. A person that must SHRINK here or grow there or condense or shift or consume diet pills and diet products and then just simply, day after day, diet. You owe the world NONE of this. You owe yourself so much MORE. SO remember today. You are not a before. You do not need an after. You’re a glorious woman on a journey and that is, that has always been, more than enough. #feminist #talkingoutloud #selflove #quoteoftheday #bopo #bodypositivity #womenwhoroar #curatedbygirls #agepositive #agepositivevibes

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#mentalhealthday Posted @withregram • @herecomesthesunofficial “One of the worst things about living with a mental health problem is that it’s just so hard to talk about. Some days it feels like trying to heave the world’s heaviest boulder off my shoulder, other days it feels like I’ve forgotten how to speak. I try to open my mouth, I try to get the words out, but nothing." . "I worry that people will just think I’m being dramatic or blowing things out of proportion. Maybe they’ll think I’m some sort of weird over-sharer. I have to work through those fears everyday." . "But whenever I push past it all and make that phone call or send that text - I feel a tonne lighter (which is a lot for an elephant). And to be honest - sharing this stuff with you guys has kinda changed my life." . "So today, ask someone how they’re doing or tell someone how YOU’RE doing - you can even tell me!" . Check out our stories to see Happy's messages for you this #WorldMentalHealthDay and send them across to anyone who could need them too! . . . #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealth #memtalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

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Making your day :) Posted @withregram • @bxtchwow Subscribe to our YouTube channel, link in bio✨💕 You won’t regret it 🤞🏼 Credit: @krissi_malloy

Read this, for you. Posted @withregram • @sattva.life Have you ever noticed the state of your mind or observed what it says to you during times of stress? For example, when you make a mistake, your mind resorts to the negative things and you start to say things such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I will never be good enough.’ When you start to observe this tendency everytime, you’ll realise that the mind stops chattering away with negativity and you learn to catch it out faster each time. It’s so important to realise how easily we can get our mind back to the present just by simply observing it. Try it next time and see. And start to say positive things to yourself, about yourself. Instead of resorting to the negative statements we easily make about ourselves, say things like ‘I am good enough’ or instead of saying ‘I keep failing’ say ‘I tried my best.’ If you think of yourself as a failure, you become a failure. If you think of yourself as someone who is striving to be successful, whatever aspect of life it may be in, you will be successful. After all, what we think we become.

Posted @withregram • @who It's #WorldMosquitoDay. FACT: #COVID19 cannot be transmitted through mosquito 🦟 bites. #KnowTheFacts