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〰️ British EFL teacher for China 🇨🇳 skateboarder | traveler | photographer 🤍 𖤥 Devon 🇬🇧

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Four amazing things today: 1. AEW Double or Nothing is on tonight with some of the most amazing matches. My pizza and brownies are ready for a night in with my favourite sport 🍕 2. My psoriasis, acne and eczema has cleared for the time being so I'm feeling a bit more confident in my skin atm ☺️ 3. I now officially teach 6 days a week instead of 7 days from July. No more work on Saturdays 😁 just in time for AEW 3rd show 'Rampage' which starts in August on Friday nights 😍 4. It's my birthday on Thursday 🎈 Feeling very grateful, peaceful yet excited! I love my outfit today so here's some spam 🤗 P.S. Just a little reminder, women are always grateful and thankful for the kind compliments we receive. But please be aware posting a selfie or outfit is not an indication for you to send us explicit, inappropriate messages. Some of us ladies are very kind, shy - especially myself when it comes to men and we want no trouble. We also post pictures sometimes because we want to feel pretty about ourselves and our body that day, so please stop judging us and taking it as an invitation to our areas. Some of us actually have feelings. I may be single, but please be kind and respectful to men and women. Have a lovely bank holiday ☮️💕

Feeling grateful by the sea 🥰🌊 #peaceandquiet

The sun is shining again and something exciting may be happening for me from July 🥰 Can you guess what it could be?

Leatherface 🖤

This way ⬆️