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Preparing for just one keynote takes hours and hours of work. 🙄 I’ve given the same keynote for hundreds of clients over the last two years. Shouldn’t I have it “down” by now? 🧐 The truth is…I do but I am consistently trying to make it better. I love the work and believe the message will help make the world a better place. As speakers we are in the service of our audience so if they are giving me a hour of the time I better make sure their time spent will be valuable. Do you have it down, too? Are you putting in the work your audience deserves? #ThePowerofFun will help you be a better friend, co-worker, leader, parent, coach or just a better human being. Put in the work and build on your happiness. You have it “down”! Love the work and make the world a better place! 🙏👍💪

Join the Mascot Hall of Fames celebration of #nationalmascotday tomorrow from 1pm to 8pm EST June 17th. Live on the MHOFs Facebook page. Tons of furtastic fun!!!

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Weeerrrrrer Baaaaacckkkk!

During difficult times remember to embrace challenges. It is your opportunity to adapt, build resilience and learn to overcome. Darwin’s studies prove that the strongest species don’t have the best chance to survive. Species that can adapt survive and thrive! #heroofhappiness #ThePowerofFun #happiness #SeriousFun

Mickey is in danger! 😳😬😂 #heroofhappiness #happiness #

Happiness is at the core of making our world a better place. If one person learns how to build personal happiness then they will make their family better. ☝️ Then that family helps their peers and coworkers build better companies. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏭 Those companies build better communities and better communities can build a better and happier world. 🌎 Choose happiness and make the world a better place. Big idea…right? 💪

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Things are getting back to normal! The Phanatic is back in the stands huggin, clapping and giving the whammy!!!

What would your life be like if your job required you to fail? And when you failed miserably all the success you ever wanted came your way. What would that feel like? 🧐 Well, Leadership Philadelphia’s 2021 Core Class knows the answer. And they know that happiness is not something you search for! 👏👏👏 Thank you LP Core, Liz, Carla, Jackie and Angela for your continued support and belief in The Power of Fun process. Together we can change the world! 🙏💪❤️

Thanks Thomas Wynne for hosting our Power of Fun keynote to kickoff your training. Our first live delivery since March 12th of 2020! 🙏🙏 This POF training will help the Thomas Wynne family to continue to deliver “easy living and friendly service”! Thank you Cathy, Bob and team for your trust and belief that, together, we will not just build a better culture but change the world! 💪💪 @gsbureau Thomas Wynne Apartments is a family owned business with deep roots in their community since the early 1900’s. They believe in their community and have strived to build easy living while being active in making their community a happier and safer place to live. 👏 Thanks Thomas Wynne for believing in the Power of Fun! 🙏❤️

Just relax! Don’t worry bout it 😂👍💪

32 years ago my mom decided that her fight against brain cancer was over. The death of a loved one is not a Hollywood script. Instead, many dominos fall sending you on an unexpected path. But our brains can adapt to severe challenges and ultimately, happiness returns. We are all in charge of our own happiness and it is up to us to practice daily to build long term sustainable happiness. Today my memories of mom are joyful ones replacing all of the heartbreak from that day long ago. Love you Mom! ❤️❤️🙏🙏

Where is your happy place? 🧐 No this isn’t a rhetorical question. Please list your happy place in the comments section. 🙏 Why should you do this? 💪 It’s not for me…it is for you! 👏☝️ When you stop for a few minutes each day to recall a place or a time that made you happy it will boost your mood. It refreshes your perspective and rewires your brain. It’s all about practicing your way to happy. Go ahead…you can do it. Tell me where your happy place is! #daveraymondspeaks. #behappynow #ThePowerofFun