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Can’t wait to deliver some powerful fun to the Club Managers Association of America on March 10th. Honored to be a part of this program! #cmaavirtual #ThePowerofFun #cmaa

Happy 21st Birthday Carly! We celebrate your moment with you but we also take time to recognize how grateful we are to have you. Like our favorite movie quote “you is kind, you is smart, you is important. We love you honey!

Newark DE isn’t Newark without a visit to #klondikekates. Join us! Have fun! #ThePowerofFun

“Most of us are only as happy as we make up our minds to be - “Abraham Lincoln” Make up you mind to be happy today! 🙏 #ThePowerofFun

Thank you Staples Promotional Products for including the Power of Fun to round out your meeting last night. Shout out to Matt, Chris and Amy who engaged and entertained their teams. It is obvious why you and Staples have overcome! Looking forward to injecting more powerful fun into Staples soon! @staples #ThePowerofFun

My latest sketch. #ThePowerofFun is all about distracting yourself with intentional activities daily that are tailored to your passions 📣. Have FUN this weekend and take time for your self!👍🙏💪

You all know my passion for The Galápagos Islands. The birthplace of the #PhilliePhanatic. Please help! People of the Galápagos have been devastated by the sudden decline in tourism brought on by the pandemic. You can help hundreds, if not thousands, of local people – from families to small businesses to young people – find relief! Visit www.islandrelief.fund to learn more! #islandrelief

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Time to leave the heavy things behind and move forward with the FUN times to come! #ThePowerofFun

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What if you condensed all of you goals, hopes and potential for success down to a one word resolution for 2021? That would be fun...right?

Hey…look at that! Nice of President Elect Biden to take notice of our work. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Enjoy the smile. Happy New Year Funsters. To read the whole story check out the humor section of the New Yorker. #ThePowerofFun

Taylor is done! Sketching is one of my intentional activities that #ThePowerofFun preaches about building long term sustainable happiness. Not sure Taylor Swift would be happy or not but it makes me happy 😂 Happy New Year Funsters!!!

Thank you Diana for sharing your Be Kind list for 2021! Please be a Funster like Diana and share yours with me and commit to make 2021 the year of the kind! #ThePowerofFun

Happy Birthday Honey! Queen of the world today and our hero everyday of the year! ❤️💪🍾

Xmas Bingo! #ThePowerofFun

Hey…you! Yes you! 📣 Want to give the most memorable Christmas present ever? One that is perfect for the person who has everything. 🤙🤞🎁 Then buy a personalized brick at the Mascot Hall of Fame. 🧱🧱 For a sports Phanatic or someone who loves furry fun or just for someone special to make them smile. 😃 Yes…you…buy the brick today!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Phanta Clause…chasing away Grinchs since 1978! Have a wonderful and safe holiday everyone! #ThePowerofFun @gsbureau

Join the Morning Mindset podcast where we talk about how the #ThePowerofFun can help you overcome! The Morning Mindset Podcast MassPay HR & Payroll Solutions #themasspayway

Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them! Deal baby deal 😷😂🙏💪 #ThePowerofFun

his photo was taken of Mom, Suzie and Dad, Tubby in 1987 right after a victory against Villanova at Delaware Stadium. Happy times and a perfect slice of simpler times. Posted today 3 years to the day that dad passed. Be grateful today and if you are in the same fraternity as the Raymond’s (both Dad and Mom gone) then rejoice in the memories of simpler times and the hope of great times to come. #ThePowerofFun

We have lost the original Funster 🥲 Tony Hsieh. I was saddened to hear of his passing but those close to him are celebrating today. Celebrating his vision of inclusion and authentic self. Way ahead of his time and a driving force of looking for happiness first and then success will follow. We have lost a great one but his passion lives in all of us Funsters! RIP Tony 🙏👍😇

One step towards building happiness is to recognize it is OK to be sad. 🤔 We all need to be content with our struggles and sadness. 💪 We are truly at our strongest when we are content during our weakest times! 👍🙏👏

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Loved the free time to sketch over the holiday. I’ll keep an eye out for all of you! 😍 Try something new this month. It’s #ThePowerofFun

Please buy your brick at the Mascot Hall of Fame! We need your help and you can be remembered as one of our supporters by customizing a brick in our “furry” walk way. Cut and paste this link for more info!! https://youtu.be/30X1C1wjStM

Make sure you don’t miss Breaking Beauty releasing Nov 19 2020 on Crackle! Your host Josh Varozza is a ton of FUN. Wonderful stories about loving yourself and redefining what beautiful is for each of us. Heartwarming, entertaining and great for the whole family. All of that and Josh’s visit to Mascot Camp is priceless! Check it out and let us know what you think! #ThePowerofFun

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.” Francesca Reigler #ThePowerofFun #keynotespeaker

Want to boost your mood? 🤔 OK, promise to try this for the next 5 days and I will promise your mood will get the boost it needs. 🙏 Each morning just before you get out of bed take a moment to think about one thing you are truly grateful for. 1️⃣ In the afternoon, push the pause button and think about a moment in your life that brought you joy. 2️⃣ Finally, just before you go to bed, write down three things that were good about your day. 3️⃣ It is true that your mood is mostly up to you but it takes daily practice to boost your mood. 💪 Let me know how it worked out for you! ⁉ #ThePowerofFun #happinessboost #moodboost

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You can use this for your lights, TV or Nature! #the PowerofFun

It’s the worst! 🤮 I find myself describing, even minor events, as The Worst. It is a bad habit that I am trying to break. 🤞 How about you? 🧐 Do you find yourself saying “It’s The Worst?” Let’s remind each other what is good in our lives. 👍 Try that today. A dose of perspective does two things for us and those around us. It gives meaning to struggles going on and helps us focus on what we are grateful for. Its #ThePowerofFun and it is the best! 🙏💪❤️

A big grateful shout out to Joe Biloon and Financial House 👏 for hosting a virtual Power of Fun event last night. Thank you to everyone who joined in to hear favorite Phanatic stories and the lessons the big green guy taught me 🧐 about how we all can use fun to overcome life’s biggest challenges. 🙏💪❤️! Looking forward to practicing our way to happiness with you. #ThePowerofFun @fhadvisors

Do you need a break? Join me and remember one of you best times! See you there.

At about 6:15 this evening, LOVE, holds a very personal meaning for me today. 🤗 25 years ago, Sandy and I took a giant step towards our journey. 🍾 The next thing you might expect to hear is, “at times it hasn’t been easy”, but actually, it seems like it has been easy. Mostly because of Sandy’s grace and unwavering faith 🙏. I am blessed. What memory does LOVE remind you of? 🧐 Relieving love in your life can build happiness and with happiness comes a healthier longer life. A longer life gives you a chance to experience more love! 👌 #ThePowerofFun

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Learn how pausing each day can help you be happier and more productive.

Fear 😳can prevent us from breakthroughs and innovation. Fear 😳 can paralyze our ability to connect and understand. Fear is always larger and more scary 😩than reality. Let’s be fearless💪 in our search for meaningful connections. Let’s be fearless 💪in our use of FUN to heal and protect. Let’s defeat fear, continue to be safe and move forward with laughter and joy! 🙏What is your Word for the Day?🧐

Happy Birthday Kyle! 🎂🎂🎁🎉 Have a great day and all of us here are missing you. Soak up some of that Colorado beauty for us! @the_kizzle

#kindness is a wonderful intentional activity that can build long term sustainable happiness in your life. 🙏 Being the Phillie Phanatic blessed me with a job where I was forced to be kind each and every day. That helped me get through the most difficult challenges life has thrown my way. Life will be filled with joy and challenges alike but our happiness is up to each of us! Practice your way to happiness today by being KIND! Have a wonderful weekend everyone. #ThePowerofFun @gsbureau

Happy 23rd Birthday Maddie! 🍾You have graduated...virtually, started you career as a 3rd grade teacher...virtually and now you are celebrating in person...safely. We love you and are proud of your resilience, passion and kindness. Your students are lucky to have you and so are we! ❤️🎁👏

And the word for today…. #grace! 🙏 As in “courteous goodwill”. Grace under pressure or Grace when against all odds 🧐 Let’s all demonstrate Grace today. Seems appropriate, right? Have a great rest of the week #Funsters! #ThePowerofFun @gsbureau #division #debate @annhandley @ryanestis

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It takes a Russian going to Mars to tell us why we are ruining baseball! Please show this to every MLB executive, General Manager, Manager and scout!!! #mlb #baseball #ruiningthegame #letpitcherspitch #lethittershit #letplayersplay