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Understanding German football is difficult at times. Eintracht Frankfurt and Adi Hutter will part ways next season. Adi is set to join Borrusia Monchengladbach. Frankfurt are doing great under him this season and it looks like they will land a Champions League position for themselves meanwhile Borrusia stands at 8th place with little to no chance of a Europa League spot. Let us see these events chronologically : 1st : Dortmund and Rose (current Monchengladbach manager) were rumoured to involve in a new contract. Gladbach announced Rose is leaving them for Dortmund. 2nd : rumours were shared about how he was leaving one German side to another. Fans got emotional and you know how modern day wars happen on social media. 3rd: Monchengladbach publicly announced that they're hiring a new manager and were in search of one until they found Adi Hutter who is having a great season. 4th: Now they announce that they're singing him as the new manager meanwhile Dortmund didn't make any official announcement for Rose. Dortmund's image got ruined because of the announcements made by Gladbach. And why is Adi Hutter going for a side which is doing bad. Isn't it like a downgrade? And why announce it so early. Everything is weird in Bundesliga 🤷🏻‍♀️

It's the second of of UEFA Champions League and you are invited 🤛🏻 Chelsea 🆚 FC Porto (Agg : 2-0) PSG 🆚 Bayern Munich ( Agg : 3-2) Chelsea will go through easily if Tuchel doesn't make many changes from his winning squad. Bayern also look weak against PSG. Everything is in place except finishing. The absence of Lewandowski and Gnabry is hitting them hard. Let's see who will get through tonight 🔥.

Juventus will try to buy Moise Kean in the next transfer window. Moise has played in Juventus on loan and now they want this talented young Italian back in their squad. To make this deal Juventus will include players to get Moise Kean from Everton. Douglas Costa, Rabiot & Aaron Ramsey are players who could be involved in the deal. Any one of those 3 can leave or be sold to get Moise. Juventus really need some pacemakers in their squad. I hope they don't get a slow striker like morata again.

Barcelona is now ahead of their rivals Real Madrid to become the most valuable club. Great news for all the Blaugrana fans as they overtake their rivals. Some good news after the el Clasico defeat. The top 3 clubs are valued at : FC Barcelona: $4.760B Real Madrid: $4.750B FC Bayern: $4.215B The factors analysed to make this list might be complex as Barcelona are already in debt of around €1.2B euros. Cuttently indebted to 19 different clubs for different players. Can't play Coutinho because they will have to pay Liverpool. Barcelona are deep in debt. I wonder how Forbes makes this list. It's a great news for their fans. Clearly one of the best clubs of all time 👏🏻.

On this day in 2005 things went crazy in the Champion league quarter final which led to the birth of this great picture. Inter fans were already losing from the first leg (2-0) and had high hopes from the second leg. To their suprise AC Milan scored another goal to make their lead (3-0) which enraged the fans and they started throwing flares on the ground. A stupid thing to do cause their team lost (3-0) as stopping the match was the only option left for the officials. Which means they lost 5-0 on aggregate. I don't support such behavior but imagine being in the stands and watching something like this. Would've been one of the craziest Champions League match ever. Swipe left to watch some pictures from that match ⏪⏪⏪.

Eduardo Camavinga is the player whose name will be heard by most of us in future when he reach the likes of Mbappe and Haaland. At this moment Camavinga is younger than these two but a lot of big clubs have their eyes set on this young man. Just like any great players Camavinga's story is also inspirational and unique. Camavinga migrated from Angola to France with his family at just the age of 2. His father used to work at a pig slaughter house. His family conditions were okay and they managed in this new country. He is one of the five children in his family. If you know the life of any immigrant in any country you will surely understand how hard their life is. As a kid Camavinga loved football and his mother supported him in this journey. He showed great potential since day 1 and made it to Rennes. At 16 he was the youngest player ever to play for Reenes. Camavinga is also the youngest player ever to play for France beating the record of Kylian Mbappe. Camavinga made the headlines when he rejected to extend his contract yesterday. Real Madrid were interested in him and would love to have him in their squad but now because of the increase in attention many other clubs are interested in signing him. The director of Rennes has stated that he won't let Camavinga leave in summer which means that Madrid and other teams will have to wait for a year to let his contract end at Rennes. When camavinga was asked about his rumours with Real Madrid he said : "I have two years left on my contract. I will be a Rennes player next season. I don't pay any attention to rumours about a possible transfer. It's football, there are things which are true and other things which are false." Watch his videos on YouTube and you'd know that this young Frenchman is destined to be a great player 👏🏻. You have to agree France has the best squad for present and future 🇫🇷 .

Valverde is in for everything to make his team win over Liverpool. He has agreed to take painkillers and whatever required to make him stand on that pitch. Valverde's presence is seen everytime he plays for Real Madrid. Controls the possession of the ball in every part of the field 👏🏻. Valverde is added in the 23 man squad and is set to leave tomorrow for Liverpool to play the 2nd leg. The plan with Fede Valverde is to inject him and reduce the pain he suffers that has even led him to walk with difficulty. Fede Valverde is willing to do anything to make his contribution to the team. It's still a doubt if he will actually start the match.

Jose Mourinho said Shaw and Paul Pogba were finished at Manchester United, yet it looks like he is the finished one. Jose lost 10 matches this season for the first time in his managerial career. Jose has been losing his smart senses lately. In a recent interview he said : "I have Premier leagues, not a Premier league. I have Champions Leagues, not a Champions League. Europa League and other domestic cups. The only person who can make a valid argument with me is Pep Guardiola. Because he has everything that I have". A narcissist behavior is a common sight when you see Jose. Yesterday Tottenham lost to Manchester United and this is what Jose said in the post match interview 😂. ‘Bread is bread and cheese is cheese.’ - Jose Mourinho, the chosen one

The hammers are hammering this Premier League and won't settle for anything less than a 4th position and a Champions League spot. Leicester and West Ham are the teams which are like underdogs of the Premier League. They faced each other yesterday and Jesse Lingard scored twice to make West Ham victorious 👏🏻. Imagine if West Ham and Leicester City wins a Champions League spot leaving behind the liked of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs. How crazy that'd be 😮. 8 goals and 3 assist in his last 9 premier league games for Lingard who's helping his team to push into the Champions League spot. Lingard is also the first West Ham player to score in 4 consecutive matches. It would be ugly for Manchester United to snatch him back at their club as he's in the best form without them. United clearly have their eyes on the player but for humanity's sake they should let him go. Jesse looked like a liability with them. Jesse Lingard’s game by numbers vs. Leicester: 100% shot accuracy 100% final third pass accuracy 43 touches 3 shots 3 touches in opp. box 2 crosses 2 ball recoveries 2 interceptions 2 goals Superb again. ⚒️

Try try and you will succeed. Gabriel Martinelli took 3 shots before bagging in a goal for Arsenal. Arsenal are back to the winning ways. Martinelli needs to start agains slavia Pargue. It's either lacazette or auba in the center position, no more auba on left wing as he's not effective as a winger. Hopefully saka"s injury isn't serious as Arsenal will need him in theri Europa League clash Arsenal kept a clean sheet tonight for the first time since January 30 against Manchester United - a run stretching 15 matches. A long run of poor performance from their defense. Lacazette scored a brace and now has 50 goals in his name in the Premier League 👏🏻. Arsenal fans are again trusting the process. Sometimes it feels like a loop. They appreciate Arteta, the team plays well and suddenly when they start to lose they hate Arteta and want to sack him. Let's see what outcome they will get by trusting the process.

Manchester United adds further damage on Tottenham's hopes of making the Premier League's top four as they came from behind to secure a fully deserved victory. United showing why they're the club with deep history and great talents. Solskjær: "The goals we scored were excellent. Edinson [Cavani] shows why he’s a number nine. Fred even scores, that just shows us how good we were." Greenwood and Paul Pogba were total ballers today. Cavani got a perfect header to add his name to the score sheet. From the Spurs side Son played really well but they were unlucky in front of the red devils. Only if City didn't get that long unbeaten streak in Premier League things would've been different for United. The red devils would've been strong contenders for the title but sadly City is out if their reach.

Zlatan signs a new contract extension with Milan until June 2022. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is happy to stay with AC Milan for one more year. Zlatan is showing no signs of aging. Zlatan will be 40 years old in October and still plays in a team that requires top quality. Paolo Maldini just confirmed to Sky Sport: “Yes, it’s just a matter of details...”. In his previous match Zlatan was really pissed as he got red card after years in the black and red. Would love to see some more goals and narcissist talks from this guy 😍

Trent came in like a wrecking ball and confirmed their 3 precious point at 90 min. After having a bad performance in Champions League trent was abused and criticized. Trent proved every single of them wrong by giving them just what they needed at that moment. A very unique and brilliant shot from a full back. Many strikers would fail to score at 90 min under pressure. Liverpool are now just 2 points behind Chelsea at 5th position. Klopp is actually a genius to change things around with so many injured players. Before - Corner Taken Quickly 🏃💨 Now - Shot taken Quickly 🥅⚽🏃💨 Mohammed Salah is the main man of Liverpool since he signed up for them. Salah has a better goal scoring ratio than the great Henry. Mo Salah is now the joint highest goalscorer this season with Harry Kane. In first 150 premier League appearances Mo scored 93 goals and Henry scored 92. Although Henry has a legacy behind him and Salah still has a lot to do.

Heavy rains in Madrid swept away the dreams of Barcelona to be the leaders of La Liga. Madrid lead on early and managed to keep their lead till the last whistle. Real Madrid move to the top with one game more played than Atletico Madrid who are having the same amount of points👏🏻. Kroos is the MOTM for this Clasico. Real Madrid strikers require to do some shooting practice as their midfield provides them with great balls inside and near the box. Benzema you beauty what a goal from the back of your leg. Kroos is beast and he was surely hungry tonight. Kroos, Modric and Casemiro is undoubtedly the best midfield trio in today's time. Messi tried hard finding the gaps but the players at the end of his pass couldn't score. Barcelona require another Center back if they want to strengthen their defence. Lenglet doesn't seem to be on their level on the other hand Mingueza got the only goal of the night for Barcelona. Great game for him as he managed to stop many crucial attacks of Madrid including the late Marcelo solo run on ter stegen. Due to bad weather can't blame any player for losing or missing a chance. It looks easy when we watch it in front of a screen but climate conditions really change the fate of a match. Title race is very tight and every single match from the top 3 is crucial for the other 2. Let's see who will win the glorious title this year.

PSG trashed Strasbourg (1-4) today but still lag 3 behinds behind Lille in their league table. A great weak for all the Parisians. Kylian Mbappe is enjoying the time of his life. Scored a brace against Bayern and now again managed to get on the score sheet with a goal and an assist. Keylor Navas left early which is seen as an injury but the club claims they want him to be healthy and as a precaution he was subbed off. Keylor is crucial for their 2nd leg of Champions League match against Bayern. Overall a great display of power for PSG and one loss from Lille will mean the title for them 👏🏻.

Only Wayne Rooney (15) and Marcus Rashford (13) have scored more Premier League goals as a teenager for Manchester United than Mason Greenwood (12). I feel this guy is passionate about the club and can make his name in the history books of the red devil. People have been giving him alot of abuse for having fun with his mate in the dressing room, Iceland scandal, criticised him badly despite his mate passing away and made fake Snapchat videos to bring him down. It's just he's too unlucky with these things 😷. Many footballers are involved in such things but they don't get caught. Mason Greenwood has potential to be a great player.

A finished Messi and Cristiano in 2020-21 Lionel Messi is averaging a goal or assist every 85 minutes in all competitions this season, while Cristiano Ronaldo is doing so in 82 minutes, despite playing in this current Juventus team Looks like the so called bad years of these two are better than of many strikers in their prime. Messi plays with a Barcelona that's old and rely on its young talent for victory and Cristiano has to play with Juventus who look like they've stopped caring about winning or losing. Leo and Cris, shinning since decades now. We are lucky to watch them play 🤛🏻❤

Adama puts it in just 20 seconds before the final whistle. All that baby oil coming to good use finally 🔥. Tbh we all wanted to see a goal from this guy 🏃💨. Very crucial 3 points for Wolves but even more important for Fulham as they're in the relegation zone and require 3 points to draw with Newcastle. Adama had last scored in December 2019. That's a very long gap for a player of his caliber. Wolves stand at 12th position and looks like they're coming ahead one step at a time.

Barcelona's last 11 Clasico goals were scored by: Fati Rakitic Suarez Varane Suarez Malcom Vidal Suarez Suarez Suarez Coutinho None of them will be in the match squad this Saturday 💀. Will this be a huge turn off or Madrid is also missing some crucial goalscoring members. Time will tell 🤞🏻

Rumours about Arsenal making a firm offer for Achraf Hakimi are getting persistent. Arsenal already have their eyes set on Ødegaard but it looks like they're going to buy more than just one player. Arsenal don't have the required funds to make this deal but the club seems confident about Hakimi. On the other side Hakimi might win Serie A with Inter and will play in Champions League but with Arsenal I wonder he would even get a chance to play in the Europa League in his first season. Arsenal's first priority should be Ødegaard but we all know that Bellerin is leaving them for sure and will probably join PSG. Will they fulfill their need of a full back or go for an extra midfielder, let's see.

Where will United be without Marcus. My man always carries the team in when they need him the most. Marcus Rashford scores his 20th goal for Manchester United in all competitions this season Marcus have now scored 20+ goals in 2 successive seasons now. Man Utd are the first Premier League team to have two 20+ goalscorers in all competitions this season The Portuguese maestro Bruno Fernandes (23) & Marcus Rashford MBE (20). If these players keep up their form anything is possible for United 👏🏻

Mbappe and Neymar got the highlights for their champions League clash against Bayern but for me the most crucial man was Keylor Navas. Neymar might be having a good goal contributions, mbappe might be a generational talent but if he missed one or two saves all that would've gone to waste. If we compare statistically the match went with : Bayern Munich --- PSG Shots: 31-6 Shots on target: 12-5 Big chances: 6-4 Big chances missed: 4-2 xG: 3.81-1.36 Score: 2:3 One or two miss from Navas would've meant the end of PSG Champions League dreams. In my opinion even goalkeepers should get credit for their work. The last three goalkeepers to make 10+ saves in a UCL knockout games : Neuer vs Real Madrid (2017 QF) Marchesín vs Juventus (2021 R16) Navas vs Bayern (2021 QF) Keylor is freaking Superman of Champions League 🦸‍♂👏🏻.

Europa League 1st leg is over and here are the results. 🔸Arsenal 1-1 Slavia Prague 🔸Grenada 0-2 Man United 🔸Ajax 1-2 Roma 🔸Dinamo Zagreb 0-1 Villarreal Best match of the day would be Ajax Vs Roma. Roma came from behind to win 1-2 and move to the 2nd leg with those two precious goals. Ajax had most of the possession and shots but still couldn't managed to bag a win. Great game by Roma goalkeeper, for me he's the MOTM. United will go into the second leg with away goal advantage. Bruno scored a late penalty to seal the win for United. Looks like United will go to the semis easily. On the other hand the Gunners lose theirs in added time. Late drama in this match as both the teams scored in last 10 mins. Arsenal could hold on to that lead but they lost at the last minute. Even matches and still unpredictable. Leaving the United fixture any team can shine in the next round.

Looks like Forrest Gump never stopped running and finally made it to Granada 🏃💨 There is no freaking way you can miss this 😂😂😂. Watch my story ASAP . A man managed to invade the pitch despite no fans in the stadium. Some kids think tarzan wants to play football so he got in. I'm glad he didn't hug anyone 🤮. Legends have it United are not playing Cavani and his people are mad so they invaded the pitch. Rise of the apes in Granada, 🐒 Now he's been subben on to make peace with them Watch my story EVERYONE fasttt😂😂😂 This man have tried to invade pitch in Miami too but was stopped in his tracks and now he have travelled to Spain to fulfil his wish. Respect for this guy has been increased 😂😂👑 Dedication Level : Monke 👑 United are a goal ahead, thanks to Rashford to place a cheeky shot in. Great first touch 👏🏻 by Rashy.

If Villarreal wins tonight against Dinamo Zagreb and Arsenal wins against Slavia Praha it would mean reunion of Arsenal & Unai Emery and believe me he's really not liked much by Arsenal fans. Unai Emery was slightly more successful than Arteta but fans like Arteta more and still believe that he can change the clubs fate. Arsenal sacked Emery saying " Results were not at the required level ". In other news William is sad about the fact he's always surrounded by racist remarks. In a recent interview he said : ' It has really affected me when they have said things about my family. If they want to criticise me, that’s not a problem, I will always accept that. However, when they come to attack your family with bad words, that hurts. Enough is enough ’. He say's at times he's afraid to even use his phone to avoid racist remarks. Willian was having a bad season in the start but his performance has been improving with every game he's involved in. Arteta said in a recent interview that William can be a great player for Arsenal when he completely settles in. To be honest the willian I know is far better the one in Arsenal. If he can do it for Chelsea he can do it for Arsenal too 👏🏻.

Klopp called Toni Kroos a genius. Johan Cruyff said he should of won the Ballon d’Or. Xavi said Kroos reminds him of himself. Paul Scholes said he tried to play like Kroos. Guardiola said he is the most bravest player he has seen. Dominating the midfield of La Liga since ages now. One of the greatest midfielders ever 👏🏻.

Ever wonder why Benzema never play for France? Benzema's exile from the France squad began in 2015 after he was involved in an acrimonious sex tape dispute with former Les Bleus team-mate Mathieu Valbuena. Karim Benzema has not featured for the national team since then, having been placed on an apparently indefinite suspension by the president of the French Football Federation (FFF), Noel Le Graet. Players such as Zinedine Zidane, Eric Cantona and many others have suggested Graet to take his decision back but he's firm on this one. Eric Cantona said in an interview "I want to see Karim Benzema in the French team and, in my opinion, I'm not the only one." Sometimes a stupid mistake comes with a big price ❌

This is likely the last season of Paulo Dybala at Juventus. Since Ronaldo have arrived. The board are not respecting him that much. Ronaldo arrival can also be a downfall for him because before Ronaldo he was Juve's main man but he changed that and now they love him more. It's more like a sibling situation going on with him. Juventus are going to put him up in the transfer market next season. Chelsea and Tottenham are the two teams interested in him. Chelsea and Spurs do not seem to be able to go beyond’ paying €40-45M for Dybala as they're not doing too well financially. Would love to see more from this man. Dybala and Ronaldo's partnership was really great to watch but alas it's coming to an end.

Happy Birthday Jadon Sancho, one of England's young stars 🙌🏻🔥. Jadon Sancho has contributed to 106 goals in 103 starts for Borussia Dortmund — averaging a goal contribution every 89.0 minutes. Crazy to think he only turns 21 today. Would love to see him playing for a English side.

Zlatan is keeping the Scudetto dream alive for AC Milan by extending his contract for another year. The Swedish international will be 40 next year but is still one of the most lethal attackers in AC Milan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic about his contract expiring in 3 months: “I’m feeling really well at AC Milan and I’m positive about renewing my contract. This the atmosphere we’ve created and that’s why we are successful. I want to continue at Milan. The project is exiting”. Let's get that Serie A and maybe that'll be the final stamp or a token of a last achievement for him.

Sepp Blatter aka the hackerman who loves Messi will face a 7 year ban for a slew of ethical violations. Believe me this man more rigged than the Donald Trump winning elections. The latest corruption charge he's facing is taking bribes from countries to hold World Cup in their respective country. Sepp is also accused of robbing the Balon D'or from other players and giving it to Lionel. One of the main reason why he won three of them in a row. Messi getting the golden ball in the World Cup was also a controversy for many. Many more crime and corruption charges on him. By the time his ban is over he'll be 92, I wonder what games he'll play then. No hate to Messi but this guy is biased and have an upper hand in many things as he's the FIFA president. We want a corruption free sport that's it 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Antoine Griezmann gives France the lead against Ukraine Antoine Griezmann has now scored the same amount of goals for France as David Trezeguet (34). Joint 4th highest goal scorer for France 🇫🇷. Only Thierry Henry, Olivier Giroud and Michel Platini have scored more. A brilliant strike from Grizzy tonight 🔥🔥🔥. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #france #barca #euro #cristiano #messi #cristianoronaldo #football #realmadrid #barcelona #laliga #premierleague #likes #like #follow #likeforlikes #instagood #instagram #followforfollowback #followme #photooftheday #instalike #photography #instadaily #picoftheday #likeforfollow #followers #likeforlike #followback #followforfollow

Turkey were the better side today as they won (4-2) against Netherlands. Frank De Boer is the man who is blamed for this disaster start as he has won only 2 games in his last 7. Friendlies are over now and these matches are crucial to qualify in the next rounds. Depay missed a late penalty to end all hopes for them. Mourinho in his time at Manchester United named Frank De Boer as the Worst Manager in the history of Premier League. This guy's English is weak or maybe he's not even trying to look serious just read his post match interview 😂 Frank de Boer: “I told the team that this result is very disappointing, and that we have to do things better." A sad day for Netherlands 🇳🇱

King of Portugal 👑 is ready to direct his kingdom for another journey in search for another title to conquer. Without Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal qualified for 3 out of 17 World cup competitions played but with Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal qualified 4 out of 4 World cup competitions. It's clear that Cristiano is the key player for his country. Ruben Dias on Cristiano Ronaldo : "It has been said several times and will always continue to be said. He is fundamental to our team. He's one of the best in the world, maybe even number one. He adds a lot to our team.” 🇵🇹 CRISTIANO RONALDO FOR PORTUGAL: - 170 Games - 102 Goals - 41 Assists - 9 Hattricks - 2 trophies 🏆🏆 I have faith in Portugal 🇵🇹 and with such great players they are stronger than ever. Sky is the limit.

Phil Coutinho is 'for sale' at just 35M and multiple rumours link him back to Liverpool as he'll fit in perfect for them. A 28 year old Phil at 35M is a bargain and Liverpool should definitely go for the little magician. Liverpool media are spreading rumours about Suarez return too as he will come for cheap and has experience in the Premier League. Just Imagine if these two great players get back home how strong Liverpool would be 🔥. Personally I would love to see Phil in the red jersey again. Arsenal are also eyeing on Coutinho if they fail to bag in Martin Ødegaard. I don't think that'll happen but still it's a possibility.

Ramires is the man that produced one of the greatest Chelsea goals of all time in the Camp Nou.if you're in your mid 20s or late 20s then you might've experienced his gameplay. Happy Birthday to one of the most underrated Chelsea players in recent years in Ramires! Champions League 🏆 Premier League 🏆 Europa League 🏆 FA Cup 🏆 League Cup🏆 I remember he was one of the few players in fifa 11 to have engine trait/ability with him. He had a lot of stamina back then. Imagine if he played for more years with Chelsea 🔵❤.

Sergio Ramos and Mo Salah are training like they're gonna face each other in UFC 😂. Something's cooking I can smell it 😂❤

Toni Kroos will travel back to Spain and will miss the upcoming World Cup qualifiers due to adductor problems. The Germany football association know how important Toni is for them and so they want him to be fully fit for the World Cup. Meanwhile Valverde is also injured on the same day. Problems for Madrid are arising as more players are getting injured before April and the first 15 days of April are too crucial for them. Madrid will play Liv-Bar-Liv in just the span of 10 days. Modric is set to play all three matches for Croatia leaving only Isco and Casemiro fully fit for April. Title deciding week for Madrid coming up 🔜.

Sergio Aguero is rumoured to join Chelsea in June according to Daily mail. It is certain now that Aguero will definitely leave City but a move to Chelsea might be interesting to watch. Meanwhile Man City plan to buy Danny Inngs to replace him. Danny is a prolific striker and easily settle in Aguero's position. City are surrounded by Messi transfer talks too so ruling out anything so soon can be stupid. Let's see where Aguero will move next.