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I'm so thankful to the 35,000+ people that voted for me as their next commissioner! It was such an amazing experience to run for office and the confidence you showed in me will never be forgotten 💙

Election Day is finally here! 🗳👍 #electionday2020 #vote2020 #Vote #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟 #MosquitoControl #downballotmatters #stjohnscounty

Your vote is your voice! 🗳👍 #electionday2020 #Vote #generalelection2020 #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟 #MosquitoControl

Vote health and safety first! 👍🗳

Just two days left of early voting! #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟

Health and Safety First 🚫🦟❤💙💪

7th Annual West Augustine Keep Calm and Walk for Cancer 💜 My mom is a survivor and we walked for those that are no longer with us and those still fighting 💪

This Saturday!

Done and done! 🗳 How are you voting in this year's General Election? Check out Votesjc.com and make a plan today! #Vote #ivoted🇺🇸

Register to vote by Monday, October 5th to participate in the upcoming 2020 General Election ✌ #Vote #VoteLocal #VoteEarly #votebymail🇺🇸 #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟

Just 10 more shirts to give away! Who wants one?? 1 - small 5 - large 2 - XL 2 - 2XL I will personally deliver them to you if you promise to wear them around the county before Election Day 😋🚫🦟👍 #ByeMosquitoes

Thank you to our volunteers, @vote_morley, Jan Cardia for AMCD seat 1, and Gayle Gardner for AMCD 5 for helping to remove 500lbs+ of trash including bottles, cans, and tires that are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes! #ByeMosquitoes #MosquitoControl #WorldMosquitoDay #mosquitoactivism #community

Happening tomorrow! Check out FeliciaforAMCD.com for the event link! 8-12pm 10 Holmes Blvd

On this (her)storic day - vote! #19thamendment

Two great initiatives being put on in West Augustine! In addition to campaign updates, this account will post any event happening in SJC that serves the community. Send me a message or email information directly to FeliciaforAMCD@gmail.com 💪We are all in this together!

Check out the donation button on the new website for your sign! #VoteLocal #VoteEarly #HealthandSafetyFirst #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟

What do all of the items in these pictures have in common? They are all the perfect home for mosquitoes! Join me on Saturday, August 22nd for a community clean up to help #BeattheBite (sign up link in bio) #HealthandSafetyFirst

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#tipntossthursday #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟 #MosquitoControl

Itching for something different? 🤔 #Repost @avmosquito ・・・ It seems like more and more, people are on the hunt for a non-synthetic mosquito repellent option. More often than not, they come up against well-intentioned solutions that just don't work (bracelets, candles and light/sound emitting devices ain't' it y'all 🙃). Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is a plant-based mosquito repellent that is proven to protect against mosquito bites. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus Extract is not the same as Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, so make sure to not confuse the two. Also be sure to check the label for the percentage of the main ingredient. The higher the percentage of the main ingredient, the longer the length of coverage time. #RepelDontSwell #FighttheBite #MosquitoControl

👏👏👏 This is so awesome! It's the people power we can all get behind. I hope to be a fraction of the community-led Commissioner Trish exemplifies in her dedication to the people 👊 #Repost @trish_the_commish ・・・ Yesterday I gave out 3,000 #free #reusable #masks and #mosquito #information . The other #volunteer gave out all 42,000 #pounds of amazing #food & 600 #backpacks . #help your #neighborhood . 🦟😷🎒 . . . #Mask #maskup #maskon #helpingothers #helpeachother #mosquitoes #MosquitoControl #politics #politicians #politicianswhocare #beckerbitesback #education #educate #volunteering #volunteers #staugustine #staugustinebeach #staug

📷 credit: https://www.votesjc.com/Returning-Your-Ballot Options to return your Vote-by-Mail ballot 🗳 •Mail in your ballot NOW. With delays in mail delivery, you'll need to send yours in even earlier this year - at least 14 days before Election Day. •Drop off your ballot in person at any Early Voting location without having to wait in line by using the RED dropbox inside. See votesjc.com for the addresses of Early Voting locations. •Or my personal favorite, use the 24-hour drop box located outside the Supervisor of Elections Office, 4455 Avenue A, Suite 101, St. Augustine, FL - before 7pm on Election Day. Make your voice heard! Voting by mail is safe. And it is made even safer in places like St. Johns County where your ballot is tracked on the SOEs website. 🙌 That means you can personally verify your ballot was recieved AND counted!

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Beautiful sunset walk 🌄 It's a great time to be outside 🌿 Be sure to #TipandToss standing water in your backyard every week to keep your outdoors enjoyable and wear #BugSpray #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟 #MosquitoControl #summertime💦