School Psychologist | Science Lover | Running for Anastasia Mosquito Control District Commissioner Seat 3 | They/She | #BlackLivesMatter

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I'm so thankful to the 35,000+ people that voted for me as their next commissioner! It was such an amazing experience to run for office and the confidence you showed in me will never be forgotten 💙

Election Day is finally here! 🗳👍 #electionday2020 #vote2020 #Vote #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟 #mosquitocontrol #downballotmatters #stjohnscounty

Your vote is your voice! 🗳👍 #electionday2020 #vote #generalelection2020 #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟 #mosquitocontrol

Vote health and safety first! 👍🗳

Just two days left of early voting! #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟

Health and Safety First 🚫🦟❤💙💪

7th Annual West Augustine Keep Calm and Walk for Cancer 💜 My mom is a survivor and we walked for those that are no longer with us and those still fighting 💪

This Saturday!

Done and done! 🗳 How are you voting in this year's General Election? Check out Votesjc.com and make a plan today! #vote #ivoted🇺🇸

Register to vote by Monday, October 5th to participate in the upcoming 2020 General Election ✌ #Vote #VoteLocal #VoteEarly #votebymail🇺🇸 #ByeMosquitoes🚫🦟

Just 10 more shirts to give away! Who wants one?? 1 - small 5 - large 2 - XL 2 - 2XL I will personally deliver them to you if you promise to wear them around the county before Election Day 😋🚫🦟👍 #ByeMosquitoes

Thank you to our volunteers, @vote_morley, Jan Cardia for AMCD seat 1, and Gayle Gardner for AMCD 5 for helping to remove 500lbs+ of trash including bottles, cans, and tires that are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes! #ByeMosquitoes #MosquitoControl #worldmosquitoday #mosquitoactivism #community