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I miss school - on occasion🥰 #partoflse | 2015/2016 #popanddev

Young love🤣 #newlyweds

Hello childhood 😋

If dog nature calls while you're #DogWalking, it'd better not be on this person’s lawn. It's a big NO!

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Birdie visitor😍 Blessed to have this morning visitor. Glad s/he's flown off okay. Joined others and they are singing me some sweet tunes.

Like hey whatever ☺️

Beaching continues till Wednesday 🤗 What's up y’all?

A great start to Monday y’all in that time zone. Still Sunday over here, and come Monday, I'll still be beaching😍. Enjoy work whilst I (we) laze around. #vaccinationdone✔️ #vaccinationreward

Aboard the lovely #georgiaqueen Savannah, GA, more European than American, obviously because the founder was an English man. #vaccinationreward

Loving these trees and whatever is hanging! Gorgeous! #biodiversityday #biodiversity

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Queen Georgia! About to experience what y’all about for a whole 90 minutes!

Little London they should call it - this Savannah! The only difference must be the beautiful weather but there's no doubt England was a coloniser over here! Also, trying to selfie ourselves is always weird. Covid times, you just don't stop strangers to take a pic of you both. You make do.