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Growing your legal practice just got way easier. Our platform finds you quality clients and turns hours of non-billable work into a few clicks. Active lawyers on the platform can make up to $10k per month in addition to their regular practice. Plus, you get to join a community of like-minded lawyers across the country — now that's legal confidence! If you have experience working with startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, we want you! Follow the link in our bio @goodlawyerinc today to apply. #goodlawyer #dogood #Hiring #lawyers #legaltech #growth #corporatelaw #canadianlawyer #businesslaw #law

Houston, we're ready for take off! 🚀 Tomorrow is the beginning of the Goodlawyer Startup Series! We will be kicking things off by identifying key legal strategies for early-stage startups and discuss how to properly structure your company for investment (and how not to). Tomorrow you will learn: ☝️Incorporating basics ✌️Considerations for after you incorporate 🤟Legal documents you'll need If you've attended a Goodlawyer webinar you know that we love engaging with our attendees. Bring all your questions about structuring your business and our presenters will issue-spot and answer questions on the fly! #goodlawyer #dogood #startup #entrepreneur #founders #legalstrategies #incorporating #levelup

We are thrilled to announce that not one, but two, Goodlawyer team members have been nominated for the Canadian Lawyer’s 12th annual Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers. Both Brett Colvin, and Paul Paton have been nominated for this year's Changemaker award. This award highlights lawyers and judges who have been leaders, innovators or catalysts for positive change in any area of the profession such as diversity, legal technology, law firm and practice management, education, and access to justice. Voting is open till June 25th and we would be honored and grateful for any support you can provide! Follow the link in our bio @goodlawyerinc to support the Good Team and see the other amazing lawyers in Canada! #goodlawyer #goodteam #dogood #legalpractice #legaltech #canadianlaw #Innovation #changemaker

Meet Sharif! As a corporate and commercial lawyer, Sharif has experience in health care, private lending, franchising and more recently a focus on the growing cannabis industry. As a business owner himself, Sharif brings not only the legal knowledge, but also the practical business experience of protecting your company, assets and ensure stable growth for your future. Outside of his Goodlawyer time, Sharif is an avid soccer fan and moved to Ireland for a year during high school to play soccer! For all you footy fans out there looking to grow your business, you can book an advice session with him through the link in our bio @goodlawyerinc #goodlawyer #dogood #corporatelaw #businesslaw #lawyer #CommercialLawyer

Say hello to our case study, and pal, Proaxion, an electro-static hygiene and sanitary-services company based in Quebec. Driven by the explosion of demand created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has grown and now operates in more than a dozen cities across Canada, from Montreal to Whistler. However, with great growth comes great responsibility. Looking for legal advice regarding the direction of the company, they turned to Goodlawyer. Find out how the team at Goodlawyer was able to help clear up Proaxions legal questions and give them a strong start by going to the link in our bio @goodlawyerinc #goodlawyer #dogood #casestudy #happycustomer #legalfoundation #Legal #legaltech

Today, we’ve got some good news to share. We’ve officially launched our newest creation for Canadian entrepreneurs. Say hello to the Goodlawyer Startup Series. In this 7-lesson interactive webinar show, our hosts will walk you through the fundamentals of setting up your startup to scale, how to bring on new teammates, how to successfully lock down your first startup investment, and more! Rest assured startup founders, this is a webinar show you do not want to miss. Follow the link in our bio (@goodlawyerinc) to see the lesson and reserve your virtual spot today!

Meet Jamie! Jamie will be working with us as our Software Developer Intern this summer and assisting our dev team by enhancing the Goodlawyer platform. Jamie is currently in her last year of Computer Information Systems at Mount Royal University. In her free time, Jamie enjoys baking tasty treats and getting in touch with her creative side by drawing! In the winter, you can find Jamie on the ice practicing her figure skating! Give a warm welcome to Jamie, and keep your eye on some new features coming to the Goodlawyer site. #goodlawyer #dogood #goodteam #softwaredeveloper #legaltech

Congratulations to @lyndor_gaudet, winner of our #canadianinnovationweek giveaway! We're excited to provide you with three months of Goodlawyer Pro so you can get any legal questions you need answered and set your business up for success with our resources and access to the Pro community! Thank you to everyone for participating. We hope last week's events inspired you to continue pushing the limits and discovering what's possible knowing you have a friendly legal team here who's always ready to help along the way. #goodlawyer #dogood #Innovation #legaltech #startups #entrepreneur #smallbusiness

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We are wrapping up our #canadianinnovationweek celebration by highlighting how Goodlawyer has taken Conversation to Cultivation. Today’s theme is all about education for innovation, and here at Goodlawyer, we spend a lot of our time thinking of new ways to educate startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners about the daunting and often confusing world of law. Some of our free resources include: 1️⃣ The Goodlawyer Blog 2️⃣ Weekly Legal and Startup Webinars 3️⃣ Our Legal 101 Roadmap 4️⃣ Goodlawyer Business Master Class Join us today at 12:00pm (MDT) for an Innovation Week Special Webinar "Raising Capital for Startups". There’s still room, so make sure to follow this link in our bio @goodlawyerinc to register! #goodlawyer #dogood #legalresources #legaleducation #masterclass #blog #webinars #Innovation

Meet Rob! As a Customer Experience Associate here at Goodlawyer, Rob is delivering Legal Concierge services to our great users, and assuring that our customers achieve legal success and receive great services. Rob is currently finishing his second year of law school at the University of Calgary, and will be returning for his final year in the fall. In his free time, Rob enjoys swimming, hiking, skiing, and enjoying the mountains. Make sure to give a hello to Rob next time you book a legal concierge call! #goodlawyer #dogood #goodteam #growth #customerservice #success

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It's #canadianinnovationweek Day 4 and we are bringing a familiar face back to celebrate the theme "Vision to Realization". Today's theme is all about understanding the importance of intellectual property concepts when it comes to innovation. I.P. (or is it IP?) law is one of the most confusing and commonly misunderstood areas of the law. Combining how critical your IP can be with how nuanced the area of IP law is, it's a good idea to have some basic understanding on it. That is one of the many reasons why we created the Goodlawyer Business Law Master Class. This will definitely be the most fun you've had learning about the law as it includes a short, comical video, non-legalese guide that provides even more insight into the topic, PLUS a ton of additional Goodlawyer resources! 🎒Class is in session! Take a look at this and other business law topics through the link in our bio (@goodlawyerinc) #goodlawyer #dogood #masterclass #businesslaw #intellectualproperty #ip #cdninnovation #Innovation #vision #realization

It's day 3 of #canadianinnovationweek, and today we're here to share our Inspiration to Action story! This journey started all the way back when our CEO and Co-founder, Brett, was still in law school and decided to pay a visit to his old friend Mo. Mo owned a small coffee shop near the university and was friends with everybody. As they caught up, Brett started telling him about law school and could see that Mo’s demeanour changed. Suddenly serious, he looked Brett in the eyes and said “You must always remember to be a good lawyer.” He didn’t mean “be good at being a lawyer”, he meant to be the kind of lawyer who helps people and makes a difference. Several years later, Brett was working at Canada’s largest law firm as a corporate lawyer, but didn’t feel like a good lawyer. He experienced firsthand that most people who need legal help can’t afford it. Tired of being part of a broken system, he teamed up with a developer, and a designer quit the firm, and got to work on Goodlawyer. Mo was right — making a difference feels better. #goodlawyer #dogood #Innovation #inspiration #action #Legal #legaltech #startup #canstartup #entrepreneur