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What a way to wrap up Irie Jungle 2021 weekend with a trip to @jwakefieldbeer and the Wynwood area. Great times with great friends, and met many new ones along the way. A huge thank you to @miamicraftbeer (and also @mollywhop22, of course) for showing us around and being amazing hosts. Can’t wait to give you the grand tour of New City, NJ in the future. 🍻 #hazeboiz #jwakefieldbrewing #beerfriends

Irie Jungle 2021... come by and enjoy some @district96beer Nuclear Option, Political Animal, and Father Of All Photo Bombs @trippinganimalsbrewing #hazeboiz #beerfestival #trippinganimals

Sometimes when you realize your destiny, it’s already too late to escape. This is one of those times. You will drink that 16% barrel aged goodness and you will enjoy it. This is the way. #hazeboiz #beermeme #beernerds #beershare #barleywine

Purchasing a bottle isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for laughing at the rage comments, but it certainly makes it a bit more enjoyable. #hazeboiz #beerrelease #eqbrewery #stoutseason #beernerds

Are there any craft breweries out there doing something like this yet? Not talking about taking a can of fruit beer, tossing it in the freezer, and then pouring it into a glass. Talking legit ice pop style booze pops. And if nobody is doing this, who is going to be the first? 🤔 #hazeboiz #naturdays #slushybeer #fruitedsour #beerrelease

Full disclosure, I have no dog in this fight. I just allowed the creativity to flow through me like The Force after having this sent by quite a few people. Enjoy!🍿 #hazeboiz #beermeme #beernerds #smoojwars

April 20th related theme featuring a lonely man who has made a choice. Some may say the choice he’s made is correct, especially on this specific day for reasons that are associated with this date. May he be blessed. 🙏🏻 #hazeboiz #beermeme #fruitedsour #beernerds #beerdrinking

Here is a low effort meme to start off the week. Despite the lack of effort, it’s pretty accurate. Canned fruited sours can also be replaced with pastry stouts, milkshake IPAs, hype hazies, or even lambic. Whichever you’d like. It’s your world. 💸 #hazeboiz #beermeme #450northbrewing #fruitedsour #beernerds

“You know, that base stout is good and all, but I need something more exotic. Something that will really blow my mind, and will destroy my plumbing the following morning. Give me all the adjuncts, and give them to me now.” 🍻🧻🚽 #hazeboiz #beermeme #pastrystout #imperialstout #stoutseason

I haven’t posted a picture of beer in a while, so here is a recent. HDHC All Citra Everything comes courtesy of our friend @lorenzothebeercat by way of the crew at @otherhalfnyc. I hear this can was brewed with love by @stjepavich and @craft_breezy, and the quality control was done by @beerwithflavor. Allegedly. This beer tastes like something people used to wait in hour long lines for but can now order via the internet and pick up at their earliest convenience. I’m also getting lots of Citra hops, because that’s what the can says this beer is made with. It’s a delicious beverage. 🍻 #hazeboiz #otherhalfbrewing #beerpicture #beerreview

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Beer Nerd: “Had an off beer from (insert brewery here) and wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience?” Brewery Enthusiasts: - “You have a trash palate” - “Delete your account” - “Your parents did a poor job raising you” - “Go back to drinking White Claw” - *Childish insult about OP’s appearance* We could keep going here, but this is a family page and we’ll keep it clean. And it will be like this until the end of time. #hazeboiz #beermeme #beerenthusiast #beernerds #monkishbrewing #treehousebrewing

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Just here picking low hanging fruit on a Friday. This guy looks hard at work trying to remedy the issue! 💻🍻💸 #hazeboiz #beermeme #theveilbrewing #beerrelease