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You’re not fooling this sociopath, beer nerds. Just give it up already. This shit you’re doing to try and stay off the radar looks ridiculous. If your groups get deleted, just create new ones and move on with your lives. I’ll never understand this nonsense. #hazeboiz #beermeme #beertrader #craftbeernerd

This is why we can’t have nice things. The genie should never have to make up a new rule. 🧞‍♂️ #hazeboiz #beermemes #beernerd #fruitbeer

Some dude lost thousands of dollars in lambic over in Sweden because he left the door to his storage building open in -18C temps, and now the beer nerds are debating insurance coverage. Here is a little sample of the banter, but this doesn’t do the conversation justice. 🥶 #hazeboiz #lambic #BeerNerds #frozenbeer

Stop doing this to yourself. Just stop it. #hazeboiz #beermeme #BeerNerds #beerrelease

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“What is this? Looks disgusting. Better get it over with quick and get back to that gloopy goodness. Down the hatch!” -Probably What Happened 🍻 #hazeboiz #beermeme #beerchug #partytrick

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Here is the story of today’s @otherhalfnyc BA Bananaversary release, staring @beerwithflavor, @lorenzothebeercat, and @craft_breezy. Inspiration courtesy of @stjepavich. Enjoy! 🍌🍻 #hazeboiz #otherhalfbrewing #beerwithflavor #beerrelease

Weird shit popping up on Craigslist this morning while I was searching for gently used items. #hazeboiz #russianriverbrewing #beermeme #BeerNerds #beerrelease

HOLD THE LINE!!! JOIN THE MOVEMENT!!! TIME TO BREAK THESE FRUIT BEER BROKERS!!! THIS IS OUR MOMENT!!! (All caps for added emphasis and implied yelling)💎👐💎👐🚀🚀🚀🚀👨‍🚀🚫🔌 #hazeboiz #fruitbeer #beermemes #stoptheshitlords #BeerNerds

The comment section for today’s Pliny The Younger bundle release may be the saddest and most pathetic in the history of beer. No way these few slides could do this one justice, so if you like sad rants out missing out on hype beer, you’re going to need to check this out for yourself. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #hazeboiz #russianriverbrewing #plinytheyounger #beerrelease

Fruit beer market manipulation. Time to rock the system. 📉 #hazeboiz #beermeme #wallstreetbets #fruitbeer

Beer nerds gonna beer nerd. Probably a good time to invest in portable battery banks. 📈 #stonks 💸🤳🏻 #hazeboiz #beermeme #beerrelease #eventbrite

Take notes, fellas. 📝🍻 #hazeboiz #beermeme #BeerNerds #properglassware #treehousebrewing #trilliumbrewing

So the big news of today is that Toppling Goliath got hacked. That ransom is going to be insane. 🤯 #hazeboiz #topplinggoliath #beernews

Let’s just dive right into Wednesday with this alternative beer trade. These posts truly are the gift that keeps on giving all year long. I wonder if completing this trade has the potential to land you on ‘The List’ alongside Anass Rhammar? One of the great mysteries that we’ll probably never know the answer to. 🦌🤔🍻 #hazeboiz #beertrades #beertrade #BeerNerds #voodoobrewery

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If you get a mystery beer mail and this is what’s inside, you’d better run like hell... 🦜 #hazeboiz #beermeme #fruitedsour #beertrade

“In short: it stinks. After fighting off bots to order, driving to pick it up (I paid for the gas and tolls!), loading it myself into my vehicle, and occupying my fridge space to keep it cold, I expected better. Sure, it’s a perfectly drinkable beer, but I expected way better from these guys. They clearly don’t care about locals and may lose a customer over this if they keep it up.” 🤦🏻‍♂️ #hazeboiz #beermemes #beernerd #beerreview

First off, this is absolutely a great move by the brewery to offer a recall and own a mistake. This kinda stuff happens with these canned fruit grenades. The best part is the detailed instructions on how to properly dispose of said destructive fruit grenades which are listed on the brewery recall notice. Highly informative and hilarious. Someone secretly enjoyed writing those instructions, and we salute that person. We took it a step further and added an example of how to properly dispose of said items, just for good measure. #hazeboiz #beermeme #beernews #fruitbeer #oakshirebrewing

Next level unique beer trades. What do you think about this one, and can anyone close it? 🤔 #hazeboiz #beertrade #stlbeer #beernerd

At least these dudes went down swinging... #hazeboiz #beermeme #beershare #BeerNerds

Enjoying a ‘Missed Connections’, the newest Extra Special Bitter from #treehousebrewing. I’m getting notes of low hanging fruit and nostalgia, mixed with disappointment and regret. Enjoying this one! My rating- 5.69/5.00 #hazeboiz #beermeme #beerreview #nflmemes

Started from the bottom and now I’m the most evil Tictator in the game! #humblebeginnings 🙏🏻 #hazeboiz #beermeme #boomsauce #untappd

Yesterday at the RaR release. Minivan picking up what’s estimated as 40-60 cases. Pulling out, van was scraping the ground. Anyone witness this or have more insight? Hoping these max profitz go toward buying Mom a new suspension. 🤦🏻‍♂️💸 #hazeboiz #beerrelease #rarbrewing #fruitbeer

Sitting down to finally Enjoy The Juice from our friends at @otherhalfnyc and @district96_beer. This one comes courtesy of @lorenzothebeercat, who shared an assortment of OH beers at The Snake Den last weekend, all of which were fantastic (especially the Baltic porter). One of the staples of Hazeboiz for the past year has been finding funny ways to promote beer releases for Johnny and District 96, so we went all out with both sides of the last Other Half collab. Big thanks to OH for joining in on the antics, as well as The Cat, and making it a lot of fun. This beer lives up to its name and is full of the juice beer nerds love. Confirmed beer indeed. 🐍🧃 #hazeboiz #otherhalfbrewing #district96beerfactory #beerreview

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If this is what 2021 has in store for us, this year is going to be lit. 🤯 #hazeboiz #beermeme #beerrelease #troegsbrewery

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Wake up with a man chugging a beer from a boot, courtesy of the @bgak49, promoting their #akbeerchase (original video courtesy of @denalibrewing). Not a glass boot, an actual boot boot. One you put your feet in and walk around in all day. Seem like fun people, and those are our kinda people. 🙌🏻🍻 #hazeboiz #alaskabeer #beerchug #stoutseason

Another night, another new logo to draw on a plastic cup. Tonight’s beer is Sit Tight by our friends at @magnifybrewing. This is a confirmed beer in some custom #properglassware. We’ve returned to our roots with this one, ensuring it’s accuracy in a poorly lit room while laying on the couch. As a special touch, we used two colors on this one, making it extremely rare. This beer comes courtesy of our feline friend @lorenzothebeercat, who we’ve had an absolute blast with all week here on the internets. Hopefully the people haven’t already tired of our antics, because there is more to come in the future. The B side features a message for the OG Magnify fans, which is a request to bring back the Whoa Series. I have fond memories of enjoying those beers in the early days, and would love to see a return, even if only for a single nostalgic run. #hazeboiz #magnifybrewing #beerpicture

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Call me Ishmael. The best way to head into a proper weekend! 🐋🔥 #hazeboiz #beermeme #sideprojectbrewing #monkishbrewing #jwakefieldbrewing #topplinggoliath

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. The comments over on Facebook for the Double Nugget Nectar produced some of the best online release rage I’ve seen in a while. Here is a sample. Top Fans were NOT happy, but good for Troegs for creating this level of demand. #hazeboiz #troegsbrewery #beerrelease #nuggetnectar

When you’re spending hundreds on international shipping costs for new bottles that are going to age in your cellar (sit on the floor of your basement or closet), these things matter. 💸 #hazeboiz #beermeme #BeerNerds #lambicbeer

Can’t thank my friends at @otherhalfnyc enough for the opportunity to join the 2021 #fanfam lineup. What an honor to be a part of #freakweek with the announcement of ‘Daddy’s Home’, a TIPA collab with the crew from @theveilbrewing. Along with this swank B-side photo of the Hazeboiz Authentic Anniversary #properglassware, check out the Hazeboiz exclusive video mashup we whipped up for the big reveal! And also, that label 💧💧💧!Huge thanks to @beerwithflavor and @lorenzothebeercat for the laughs over the last few days getting this all ready to go! 🍻🙌🏻 #hazeboiz #otherhalfbrewing #beerwithflavor

A different spin on an already beat to death meme. 😷🍺 #hazeboiz #bidenmemes #berniememes #beermemes #TapRoom

“Empty Collectible” (WINK WINK 😉) ✅ Beer Related (Close enough)✅ Hand Numbered (Bet your ass) ✅ Exclusive (Acquired at 2019 Prop Day) ✅ 💸MAXIMUM PROFITS ENGAGED💸 #hazeboiz #BeerNerds #gooseisland #hotsaucelife

“Hey there, thanks again for meeting up with me. Just grabbing the beer out of the cooler and I’ll come find you. I’ll be wearing the same thing as the last time we traded those beers from The Alchemist. Be there in a few minutes!” 🍻 #hazeboiz #beermeme #beertrader #thealchemist

Hey @nomsandbeer, if you’re looking for a good home for any bottle cancellations due to blatant shitlording, holla @ your boi. 💁🏻‍♂️ #hazeboiz #beermeme #equilibriumbrewery #bottlelogicbrewing #beerrelease

Poor Jason. Little did he know by cracking an IPA at a social gathering that he’d be subjected to the musings of the internet cicerone in attendance. After this party, he switched to Hard Seltzer and never drank craft beer again. Good luck to you, Jarvis. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #hazeboiz #beermeme #beernerd #cicerone

So a lot of you reached out about that glassware teaser post a few days ago. Hooking up with our friends over at @pourcharacter on Version 3.0. We hope you’ll all enjoy the design, which is pretty damn funny, and very much has the Hazeboiz touch added to it. Glass will go live on their site, so go check them out and become familiar with it, and toss them a follow so you get all the updates on our glass and future releases they do. 🍻🙌🏻 #hazeboiz #pourcharacter #properglassware #beermeme

While some are complaining about missing out on hype beer because of bots, a lack of cart protection, or hating locals... we may be witnessing something truly touching. A father possibly being reunited with his son through the comment section of a beer release. I’m captivated. #hazeboiz #monkishbrewing #BeerNerds #fathersongoals

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Are you ready? I know I am! The rabid consumer rage should be amazing for this one. Might even be bingo board worthy. What will be the most common complaint? My guess is no cart protection. Good luck to the Monkish team!🤔 #hazeboiz #monkishbrewing #beermeme #beerrelease

I’m pretty confident that most of our clientele fits into a certain training program that best suits their specific needs. 🍺 #beermeme #BeerNerds #beerdrinkers