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Talenia Phua Gajardo is Founder & CEO of @theartling, an arts consultancy and online gallery focused on highlighting the best of contemporary art and design from both emerging and established studios and galleries across the globe. In this new episode of The Disruptive Voice, Talenia discusses steps she’s taken to steer The Artling through choppy coronavirus waters; her thoughts on why people hire art and design; the importance of trust in this age of increasing e-commerce; how she’s thinking about scaling her organization; the experience of art in-person versus through online platforms; and the future of the arts industry! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #JTBD #Art #ContemporaryArt #Design #InteriorDesign #Photography #Painting #Sculpture #OnlineGallery #ArtsConsultancy #TheArtling #Ecommerce #AugmentedReality @hbsexeced #DisruptiveInnovation #CoronavirusPandemic #LeadingInCrisis #LeadingNewVentures #InspiredByClay

“An idea that is disruptive to one business may be sustaining to another. Given the stark odds that favor the incumbents in the sustaining race but entrants in disruptive ones, we recommend a strict rule: If your idea for a product or business appears disruptive to some established companies but might represent a sustaining improvement for others, then you should go back to the drawing board. You need to define an opportunity that is disruptive relative to all the established players in the targeted market or you should not invest in the idea. If it is a sustaining Innovation relative to the business model of a significant incumbent, you are picking a fight you are very unlikely to win.” #ClayQuote #TheInnovatorsSolution #DisruptiveInnovation #InspiredByClay

Reflections #HBSscene @harvardhbs #SpringAtHBS

Many students of Clayton Christensen’s will be familiar with the US Steel case, which tells the story of the minimills’ low-end disruption, entering the market with rebar and then steadily moving up-market. In this episode of The Disruptive Voice, we highlight another great example of a low-end disruptor, @norsktitanium. The company’s CEO, Michael Canario, discusses Norsk’s humble beginnings in Norway; the many benefits of its innovative and enabling technology, Rapid Plasma Deposition; and how management is looking to the minimill playbook as it charts its course to higher ends of the market! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #DisruptiveInnovation #LowEndDisruption #JTBD #Titanium #MetalForging #NorskTitanium #NTi #RapidPlasmaDeposition #NTiRPD #ForgingDripByDrip #InspiredByClay

We’re delighted to begin a new season of The Disruptive Voice with BSSE alumna Anna Marie Wagner, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at @ginkgobioworks! Hosted by Derek van Bever, Anna Marie discusses the transformative potential of bioengineering and the work her company is doing to help facilitate it. Visit the link in our profile to listen to this rich discussion on bioengineering at scale! #DisruptiveInnovation #Biotechnology #Bioengineering #SyntheticBiology #RPPs #InterdependenceAndModularity #InspiredByClay @hbsalumni

“Andy Jassy never had Clay as a teacher here, but he reached out to him when he came to campus in 2008 for a reunion, right around the time @amazon was launching @amazonwebservices. One of the many remarkable things about Clay was that, while he was one of the world’s busiest people, he always somehow seemed available when people needed to see him...” To read the full @harvardhbs news story, “From Harvard Business School to Amazon: A Q&A with Derek van Bever on His Conversation with Andy Jassy”, visit the link in our profile! #InspiredByClay #AWS #MarketCreatingInnovation #DisruptiveInnovation

Before the snow #HBSscene #ArtAtHBS

One year since his passing - we miss him every day. #InspiredByClay #MissingClay

New on The Disruptive Voice is a fascinating conversation about remodeling venture capital with @hainnovation CEO, Elliott Parker. Hosted by Anibha Singh, they discuss Elliott’s time working with Clay at Innosight, the concept of a venture studio, partnering with leading organizations to innovate through startup creation, and more! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #DisruptiveInnovation #VentureCapital #VentureStudio #InspiredByClay

Among @mitsmr’s top articles of 2020 is @kardillon2020’s “Disruption 2020: An Interview With Clayton M. Christensen” - visit the link in our profile to read more! #InspiredByClay #DisruptiveInnovation #JTBD #MeasureYourLife

We love this recent post by friend of The Forum & co-architect of the JTBD framework with Clay, the one and only @bmoesta - “I always have my mentors looking over my shoulders.” #JTBD #InspiredByClay #NowInspiringOthers

Hello, 2021 #HBSscene #HBS2021

From all of us at The Forum for Growth & Innovation to all of you, Happy New Year! 🎉 @harvardhbs @hbsalumni @hbsexeced @onlinehbs #BSSE #DisruptiveInnovation #DisruptiveStrategy #InspiredByClay #HBSscene #Happy2021

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I don’t know when I’ll next be able to return to the @harvardhbs campus but I can tell you this - it was beautiful there this afternoon and I look forward to sharing photos in the coming days! #HBSscene #HarvardInDecember #HBS2020

“Without a doubt, learning about and putting into practice JTBD research is an incredibly useful way to uncover powerful and often hidden customer insights - knowledge that can contribute to the strong foundation of a successful enterprise.” - @johngauch in Using The JTBD Framework To Grow A Business: Lessons From a JTBD Research Project. Visit the link in our profile to read more! #JTBD #TheoryInAction #InspiredByClay

Michelle R. Weise, PhD recently joined us on The Disruptive Voice to discuss her career over the last decade, which has concentrated on preparing working-age adults for the jobs of both today and tomorrow, along with her newly-published book, “Long Life Learning: Preparing for Jobs That Don’t Even Exist Yet.” She takes listeners on a journey from considerations of our current system of education and learners’ engagement with the labor market to designing and building a learning ecosystem that better meets the needs of all of us, the future’s working learners. This conversation is a fascinating listen for anyone interested in higher education, the labor market, and the future of work in an age of longevity! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #LongLifeLearning #TheFutureOfWork #HigherEducation #CompetencyBasedEducation #DisruptiveInnovation #InterdepenceAndModularity #InspiredByClay

The Disruptive Innovation @hbsexeced course may look a little different this year but some things remain unchanged: 1) We’re thrilled to welcome these professionals to our Forum community and 2) These wise words from Derek van Bever - “You came here as students but you’ll leave here as teachers.” #DisruptiveInnovation #InspiredByClay @harvardhbs

“Was Quibi a great idea that went bad because the conditions under which people might consume this particular service are less prevalent now (due to the pandemic)? Or was there something more fundamentally challenged with their approach? As we reviewed this as a current event in class, it covered an incredibly interesting range of our frameworks in BSSE.” - Chet Huber, in this newly-released Current Events Through The Lens of Theory video. Visit the link in our profile to watch! #JTBD #ModularityAndInterdependence #BusinessModels #DeliberateVsEmergentStrategy #GoodMoneyBadMoney #InspiredByClay

In 2019, The Forum for Growth & Innovation team traveled to North Carolina to meet with our friends at @atriumhealth’s Innovation Engine, specifically, to learn more about how they’d brought the language and learnings from @hbsexeced’s Disruptive Innovation course home to their organization. This interview with @drjeanwright_ , the former Chief Innovation Officer at Atrium, was originally recorded as research material for The Forum, helping the team to develop a case study of disruption in the healthcare industry. However, it’s such a compelling conversation that we want to share it with you as well! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #Healthcare #DisruptiveInnovation #JTBD #ChangeManagement #Leadership #InspiredByClay

📷 repost from @thisisjotan #HBSscene #BakerLibrary @harvardhbs

Remember when Clay & Intel’s Andy Grove were on the cover of Forbes? From that article, “According to Clayton Christensen, disruptive technologies are simple, convenient-to-use innovations that initially are used only by the unsophisticated customers at the low end of markets.” #DisruptiveInnovation #LowEndDisruption #Technology #Innovation #InspiredByClay

This week on The Disruptive Voice podcast we’re joined by @takeofftechnologies co-founders (and @harvardhbs Class of 2002 alums) Jose Vicente Aguerrevere and Max Pedro. We discuss the genesis of their eGrocery business, scaling Takeoff Technologies, the evolution of the grocery industry during the coronavirus pandemic, and their vision for an ecosystem of efficient fulfillment across industries. Visit the link in our profile to listen to this engaging and thought-provoking conversation! #Technology #GroceryIndustry #egrocery #Innovation #BSSEalumniSpotlight @hbsalumni #InspiredByClay

📷 repost from @harvardhbs #HBSscene #AutumnInNewEngland #Halloween 🎃

New on The Disruptive Voice is a conversation with Amelia Lin, @harvardhbs Class of 2016 and Founder & CEO of Saga, a social media platform that enables a refreshingly personal form of connection with family and friends. Learn more about the story and JTBD behind this family podcast app, some interesting ways people are using the app during the pandemic, and the power of intimate, shared spaces to reshape the future of social media! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #JTBD #BSSEalumniSpotlight #FutureOfSocialMedia #InspiredByClay #StartupLife @hbsalumni

October 2018 - Celebrating the impact of disruptive innovation at The Christensen Institute 10th Anniversary Gala #DisruptiveInnovation #ImprovingTheWorld #InspiredByClay

New on The Disruptive Voice is a conversation with Bob Moesta, co-architect of the Jobs To Be Done framework with Clayton Christensen! In this episode, he discusses his newly-published book, Demand-Side Sales 101, the five skills of an innovator, his reflections on using Jobs theory and the five skills as useful tools for navigating the pandemic, and more. Remember, the struggling moment is the seed for all innovation! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #JTBD #DemandSideSales #Innovation #TheFiveSkills #InspiredByClay.

“Companies that target their products at the circumstances in which customers find themselves, rather than at the customers themselves, are those that can launch predictably successful products. Put another way, the critical unit of analysis is the circumstance and not the customer.” #ClayQuote #InspiredByClay #InnovatorsSolution

On The Disruptive Voice this week, as students across the country settle into routines that are anything but routine, we checked in with Michael Horn - a widely published researcher, strategist, and innovator who co-founded The Christensen Institute and currently serves as Senior Strategist at Guild Education - to discuss the Educator’s Dilemma, the acceleration of disruption during the pandemic, business model innovation, learning pods, and more! Visit the link in our profile to listen. #Education #OnlineLearning #Disruption #BusinessModelInnovation #InspiredByClay

September 2019, @harvardhbs Class of 1959 Chapel #HBSscene

We’re thrilled to welcome Innosight’s Erika Meldrim to The Disruptive Voice! In this episode, we discuss a new initiative at the company called Innosight Connect, which is based on a strategy of dual transformation. This flexible engagement model is offered to clients across industries, enables an actionable understanding of Innosight’s intellectual property, embeds capabilities by teaching and upskilling teams, and emphasizes collaborative problem solving and co-creation! Visit the link in our profile to learn more about this great example of business model innovation. #TheoryInAction #InnosightConnect #BusinessModelInnovation #Consulting #DualTransformation #JTBD #FutureBackThinking #InspiredByClay

This may not be a typical academic year at @harvardhbs but BSSE is now officially underway and we’re thrilled to welcome members of the Class of 2021 to the course! To those alumni out there, do these slides bring back memories? #InBSSEtoday #DisruptiveInnovation #HBS21 #InspiredByClay

New on The Forum’s blog is a great piece by former @hbs_forum RA, and a member of the @harvardhbs Class of 2021, Shaye Roseman! In this post, Shaye explains why voice is the next disruptive platform technology - “Whether it is Alexa or Google Assistant, or Siri or Cortana that ultimately wins out, voice will precipitate a paradigm shift in how humans interact with technology, essentially creating a new kind of operating system.” Visit the link in our profile to read more! #DisruptiveInnovation #Technology #Voice #NonConsumption #InspiredByClay

New on The Disruptive Voice is “Overcoming The Capitalist’s Dilemma, with Andy Jassy, CEO of @amazonwebservices.” Hosted by Derek van Bever, they discuss the process of innovation at @amazon, the origin story of AWS, and how to apply Clay’s theories to drive innovation and growth. Visit the link in our profile to listen! #CapitalistsDilemma #Innovation #JTBD #TheoryInAction #InspiredByClay

From campus this morning: A socially-distanced start to the START program for incoming RCs @harvardhbs #HBSscene #HBSinAugust #WelcomeToHBS #HBS2022

Repost from @harvardhbs #HBSscene #SummerAtHBS

In this new episode of The Disruptive Voice, @advisoryarts Chief Research Officer, Pope Ward, joins us to discuss Jobs To Be Done and the progress people are trying to make in their lives when they hire and fire the arts; examples of standout responses by arts organizations to the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest; and ways in which arts organizations can meet this moment by cultivating a strategy for innovation that is centered on the needs of their audiences. Visit the link in our profile to listen! #Arts #Management #JTBD #Innovation #DisruptiveVoice #InspiredByClay

We love this old photo of Clay in Oxford - thanks for sharing, @snyderem!

In this new episode of The Disruptive Voice, we’re delighted to bring you a conversation with Erin Wetzel and Emily Snyder about their life-changing experiences working with Clayton Christensen at @harvardhbs! Emily, currently Chief of Staff @magnolia, worked as Clay’s Administrative Director for five years, and Erin joined Clay’s team at HBS in 2018. Together, they share stories and reflections from their time working with Clay, including on his style as a manager, and discuss the applications of the BSSE theories to work and life. Visit the link in our profile to listen to this great conversation! #InspiredByClay

From @shoutoutlaofficial, Meet Amira Polack, CEO & Founder of @structclub (and BSSE alumna / @harvardhbs Class of 2018) - visit the link in our profile to read more! @amirapolack #Fitness #Technology #BSSEalumniSpotlight @hbsalumni