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Join this Wednesday 3 Feb at 14:30 CET. Hear ILO experts discuss the importance of social partners in responding effectively to the #COVID19 crisis. Link in the bio. #tradeunion #employment #employer #futureofwork #pandemic

Vocational training and apprenticeship programmes have been hard hit by the #COVID19 #pandemic. A new global survey reveals conducted of more than 1,350 providers of Technical Vocational Educational Training (TVET), reveal that many countries and training providers were insufficiently prepared to respond to the constraints that resulted from the crisis, although some rapidly shifted to distance learning. Read the survey report, link in the bio. #training #vocationaltraining #education #youth

Millions of jobs have been lost in the construction sector due to the devastation of the #COVID19 crisis. Stimulating the recovery of this industry has the potential to create a #GreenerFuture with #decentwork opportunities for all.

Logging operations across the world have taken on an increased risk for #workers and enterprises. A joint ILO and @fao checklist aims to prevent the spread and mitigate the socio-economic impact of the #COVID19 crisis. #forestry #logging Read more, link in the bio.

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ILO's new Monitor report shows that the impact of #COVID19 on global labour markets has led to worst crisis since the 1930s No region or country can get out of this alone and the international community must come together to address the needs of low and middle income countries. ILO continues to push for human-centred approach for a resilient recovery. #recoveryispossible #pandemic2020 #jobs #employment #labour #humanrights #business

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JUST RELEASED: New annual estimates in the seventh edition of the ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work The latest analysis of the labour market impact of #COVID19 by the ILO, records massive damage to working time and income, with prospects for a recovery in 2021 slow, uneven and uncertain unless early improvements are supported by human-centred recovery policies. Find out all the details on ilo.org Or by clicking the link in the bio. #employment #jobs #businessessupportingbusinesses #data

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Sound on! Is Telework a win-win or a wild ride? Listen to our first ever voices podcast on voices.ilo.org Our expert breaks it down what it takes to work well from home and how this trend has changed the way we work. #employment #jobs #homework #telework #teleworking

Min Min is 13 and scavenges for scraps of jade stone in northern Myanmar, “the land of jade”. It’s a hazardous undertaking. In 2020 nearly 200 people died from a mudslide at a nearby mining site. Read his story on our new Voices multimedia platform. Link in the bio. #humanrights #childlabour #children #Storytelling #exploitation #children

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It is today! Join us from 14:00-15:15 GMT for the launch event of the 1st @unitednations International Year for the Elimination of #ChildLabour. #endchildlabour2021 Get to the registeration page NOW. Link in the bio.

We are getting closer to achieving the initial goal of having 50 ratifications to ILO's forced labour protocol. Let's make #modernslavery a thing of the past. Congratulations #chile! Find out more on 50forfreedom.org #endslavery #bondedlabour #humanrights

Have you already registered? Don't miss the launch event of the first-ever @unitednations Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. Attend online on 21 January from 14:00 - 15:15 GMT. Register by clicking the link in the bio. #endchildlabour2021 @unicef @kailash.satyarthi #children #humanrights #childlabour

Let’s launch a year for children. Are you passionate about children’s rights? Be part of the launch event of the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, 21 January from 14:00 - 15:15 GMT. #endchildlabour2021 Register now: Click the link in the bio. #childlabour #childrenrights #humanrights #childrenhumanrights

The next story in the ILO's 'Voices' series sees world-renowned Argentine chef @paolacarosella. She discusses her collaboration with the ILO in “Kitchen and Voice”, a project that promotes #labour market access for vulnerable groups in Brazil. Check it out at - voices.ilo.org #worldofwork #Diversity #diversitymatters #migrantworkers

More than eight out of ten enterprises in the Philippines recognize the positive impacts of gender diversity on business according to a new ILO report titled: “Leading to Success: the business case for women in business and management in the Philippines". The survey revealed that 73 per cent reported increased profitability and productivity as well as greater creativity innovation and openness, 69 per cent reported increased ability to attract and retain talent, 61 per cent said their company’s reputation has seen marked improvements. More than half of those surveyed reported a better ability to gauge consumer interest and demand. Diversity is a win-win. #Diversity #equality #GenderEquality #workforce #workforcedevelopment #management

To avoid exploitation, the ILO is raising awareness about safe labour #migration, fair recruitment and migrant rights for prospective and returned Pakistani migrant workers. Find out more by clicking the link in the bio.

Child labour has decreased by 38 per cent in the last decade but 152 million children are still affected. The #covid_19 pandemic has considerably worsened the situation, but joint and decisive action can reverse this trend. Read how on our ILO website and join us this year to advocate against all forms of child labour. Click link in the bio. #childlabour #children #humanrights

What’s in a name? Help name our brand new knowledge platform! Generation Unlimited and Decent Jobs for Youth are inviting you to join us in identifying a name for our new knowledge platform. The platform will be a one-stop shop which provides access to curated tools, publications, databases and resources to support evidence-based action for young people’s education and skilling, employment, entrepreneurship, and engagement. Participate by clicking the link in the bio. #youth #challenge #jobs #employment #Work #futureofwork

The #COVID19 crisis has highlighted poor working conditions of those working from home. Just launched new ILO report shows #homeworkers face greater safety and health risks and often lack social protection. 90% of homeworkers in low & middle income countries work informally. Check out the report highlights on our website. Link in the bio. #workers #humanrights #labour

Bee-keeper Viorica Anghel learnt about bees and honey, and started her small business thanks to an ILO project. The new ILO multimedia platform Voices brings her remarkable story to you. voices.ilo.org #beekeeping #beekeepers #Storytelling #decentwork #learningbydoing

CHECK OUT our brand new ILO multimedia platform! voices.ilo.org ‘Voices’: Real people, true stories from the world of work The ILO welcomes 2021 with an innovative, multimedia platform that focuses on first person stories that take readers on a journey into the world of work. #Storytelling #people #Work #creativity #humanrights

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Voices - the ILO's new multimedia platform launches next week sharing compelling stories with strong visuals and characters from the #worldofwork. Immerse yourself into the stories of people from all parts of the world. Discover how they are navigating the world of work, working towards their aspirations and dreams. #stories #people #Work #decentwork #humanrights

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Egyptian women are an important part of the workforce. And their safety at work is a fundamental right. The National Council for Women in partnership with the Ministry of Manpower, the Federation of Egyptian Industries, @unwomen Egypt, the ILO Cairo Office, and in cooperation with USAID Egypt launch an awareness-raising video on the role of business owners and companies in providing safe workplaces for women. Safety at work increases women’s participation in the labour force. #violenceagainstwomen #violence #harassment #safety #protection #workers #womenatwork #equality #equalityforall

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Breaking Bad actor @rjmitte urges people to have a positive perspective on disability. Mitte says disability can be an opportunity to learn and grow. We have to overcome our fears and keep the fight on for our rights. #disability #inclusion #equality #fearless

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Baby Rivona Nasution has dedicated her life to fighting stigma and discrimination against people living with #HIV in Indonesia. She actively promotes their right to contribute to every aspect of life, including the right to decent work. #stigma #discrimination #workers #worldofwork #awareness #hivpositive

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You have loved her performance in the House of Cards. Now watch actress, @robingwright, give voice to the harrowing real-life story of a woman tricked and trapped into forced prostitution. Wright is one of the several Hollywood artists supporting ILO's 50 for Freedom campaign against modern slavery. Find more at 50forfreedom.org #slavery #trafficking #Prostitution #bondedlabour #humanrights

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Coco chips are widely used by farmers and gardeners. The ILO’s LEED+ project works with the private sector and local communities in Sri Lanka to develop coco chips as a mutually beneficial business. With an estimated three billion coconuts produced in Sri Lanka annually, they are unsurprisingly a staple of local cuisine as well as a major export commodity. Coco chips are used by gardeners and in agriculture around the world and Mr Nadaraja recently became a supplier to TropiCoir Pvt Ltd., one of Sri Lanka’s leading exporters of coco substrates. #smallbusiness #enterpreneur #coconut #srilanka

One of the biggest obstacles to tackling modern slavery is that it’s often hiding in plain sight. To better understand how that happens, read about the ten situations that people in forced labour often find themselves in. Click the link in the bio. #exploitation #modernslavery #survivors #abuse #discrimination #violence #workingconditions #workers #humanrights

Check out our interactive charts detailing where the #COVID19 crisis has affected wages in the #worldofwork. See how your country is doing. Link in the bio.

Working hours have slumped by more than 15% in the Asia-Pacific, highlighting the severe impacts of the #COVID19 crisis.

Garment factories are struggling to recover from #COVID19. The ILO recently launched the Factory Improvement Toolset (FIT) to assist factories in building back better from the crisis. FIT helps factories improve productivity, competitiveness and working conditions by upgrading production systems and factory practices. #recovery #garmentmanufacturing #workers

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The ILO estimates that there are currently 11.6 million documented migrant workers residing in the South-East Asia and the Pacific subregion. Of the migrant workers in the region, 5.2 million are women. Women migrant workers compose the majority of workers in several sectors: domestic work, entertainment, seafood processing, electronics manufacturing, and garment manufacturing, among others. Despite their crucial contributions to the economies and societies of both origin countries and destination, migrant workers, especially women, frequently experience gender-based inequalities, exploitation, and sometimes violence during the migration process, which compound the prejudice and discrimination they experience as migrant workers. The negative attitudes towards migrant workers can be eliminated by social inclusion, interaction with migrant workers, and engagement with migrant communities. Let's be conscious to stop negative thinking. It's our duty to break those barriers. #InternationalMigrantsDay #womenatwork #migration #humanrights

Labour markets in Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing their greatest crisis for more than 25 years, with some 30 million people unemployed and 23 million leaving the workforce because of lack of opportunities, according to the ILO’s annual regional labour overview. Find out more details by clicking the link in the bio. #pandemic #latin #jobs #unemployment #crisis #humanrights

To mark this year’s #InternationalMigrantsDay, we announced the four winners of 2020 Global Media Competition on Labour Migration. The ILO received more than 290 entries from 67 countries. An independent panel of five judges reviewed the entries based on the criteria of creativity, accuracy and balance, protection of migrants and positive portrayal of labour migration. Check out the winning entries by visiting ilo.org or clicking the link in the bio. #migration #workers #equality #people #mobility #travel #journalism #Media4HumanRights #media #reportage

Today is #internationalmigrantsday. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the critical role migrants play as essential workers, including in healthcare, food supply and other key sectors. It has also exposed their vulnerability to the devastating health, economic and social impacts of the pandemic. A statement by the heads of all UN agencies, says the needs of migrant workers must be included in the #COVID19 response. Find the statement at ilo.org

Today is #internationalmigrantsday. The international migration of women, either together with their family or on their own, is an increasingly important and complex phenomenon but remains insufficiently documented owing to a lack of data. New ILO data offers some insights on the profile of women looking for work and better opportunities abroad. Read the latest blog. Link available in the bio. #migration #abroadlife #womenworkersrising #jobs #employment

A new Code of Conduct, developed in collaboration with the ILO and @unicef, is aiming to provide high-quality, market-relevant education and training to meet employers’ needs for skills in Lebanon. Find out details by clicking the link in the bio.

The #COVID19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the world of sport. A joint paper by a number of UN agencies, including the ILO, outlines how sport can get back on track and help the recovery from the crisis. Link of the paper in the bio.⠀ #sportspeople #sports #recovery #pandemic

Shock responsive + inclusive social protection is now more critical than ever, with the #COVID19 crisis having an unequal, long term, and deep impact on vulnerable populations. Now is the time to invest in national systems to ensure inclusive recovery for all. #pandemic #vulnerability #workers #humanrights

The #COVID19 crisis has affected everyone. Frontline workers have suffered enormous stress. People working from home have been exposed to specific psychosocial risks, such as isolation, blurred boundaries between work and family, increased risk of domestic violence, among others. The fear of job losses, pay cuts, lay-offs and reduced benefits have made many workers question their future. All this has serious consequences on mental health. Read the ILO guide on Managing work-related psychosocial risks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Link in the bio.⠀ ⠀ #mentalhealth #psychology #wellbeing #health #jobs #employment #business #workers #society #recovery #pandemic