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A tiny sneak peak at Chapter 6 of @planetdivoc91 that I wrote and was illustrated by @an_anandrk . Stoked by this crazy collaboration all around. Check out the @planetdivoc91 series free on @webtoonofficial . The comic was created in interaction and collab with Young People in India, SA, UK and creatives in the comic industry, WowBagger Productions, Vocal, DBT Alliance, Wellcome, NIHR, AMS, music producers and a whole lot of Gees and Energy. #interfer #wowbagger #planetdivoc91 #webtoon #young&curious #dbtalliance #vocal #ams #wellcome #pivotcollective #comics #an_anandrk #southafrica #soemajust

@fok_alles DESIGNED THIS INSANE COMIC COVER and is one of the greatest artists and people I know. Swipe right for @fok_alles process. So excited to have played such a lekker leadership role on @planetdivoc91, a webcomic with titans in the comic and creative industries, research and engagement worlds, and such an amazing group of young adults from SA, UK and India. I had the opportunity to write this chapter and collab with such incredible people: ☄Brother Bear and always the patter-on-my-back @fok_alles (Cover design); ☄legendary artist @an_anandrk on illustration; ☄James Devlin (Colourist); ☄Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou aka @hassoe (Letterer); ☄@kirstenmurraywrites (Editor) ☄@nv_funk (Mixatape) ☄ @saramkenney for being the awesome person, friend and colleague she is (and leading comic and project development) ☄@adi_bubbles co-ordination, facilitation, management and overall support Webcomic available for free @webtoonofficial #planetdivoc91 #fok_alles #in_ter_fer #webtoons #youngandcurious #young&curious #vocal #Comic #covid19

Stoked to be kicking off 2020 (draft 2) with a series of jas collaborations. Maestro Ngom and Performance artist @nv_funk joins the @planetdivoc91 squad and has produced a mixtape for Chapter 6 "Same Same But Different"  that hits the virtual streets today! We've been lekker excited by this collab and the works this Brother is doing in his hood with the creative arts and opening avenues (and a school @_tucreative ) for participation, learning and trade for the youths. Power! Mixtape available on @planetdivoc91 Mixcloud accout. #interfer #planetdivoc91 #nvfunk #southafrica #soemajust #capetown

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For I see Galaxies in your Eyes, endless Convergence in your Soul, Eternal Peace & Love in your Heart, and infinite Possibilities in your Smile. I See You. You Know! Jy weet mos! 📸: @dogmom_zaza Happy New Year Good People.

It's that magical time of the (rather kak) year where things just feel a bit better, cheerful and not-give-a #$%&-ish. We soema have a Christmas Special to celebrate this not-give-a #% #'£-ishness. 1. 10 PACK* 10 X 400ml Cans 5 X Caps R700 2. 6 PACK* 6 X 400 Cans 3 X Caps R420 * All packs has to be a combo of LP and HP * Valid until XMas GET YOURS! Raffle happenin' in store too. #soema_just #kobraSA

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Planet Divoc 91, for young people , by young people. PD91 is a comic created with researchers, artists and young people from all over the world 🌎 to boost young peoples perspectives on the pandemic. We have just released a bonus issue containing some of the content that was produced by the young adults involved. For more info have a squizzle @Planetdivoc91 or shorturl.at/gxJKU . The latest Chapter features art by the Young & Curious project. 📸: @eleganza.vi @fok_alles @adi_bubbles @pivot_collective #interfer #planetdivoc91 #eleganzavi #fok_alles #adi_bubbles #pivotcollective #youngandcurious

The Safrican @planetdivoc91 squad hanging out @soema_just doing the theengs. #interfer #positivedisruption #DisruptiveInnovation #planetdivoc91 #youngandcurious #pivotcollective #mentalhealth #decolonization #expressionistart

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We are beyond excited to let you all know that @toyadelazy is collabing with @planetdivoc91 with a 🔥Mixtape for Chapter 5. Find the hidden egg in this month's chapter release on 18 Nov 2020. We're beyond stoked that Safrican legend Toya jumped on board 🚀🚀🚀. If you haven't yet, Planet Divoc is freely available via the @webtoonofficial app. #planetdivoc91 #toyadelazy #interfer #positivedisruption #innovativedisruption #youngandcurious

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Our collab with @planetdivoc91 is featured in Weekend Argus today. Mo Fiya! #interfer #planetdivoc91 #young&curious #youngandcurious #pivotcollective

Our collab with @planetdivoc91 has been featured on @sacreatives with: @adi_bubbles @fok_alles @pivot_collective @saramkenney VOCAL DBT Alliance We're stoked this project is growing and that the comic is being read globally 🌍. If you haven't yet, the 9 part comic can be read for free on @webtoonofficial. We are stoked that Chapter 6 is a Safrican based creative output (writer, cover artist and music producers). Chapter 5 is out mid-November 2020. Do the things and have a squizzle 👀. #interfer #DisruptiveInnovation #planetdivoc91 #sacreatives #fokalles #youngandcurious #pivot_collective

This MAD and wonderful visual map features some of my presentation for the @uxsouthafrica 2020. I was stoked when @igy30 sent me this almost immediately after my talk. Thanks and Kudos to @deon_hanns for the surprise gift. #deon_hans #interfer #UXSA2020 #UXSAOnlineNov #innovativedisruption

I was invited to talk at the UX (User Design) SA 2020 Conference yesterday. It was such a vibe having a conversation about our work / approaches and lessons learnt that could be applied to UX and other fields. Gratitude to @igy30 for the invitation and continual support. Shukran homie. Thanks to the lekker mense that reached out to me post-conversation. You know who you are ❤🔥. If you haven't heard about it yet, this annual conference is hosted by a powerhouse of individuals that saw a need, and attacked it with Gees, Love and Dedication to supporting others. Mostly working after hours to make it happen... Respect. #interfer #UXSA2020 #UXSAOnlineNov

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@planetdivoc91 Chapter 4 has landed! Download Webtoons (free) and have all chapters and behind-the-scenes of the comic at your fingertips and eyeballs⚡⚡ Read all chapters for FREE 👉 on the Webtoons app #planetdivoc91

We hung out with "the-ever-ready-to-support" legend @lieslhermanus today as part of the @planetdivoc91 and Young&Curious. We regularly interview experts and generally lekker people as part of this project, and learning with others. Liesl shared her story of providing maternal mental health support to women on the Cape Flats, and her Gees which kickstarted the Covid Mama and other projects in support of our people. Today was 🔥 and inspiring to us all. Shoutout to @lieslhermanus for sharing the love, energy and gees. #interfer #covidmamas #planetdivoc91 #youngandcurious #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #selflove

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Just a @planetdivoc91 sneak peak. We've been working on a comic with visual artists and global comic illustrators, writers, musicians, scientists and young people in South Africa, UK and India to produce this 9 part comic series with Vocal, Wowbagger (@saramkenney) and DBT Alliance. The project is about Young Peoples' voices and experiences in Lockdown, diversity, misinformation, mental wellbeing and tackles everything in between including Gender and the way minorities are presented. Check out the comic on @webtoonofficial . Safrican musicians, writers and artists will feature in the next Chapters. #planetdivoc91 #interfer #vocal #wowbagger #webtoon #dbtalliance #youngandcurious #pivot_collective

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By now you've heard us speaking about @planetdivoc91. Chapter 4 has just landed ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ why not give chapter 3 a read and get up to speed Catchup via #webtoons . Keep an eye out! Local artists and musicians feature in the next chapters #interfer #planetdivoc91 #wowbagger #vocal #youngandcurious



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Fresh off the Press... I (and @pivot_collective) am breaking the 4th Wall when it comes to our work with young adults, collaboration and project design/implementation. Will I be amongst the Science Breakthroughs of the Year? Register for @ Falling Walls and @ Berlin Science Week happening from 1 – 10 NOV 2020: https://falling-walls.com/remote2020/event-registration/ #interfer #pivot_collective #youngandcurious #falling_walls #decolonization #decolonize #participation #artsouthafrica #southafrica #participate #artsouthafrica #collaboration #publicengagement


420 Special. 6 cans HIGH pressure cans for 420 🥬 Hollet at @soema_just studios for your orders. Special only on until the end of this weekend.



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In the first chapter of @planetdivoc91, Sanda & Champo had a rocky start with their adventure on  #planetdivoc91 meeting a mysterious group of aliens and ... well, a baking, texting and loo-roll-grabbing mutant?! Find Chapter 1 FREE @webtooncanvas & @webtoonofficial app 👉   #planetdivoc91

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We'll have a soft opening of our store/studio on Monday 05 October 2020. We're out at 25 Putney Road, Kenilworth. Beeg things to come. Get yours!

Gotta get 'em all... get yours! 📸 @eleganza.vi #interfer #kobrapaint