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If it's not the coolest birthday girl we've ever known on these streets. Happy birthday child of our own - Ann’s Jordana. 💜 #AFJ A great shout out to all the day’s babies and a Happy New Year to you all.

A disgrace that one of Uganda's best couldn't get a spot in the hospital he's served for years. Do the rest of us stand a chance? We will never host Dr Charles Kiggundu, a champion for #srh, but we are fortunate to have interacted with him as journalists. What a loss! Sleep well, doc. We demand working health systems for all! 💜 #AFJ #sexualandreproductivehealth #unsafeabortion #PostAbortionCare #COVID19 #SRHR #gyn

Hi awesome digital fam, it's been a cruel year for many of us but we are glad we got to hang out with you on here. Thanks for being a great audience and we will catch you in a better 2021. We do hope! If you are in Uganda, don't forget to vote - https://www.ec.or.ug/search/bydeatils?s=09 #maskup and demand to #FreeNicholasOpiyo

Do help us wish a happy birthday to Queen @kakagaadju Guess she’d ask you lot to #maskup as a gift to her😍 💜AFJ

#life It moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. #ferrisbuellersdayoff #realconvoiow #AFJ #liveyourlife #lookaround

#Individuality The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are ~ #josephcampbell

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Each year, 16 million girls (15-19) give birth in developing regions ~ Plan International. We know even under 15s do as well. Our 7th episode in season 2 tackles teenage pregnancy coupled with child marriage. We should all be unsettled. Let’s not even call them teens, they’re children - Ann Better to say girls lives interrupted as when you say teen, it seems far removed from the reality - JK As we grow up as young girls we need to know that we have the power of saying no - demanding that we use conception barriers ~ Flory In our UNICE Spotlight initiative, we found in Kitgum, about 1519 below 18 had gone to visit a health centre for antenatal care - not all cases are documented. The chances of girls returning to school are low ~ Cathy #realconvoiow

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Hi Digital Fam...you are missed. Now do catch up on our 6th episode from season 2 - especially if you've already spent your October earnings. PS: MOSTLY do listen to Halima but we also got some content on this topic. #AFJ #realconvoiow #SAVING

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Ann - I will keep living. This question is problematic because marriage is not an achievement! JK - Why are we constantly bombarded with such silly questions? Flory - Societal expectations patriarchy, it's how the society was set up - so ingrained in our minds! This topic deserves all the anger we can give it. Harriet - From the day a girl is born, she's looked at as a wife - it's the end goal and women aspire to it. Patriarchy has both genders captive by the way and it's sad when women are the drivers. 💜AFJ #realconvoiow

The impact of #SelfJudgement We worry about being judged as weak or unstable, so we learn to bury our struggles and not let on that anything is wrong. But as we fear judgements from others, we may also be judging ourselves, and if we don't accept our illness, this perpetuates our shame. When we resist what is, when we make who we are or what we feel wrong, we're adding another layer to our suffering. When we can find acceptance for our struggles, our relationship with illness begins to change. There's new found compassion for all our struggles and we find patience when we hit an emotional low. As Nayyirah Waheed said, "It is being honest about my pain, that makes me invincible." So on #WorldMentalHealthDay, as you contemplate your own life, 💜 think about ways to please shine a little light on your struggles 💜be tender with yourself 💜challenge your self judgements and, 💜find acceptance for the entirely of who you are. ~ #DailyCalm PS: We are short of a body if anyone wants to join us for this chat on #mentalhealth, please do comment or inbox and we will send you the zoom link. Show is in an hour's time. It'll be short.

IMPACT JOURNALISM: Should journalists be detached from their stories? How often did we (AFJK) think of soul crushing stories after filing them? Join us in a few as we discuss some of the saddest stories that we've ever covered. See you soon! #realconvoinow

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You get to a point where you have to compromise most things and you have to ask yourself about the value you get out of whatever you choose. Try dedicating intentional time to certain things. If I don’t want to do it, I would straight up say no. ~JdB Family cheats work more than work cheats family and as a consultant, I get to prioritise the former more - Ann No balance really, but it’s good to have an understanding partner (and family/friends)- Flory It should be the equal prioritisation of both your career and your life. For me #worklifebalance is not achievable at this point - JK We are thankful to have had the brilliant @joydoreenbiira join us for this #realconvoinow

Is there any such thing as a perfect pregnancy? Do we understand pregnancy as we grow up and when we do, do we ever have any fears? Which ones stand out for you? What are those things you wish you had known about before finding out you were pregnant? If you follow Chrissy Teigen's life, you know she lost her lovely son Jack through a #miscarriage. There are more Chrissys globally. Miscarriages are more common than anyone cares to admit - happening 20% of pregnancies. Join us for a neglected #realconvoiow this Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. See you real soon.

Side-hustle? Freelance? Part time work? Remote work? Are you into gigging? Is it sustainable? So many questions! We have the 'Gig Queen' @natabaalo joining us this Sunday afternoon to share her experience. #gigeconomy 💜AFJ #realconvoiow

It’s no secret that the burden of preventing pregnancy falls disproportionately on women. There’s that unequal burden. It's no secret too that millions of women have unintended pregnancies with many ending up in (unsafe) #abortions. We are excited to have the nontiring #HealthRights Lawyer @kwagalaprimah join us on #WorldContraceptionDay to talk about #unintendedpregnancies & #unsafeabortion. Tune in at 4pm Ug 2pm UK 9am US (NC) 💜AFJ #realconvoiow

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Let's call all body parts by their names, a vagina is a vagina ~ JK Isn't it so liberating to call a vagina a vagina? ~ Ann You come out of the vagina, and then you're coming out with a vagina of your own, why shouldn't you understand, what a #vagina is? ~ Flory I'm going to insert the speculum down there, and then I told her, you mean in my vagina? ~ Harriet Anena #realconvoiow

It's amazing that the the brilliant, articulate, but most importantly #womenrights advocate Mercy is joining us for the #realconvoiow Mercy has previously worked for #FIDAUganda whose focus is on access to justice for women, enhancing gender responsive governance, and women’s social economic justice. See you in a few - top of the hour! 💜AFJ

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We are back this weekend for #realconvos #inourworld. #SRHSaturday, catch us live - discussing the uptick in #domesticviolence (why won't the abused leave?) and on Sunday, we are talking about you, YES person or you, NO person but especially the YES person. 💜AFJ #realconvoiow

Learn to #letgo completely! Easier said, we agree - but yes, you must make an effort for your own sanity. Let the spark remain just that. You won’t need the fire fighters to intervene. You need you! 💜AFJ #realconvoiow

Hi digital fam, this Sunday we are unfortunately not airing our show as we are traveling at different times on land and in the skies🥺. We are going to miss you so much and we hope you miss us as much. Weekends have become something to look forward to because of you, and we thank you for hanging around - listening, watching and engaging with our real conversations. See you on Saturday. 💜AFJ #realconvoiow Feel free to catch any episode you missed and subscribe on YT.

We are so excited to have another great friend @catherinentabadde and expert around children's rights join us for a #realconvoiow about #teenagepregnancy Catch you at the top of the hour, 4pm Ug time, 8am Jamaican and 14pm UK.

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Not the sexiest chat amongst friends but it's kinda our thing to talk about such issues. Stems more from journalism, so thankful for that. #Malaria #WorldMosquitoDay #MalariaClapChallenge #Urbanmalaria

This question goes out to everyone - but particular interest is in some of us who grew up poor. Do we ever feel guilty or really anxious spending our money through big purchases? In this picture, Flory celebrates her first big purchase of land in 2014 from hard earned/saved money. Catch the show live at 6pm Ugandan time, 10 am Jamaican, 4pm UK and most of Europe + about 11 am most of America, and find out how she felt about this 'big buy'. Our special guest is @halima_asijo, the queen of dollars (sweats harrrd for each of her $$$ btw). 💜AFJ #realconvoiow Apologies about the late start. Shout out to @kintasandra who's used to waiting for the show at 2pm Ug time.🥰 We appreciat ethe committment.

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For @DailyMonitor, the year is 1880 - okay, 1920 & #marriage is an achievement. Without it, people have no plan. A peep into the future & they ask, "What is your plan if nobody marries you?" A shallow article through🤦‍♀️ We're discussing this in our 5th episode, season2 and we are excited to have @harriet.anena joining us again all the way from New York! #realconvoiow Keep tuned for the starting time.

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Stop the groping, stop the unwelcome touches. Just stop! This was an episode we felt strongly for and we rightly expressed our anger. 💜AFJ #realconvo #realconvoiow #sexualabuse #sexualharassment #sexpredators

You have you. The power is in you. Use it. If you need to have a chat with self - go on and do it! It’s freeing! Look in a mirror if you have to💪! Have a fab #Wednesday Digital fam. 💜AFJ #afjquote #afjwisdom #wednesdaywisdom

The queen of balancing work and life is joining us this Sunday - all the way from Kenya. No one, we repeat, none has mastered this #worklifebalance more than the brilliant indefatigable @joydoreenbiira! If you have, share in comments or during our live show on FB. While you are here, you might check out Joy's video on working from home during #covidera (as if children appear at the start🥰). See you soon 15pm Uganda/Kenya, 13pm UK & 8am America/Jamaica times. #realconvoiow #realconversations #biiraonline

We are unzipping the #vagina in a few. Tune in and let us know what holds you back from calling #privateparts by their known names? What exactly do you even know about them? 💜AFJ