From clever parody to blatant theft & every brew in between. 🍻 Submit anon via DM, happy to credit, lmk! [I don’t post merch or plays on a name]

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Most hype medias by Patrick Hayze (intellectualpoooperty)

Crispity crunchity pooperty

Ummm sir there’s a crack in your barrel, sir

I-SEE Pooperty

A Mockwork, Aren’t You

“Come with me if you want to live” - The Vaccinator 💉

What is “when should we send the C&D?”, Alex

When the right hand steals from the Left Hand

Imitation is the sincerest form of subterfuge.

Pliny for Attorney General

Kellogg’s jacked again

Smooj move, Ex-Lax


Revive the dead all you want, but try not to get bit

Look at this Nickelback / every time I do it makes me laugh

Here comes the boom

Here comes the hotstepper

Lack of creativity is pretty sus tbh

Copy-paste is the *wo-ooorst*

Simpin’ ain’t cheesy

Yeezy like Sunday Mornin’

Therein lies the Bub

Fresh wheatgrass floater or gtfo

It’s ok guys, they made him...right handed?

Another entry from the Froggy Bottom Boys of Tumwater

Foam Chugs -n- Harmony. . . . . Rad 📸: @avidquiblerreader

The Hostess with the mostest!


The pastryarchy must be dismantled!

Laziness, weaponized

Our next segment we like to call Cops & Whoppers

Throwing shade in the arcade

Aww jeez, C&Ds are the bees knees for these breweries.

TnT with a side of C&D

Somehow not @hoofheartedbrewing

We need a little PMA in our DNA

I hope this dropped on a Monday.

The secret is getting them hooked young

Glass bottle time bomb but I did it for the ‘gram 🎶

For when she makes you take your clothes off and go dancin’ in the rain.