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It’s time for a little break from the gram whilst I spend time with my family to celebrate my mums big birthday 🥳 You’ll find me star jumping through the forest, relaxing on my yoga mat and snuggling up with a cuppa in the evening ☕️I hope you all have a lovely week ✌🏻

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Back by popular demmand, @johnlewisandpartners Home Design Service Myth Busters round ✌🏻 ⭐️’You need a big budget’ Not at all! You are welcome to tell us beforehand how much you are looking to spend and we will try our best to stick to it ⭐️’Only a few shops have stylists’ Each John Lewis shop across the country has a team of fabulous stylists! ⭐️’You have to start from scratch’ We can always work around your existing pieces! Never ever throw away anything you still love ❤️ P.s Don’t forget the link to booking a Virtual Styling Appointment is in my bio☝🏻

Relaxation in a snapshot 🧘🏼‍♀️ Has anyone else started to put more love into their bedtime routine? I never quite considered how scent could transform my room until I worked from home! I have to admit I am not normally a fan of lavender but @neomorganics has magically created the most gentle and soothing fragrance that helps me settle at night🌙

Good morning pals☀️ I have noticed that my work from home uniform has become to look a little like this! Bold chunky knits + wavey hair and a big grin ! I can’t wait to get started on my busy week of Virtual Home Styling appointments! The best thing about my job is that one day I could be designing with quirky patterns and the next with natural calming textures🪴 I hope you all have a positive start to your week☀️

Can you spot the new picture??👀 One of you lovelies asked in my Styling Q&A how to update your home office for some New Year motivation 💪🏻 My number one tip to keep you going is to style your space with some artwork you love! Then you will always have something to be inspired by to get you through a long day⭐️ Here is my @johnlewisandpartners shelving which is bursting with memories of friends, family and exploring 💖

We have made it to the weekend!⭐️ Does anyone else scroll through their camera roll for inspiration? This one caught my eye today, maybe cause I am dreaming of an ice cream on a beach somewhere 🏝

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Not sure how to arrange a bouquet in a round vase? This is a gamer changer... 🌸Tape a grid on the vase for the stems to sit in 🌸Arrange the flowers, it’s much easier now you have a central space! 🌸Don’t worry the grid will be covered by petals and leaves If you have found this hack helpful please tag me in your beautiful snaps @jl_bethan 📸

Does anyone else hide in their scarf like a tortoise when it gets chilly... or just me?🐢 It’s my day off today and I am going to stretch my legs, listen to a podcast and enjoy a cuppa along the way! Does anyone have any walking recommendations in Hertfordshire🍃

It’s taken a full year of yoga to finally get an actual mat🧘🏼‍♀️ In the morning I like to ‘build my castle walls’ by having my breakfast tucked in bed then do my daily yoga practice before getting ready! This is in place of my normal car karaoke commute and I find it so important to have that time to myself before reaching my desk🎨 How do you all set up your day?⭐️

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Back with a bang!💥 Today I want to bust some myths that I come across when talking about our @johnlewisandpartners Home Design Service ⭐️ ‘You need a big project’ No way, we can design a #shelfie, one room and bigger renovation projects ⭐️’The stylists only design to their own taste’ Absolutely not, we will design to your brief and I actually find those with a different style to me a healthy challenge! ⭐️’You need to pay for the service’ Both our Virtual and in-store appointments are free! I am working from home at the moment so feel free to book in your Virtual Home Styling appointment through the link in my bio🛋

Morning everyone 🌷 I am trying to cheer myself up with these fresh tulips as today is the day I am taking down my Christmas decorations 🥺 I am always surprised at how empty the rooms feel, but I am excited the restyle them and to restore some harmony for the new year ✨

Happy New Years Eve everyone 🎆 I am clocking out for a few days as I would normally be away this time of year, spending time laughing and dancing around with my family💃🏼This is still happening, just the ‘at home’ version! Thank you from the bottom of heart to everyone who has made Instagram such a positive and inspiring place to be this year! 🥰 Here we go 2021♥️

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Who else is feeling the Crimbo limbo? I thought I would jazz it up with a game of @jocushion roulette! Which one do you want to win? ⭐️ ☝🏻Box Stripe Cushion, Pomegranate (on sale) ☝🏻Box Stripe Cushion Gold ☝🏻Kimmy Plant Cushion (on sale)

Good morning everyone, how are you all doing?💖 I feel like I have reverted back to enjoying the simpler things in life, like whizzing down hills on my bike and meeting a friend or a morning run! I just must remember to put on my thermals because it feels like it might snow outside☃️

The home office is back up and running with my diary full of virtual Home Design appointments ⭐️ I have already had some exciting projects with quirky colours and artwork! I also love helping with sale purchases as @johnlewisandpartners has some amazing picks this year! Have you found any great bargains?🛋

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For these in-between ‘no mans land’ days I thought I would share something a little different! I have been asked a few times about how I curl my hair and here you go pals! I am making sock curls glam 💁🏼‍♀️ ⭐️Start with damp hair and part your hair into sections ⭐️Take one sock and twist your hair around ⭐️Repeat on the opposite side ⭐️Leave hair to dry (I tend to keep mine in over night) ⭐️Ta Dah! You have the lowest maintenance curls without using any heat! I would love to see pictures of your fabulously curly hair of this Reel helped you! 📸

Happy Boxing Day!🎁 I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day! This time last year I was searching high and low for the most extravagant festive door in London, but in the spirit of staying closer to home I thought I would share a door I found on a walk through St.Albans⭐️

That’s one for the scrap book! My Polaroid only comes out on special occasions and this Christmas definitely counts! ⭐️ Just before I check out for Christmas I wanted to say I hope you all have a lovely time, whatever that looks like⭐️You’ll find me relaxing by the Christmas Tree with a big cup of spiced tea☕️

Christmas nails were a must this year! Getting them done has become a little ritual of mine and I think I have fallen in love with french tips again (with a twist of course)💅🏻 What do you all do to treat yourselves? ⭐️

There is always a silver lining and one of mine is I get to deliver my presents on foot this year! (My back up career is a post woman)💌

My job on Christmas Day is to dress the table (I can’t be trusted with the cooking 🙈) I tend to gather decorations from around the house and pull together something fun and colourful! This year I am in luck, as like many we have gone a little extra on the decs, so the house is my oyster! ⭐️

I am sending all my love to anyone who is feeling low this morning ♥️ I am going to try and keep my mug filled up, my fairy lights switched on and stay safe at home 🥰

Yippee for Saturday! 🍸Here is a sneak preview of what we have lined up for a cosy evening in watching The Holiday! Arthur is my favourite, he just melts my heart🥰 ☝🏻Furry Wooden Deer Small, 76681113 ☝🏻Furry Wooden Deer Large, 76681111 ☝🏻Edinburgh Pink Pepper Gin, 77052707 Drinkaware.org

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Before you pack up your home office for the Christmas break, why not give it a festive glow up! ⭐️Add in some greenery, and if you choose fern stems like me they fill the room with a beautiful scent ⭐️I have chosen to accessorise with pink decorations (of course) but any colour that compliments your decor is fab! ⭐️Finish with some home comforts because after all that is the best thing about working from home! Candles, blankets, cushions...yes please!

This year I have had lots of questions about how to decorate when you don’t have space for a full sized tree!🎄 My answer is to collect foliage, either from a florist or on a winter walk, and decorate with some simple baubles! I also love to group accessories into threes, so I have added these smaller trees from @waitroseandpartners ! As we like to say in the Harwood house, you don’t have a problem you have an opportunity ✨

Did someone say Virtual Christmas Party?! ⭐️ This corner has worked really hard this year, from home office, to crafting table and now party venue! ✨ One thing I have seen over the last few months is lots of people wanting to create a flexible and multi functional room! Don’t forget if you need a helping hand you can book in for a styling appointment through the link in my bio🎨

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One day I will own a home where I can put a Christmas tree in every room! The baubles will match the decor and each have its own personality🎄 I thought I would start that dream this year by adding blush tones and star lights to my table top tree! They compliment my new wall colour (that I am still in love with) and creates a warm glow to my bedroom💖

Last week I had a wonderful personal styling session with @jl_stephshaw who helped me style some tricky pieces in my wardrobe! 👗 All I did was sat down with my cuppa at home, whilst Steph gave me some ideas of how to make the most of my clothes and suggested some new bits from @johnlewisandpartners ! I then ordered these @motherofpearl wide legged jeans to wear with my @levis top (that has sat on a hanger for yonks) They are a style I would never normally choose, but I feel so comfortable and confident in them! I love them so much I have even ordered the blue 💃🏼 If you would like to have a similar appointment then head over to @jl_stephshaw bio and I’m sure she will be happy to help! ☝🏻Levi’s T shirt, 20021602 ☝🏻 Mother of Pearl jeans, 66994701

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Some Sunday fun to help brighten your morning⭐️ Which do you prefer, a Colourful Christmas or Traditional Christmas? Let me know below by commenting 🌈 or 🌲

This year our Give A Little Love campaign has bought me so much joy 🥰 It’s a simple message, but has helped remind me to think of those who might need some extra Christmas cheer! I would love to hear how you have been inspired in the run up to the big day! Please comment your #givealittlelove stories below❤️ ☝🏻Party Dog mug, 68279602 ☝🏻Knitted throw, 60344501

It felt a little emotional hanging this rainbow onto our tree🎄 Some of you may already know, but our family fills the tree every year with decorations we have collected over the years! They include baubles from holidays, Disney characters and handmade (slightly wobbly) school decorations! This year we decided this was the one that would represent the memory of 2020 🌈 ☝🏻Rainbow Tree Decoration, 76648611

Photographic proof that a sprinkling of baubles can make anything look festive!⭐️ Tip of the day is to make sure to have three items in your Christmassy grouping! You can then switch up the size, colour and shapes, knowing that the overall styling will be balanced👏🏻 ☝🏻Renaissance Mini Baubles, 76673703

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Sooo I was getting my wardrobe ready for my Personal Styling appointment today with @jl_stephshaw and it’s fair to say I got a little side tracked!🌈 I can’t wait for all Steph’s advice and will share some with you soon! 👗

Being kept company by these four🧡 Cushions are normally a go-to accessory and seem to get over looked this time of year, but they are the best way to tie together your festive scheme! Add in some novelty designs and soft textures and you’ll have yourself the perfect Christmas movie spot!🎄 ☝🏻Robin Cushion, 65054802 ☝🏻Mongolian Cushion, 60389801 ☝🏻Sherpa Throw, 60377802

Staying at Home = Time to chill🎄 On the check list today is a workout in my garden (please don’t rain) wrapping Christmas gifts and carrying on with a puzzle! Got to pace myself otherwise I might run out of ideas to keep myself occupied 😂 ☝🏻Jaxx Side Table, 86227002 ☝🏻Dalmatian Christmas Mug, 68279602

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It wouldn’t be Christmas 2020 without a bauble bomb right!?🎄

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I’ll be spending some more time at home again and thought I would show you how I styled my favourite corner of my bedroom! 4 clicks to #shelfie styling: ⭐️I recommend starting with the biggest pieces first, this sets the overall shape of the styling ⭐️Then I balance out with smaller items such as my prints in slim frames ⭐️Adding ornaments and different shapes will give the shelves depth and an amazing way to inject your personality ⭐️I finished with greenery! Hanging plants and cacti are my favourites ☝🏻House Metal Shelves, 57040118

When you wear a rainbow you find more rainbows...fact! 🌈 I can’t wait to meet my friend in Richmond today to explore, have a cuppa tea and giggle about random things😂 How are you all spending this weekend? ☝🏻Fjallraven Kanken Warm Yellow, 51510244

I am so pleased that I can be back to exploring the streets of London soon! Thank goodness it is something I can still do with friends as I was beginning to really miss it! 🌈 If you are like me and can’t help but wander, why not check out my guide on where to find colourful homes in london!