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Still waiting on little one 🥰 I’m so unbelievably excited to see her little face and have newborn squishy cuddles! I’m enjoying my last few days of tummy kicks and my bump. Feeling little one move around in my tummy is just the best and I will definitely miss it! What do you miss about being pregnant?

C’mon baby we’re all waiting on you! It was my due date yesterday and no matter how many midwifes told me I wouldn’t reach my due date, I knew I would. Elara was 9 days late and I’m thinking this baby will be the same. Every morning I wake up and look at our little set up and just wonder how little one is going to look 🥰 I’m so so ready for newborn cuddles. When do you think baby is coming?

Ad- Pr Sample. With my due date approaching (Saturday, eek) I have been using my @lolalykke_formums band to prevent back pain and support my tummy through these last few days! I am very ready for baby to arrive now! Please send me tips on how to get baby moving 😜

I’m so ready for you now baby 🥰 How cute is this little fox onesie and the little lamb and owl nappies? Too cute! Tap for brands! Did you dress your baby in outfits or were they in sleepsuits until a certain age?

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I made my hair appointment 🥰 now I am fully ready for little one to arrive! Thank you @rachelreynoldshair for my new look!

Ad- Nesting and cleaning the house from top to bottom with @vaxcleanhome ready for our new addition 🥰 I am now 38 weeks pregnant and have just cleaned all the carpets and rugs in our home, everything is ready and I am about to pop. Check out my blog for a full review of the Amazing Vax Platinum Smartwash Carpet Cleaner 🥰 When did your little one arrive? Elara came 9 days late!

Is there anything more satisfying than faffing about with shelfie styling? 😂 Elara’s Easter themed shelfie 🥰 Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Sheflie ❤️

Dressing a bump is so much fun 🥰 this is an outfit I wore pre pregnancy but it’s such a floaty dress that it works with a bump too! I will definitely miss my bump but I’m ready for baby girl to arrive now 🥰 Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Outfit of the Day 🥰

Today I’m officially near-term. 37 weeks of growing you baby girl and we’re all so excited to meet you 🥰 I’m at that stage of pregnancy where everything is uncomfortable and baby girl is super super low. She could arrive any day now. I think she’s going to arrive later like her big sister though 😂 When do you think she’ll arrive? ❤️

My beautiful girl 🥰 the light of my life. Elara insisted on wearing this little rainbow body warmer today which is from well over a year ago but still fits 😂 Do you let your little ones chose their outfits? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Rainbow 🌈

My new Bloom & Wild flowers and a 36 week bump! I love having fresh flowers in the house 🥰 my go to place for flowers is @bloomandwild so convenient when they get posted straight through your letter box. You can also get £10 off your order by using the link in my bio and I get £10 off too! Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Flowers

My Happy Place at the beach with my faves 🥰 yesterday may have been the last time going to the beach as a family of 3. We are all so excited for baby girl to join us now. Midwife appointment this morning shows that she is now engaged and ready to go 👀🙊 Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Hoppy Place ❤️