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Spring really feels like it’s on it’s way doesn’t it 🥰 we had around 2 hours of actual sunlight today! Fresh flowers just instantly brighten my mood! What’s your go to thing to help brighten your day? I need tips 🥰

I hope you’ve had a fab Valentines Day 🥰 I totally forgot to post this gift guide flatlay when I uploaded my blog post 🙊😂 I love creating a good flatlay 🥰

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone ❤️ Remember self care and self love today! Treat yourself to a lovely relaxing bath and some sweet treats 🥰 The products I’m using in today’s bath 🥰: ❤️ @lush Twilight Bathbomb ❤️ @elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules ❤️ @biodermauk Atoderm Shower Oil ❤️ @frank_bod Coffee Scrub ❤️ @heyestrid razor ❤️ @antipodesskincare Grapeseed Butter Cleanser ❤️ @antipodesskincare Halo Mud Mask ❤️ @leestaffordhair Coco Loco with Agave Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask *some products previously gifted 🥰

Being a mummy is just the best thing to have ever happened to me. Yes it’s hard and challenging but honestly wouldn’t change any of it for the world. This lockdown has been so difficult and if your struggling that’s okay! I am too! It’s bloody hard work but remember that it’s okay not to love every second of your child being with you 24/7! These aren’t normal circumstances and you need time to be you too! Run yourself a bath and chill mama ❤️ What are you finding the hardest about lockdown? Mine is keeping Elara entertained 🙈😂 Joining in with a throwback photo for @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Cuddles 🥰

This cheeky monkey loves her new room so much! We call it her big girl room because her nursery is still exactly the same for baby sister. I was fully expecting a fight each night to get her to stay in her bed but it’s almost been a week now and she’s been incredible. Sleeping all night for a good 12 hours and hasn’t got out of bed once! She’s incredible! Fully hoping that baby sister loves her sleep as much as Elara! Is your little one in a toddler bed yet? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Something Red ❤️

My Valentines Gift Guide for Her is now live on my blog! Full of amazing ideas to treat the ones you love this weekend 🥰 www.katiefloss.com (clickable link in my bio) *Some items previously gifted

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Elaras Toddler Bedroom Reveal 🥰

Elara’s Valentines Box 🥰 I was inspired by @sophieellaandme to start creating themed boxes for Holidays to celebrate 🥰 you don’t have to spend much at all and you can even find themed things around the house. I’ve even started working on a Big Sister Box for Elara for when baby sister arrives! Do you make themed boxes for your little ones? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Valentines Treats 🥰

Ad- gifted. It’s National Pizza Day today and this @birtellis Pizza Set for 2 from @prezzybox would be a perfect date night in for Valentines Day. Me and Mike loved creating our pizzas and it’s a little crafty time too! Such a perfect gift for Valentines this year when none of us can go out for a fancy meal, bring the fancy meal to you! Valentines Gifts Guides are now lovely on www.Katiefloss.com (clickable link in bio) if your stuck for ideas! Everything is available to buy online! Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Let’s Get Crafty 🥰

Hello 30 weeks pregnant! I’m really enjoying this pregnancy knowing it’ll probably be my last 🙈😂 I love having a bump and just feeling little one move 🥰 best feeling ever. Elara loves giving baby sister hugs and kisses but I definitely don’t think she understands just what’s in store 🙈😂 What was your favourite thing about being pregnant? Day 7 of @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge OOTD 🥰 P.s hairspray on my mirrored wardrobes won’t come off, If you have any suggestions on how to remove it please let me know! 😜

How cute is she though?! I know I’m biased but she just melts me! I wanted a photo of her outfit but instead she sat down and said “love you dinosooor” and gave her a big ol kiss! Elaras at that age that everything she comes out with is pure gold! What’s the funniest thing your little one has ever said?! Joining in with day 5 of @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Kisses 😘

Ad-gifted. This @viktorandrolf_fragrances FlowerBomb perfume HAS to be my all time favourite scent to wear; and just look at how beautiful the bottle is. Such a perfect gift with Valentines Day just around the corner! @perfumedirect_ have tonnes of different scents to chose from at great prices! I had to add some beautiful Tulips to the shot and I think it may be my all time favourite photo I have ever taken 🥰 Do you give Valentines Gifts? Would you be happy with Victor & Rolf’s Flower Bomb? 🥰 Day 4 of @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Flowers 🌷💣

I am so excited for Elara’s New Toddler Bedroom to be finished so I can faff with her shelves! It’s just not the same on these little cloud shelves in the Nursery. Are you a shelf faffer? What’s your favourite shelf decoration? Day 3 of @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge On the Shelf 🥰

Ad-gifted. How incredible is this chocolate smash heart from @prezzybox 🥰🤤 Check out my stories to see it pre-smash! But this baby is such an amazing present for someone who has everything for Valentines Day! What would be your dream Valentines Present? If I had tonnes of money mine would be a new car 😂 2 under 3 in a Golf with a double buggy in the boot is a tight squeeze 🙊😂 Day 2 of @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Hearts 🥰

Love is . . . Self love. Self love is so important! You need to care for yourself before you care for yourself. If you find it hard to see your value try to see yourself through your loved ones eyes. How does your partner see you? Your children? Your parents? Your friends? You are worthy of love and you need to practice that love on yourself! You can’t pour from an empty cup. My favourite thing to do to show myself some self love is a pamper night, a full skincare routine, bath, book and bed all by myself! It’s important to take that me time. My entry for today’s @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Love is 💕 What’s your favourite way to show yourself love? Self care?

Elara absolutely loved the snow last weekend! She’s been throwing imaginary snowballs since lockdown 1.0 and we had a lockdown Christmas film marathon 😂 Elara loved throwing actual snowballs and we spent a good hour running around the little park by us 😂 she was such a happy snow bunny! It’s actually started snowing again this morning! No idea if it’ll stick or not though. Did you have snow? Are you a snow lover or a snow hater? 😂

I get quite a lot of questions daily about how to grow on Instagram so I’ve put together a blog post with my best tips for growing on here. Link is in my bio ❤️

I took a break 🙈😂 I was really enjoying posting daily and then all of a sudden my low blood pressure started making me pass out and I even passed out in hospital when I had some routine bloods taken 🙊 so embarrassing! But last weekend we had snow!! We live close to the sea so it’s pretty rare that we get snow but yay Elaras first snow! Elara LOVED it! I hope you are all having an amazing Friday and have a fab weekend! ❤️

Thank god it’s Friday! Each day is pretty much the same tbh, apart from the fact daddy doesn’t work weekends and we have some quality family time. We try to get out for a family walk and Elara just insists on bringing her Scooter everywhere now 🥰 What changes the weekend up for you?

Elara’s little Nursery, ready to be passed down to baby sister 🥰 Elara is moving into the middle bedroom and planning a toddler bedroom is just so much fun! IKEA furniture is arriving in February and I cannot wait to show you all how it looks! We are moving Elara way before baby needs this room so that she doesn’t feel like baby sister has thrown her out. Plus all babies clothes will be in this wardrobe etc. I still don’t think it’s sunk in that we’re having another baby girl soon 🥰 This is an old photo and Elara is obviously on the lowest setting of the crib 😜

Some of the absolutely beautiful bits I received for Christmas from my family 🥰 Self care is so important to me and it’s always the first thing to slip if I’m feeling down. So having all these lovely @lush products ready and waiting really helps me get into the spirit of running a bath for myself and chilling! The little baby bot is for Elara and I’m pleased so say she’s a huge Lush fan like mummy! 🥰

My @aska_maternity_bracelet has really helped my anxiety this pregnancy. I track all of babies movements on my bracelet and it puts my mind at ease when I check it and see how much baby has moved. An amazing bracelet for any pregnant mamas you know ❤️ *Bracelet previously gifted

My Beauty Must Haves of 2020 is live over on the blog. It’s a long one. All of my must have products that have made a huge difference to my skin over the year. Link in my bio to give it a read ❤️

New Blog post “5 Super Easy Valentines themed Crafts for Toddlers” is now live ❤️ I love this one. No need for a million craft supplies or an art degree. All super easy. Also you can shop everything online so you can stay safe at home ❤️ I know how difficult it is keeping a Toddler entertained during lockdown and I really hope these craft ideas help! Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Let’s Get Crafty

These 5 products have changed my skin over the past couple of months! Full reviews coming on my blog soon but trust me they are all incredible. I’ve used the past year of shielding to really focus on my skincare and myself and honestly I think my skincare routine has kept me sane most days. What’s your favourite skincare product at the moment? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Treat Yourself ❤️ *Ark Skincare gifted me their SkinPerfector

Everyday Magic is the little things. The small little moments that make you happier than you ever thought possible and remind you that you are truly living. Holding hands with Elara while snuggled on the sette, a nice relaxing bath, baby girl moving around in my tummy, fresh sheets on the bed, playing hide and seal, throwing imaginary snowballs, the list is endless. Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Everyday Magic 🥰

She’s just too much! Most days we don’t even bother to get dressed if I’m honest! We aren’t leaving the house and so we stay in our pj’s and have lots of cuddles. Then bath and new pj’s for bed. But when we do venture out for a little walk we put on our fancy clothes 😂 how cute are these little dungarees from @zarakids 🥰 How many of you are staying in your pj’s? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge #outfit of the Day 🥰

Ad-gifted. This @kallysleep pillow has been my saviour at bed times. I’ve always suffered with my hips but especially being pregnant. This is so amazing to cuddle up to each night and help support my hips while I sleep. I even bring it down stairs to cuddle into in the day. Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Warm & Cosy

Nothing beats a bit of sunshine and some fresh flowers 🥰 These beautiful flowers are from @bloomandwild you can get £10 off your first order by using the link in my bio (I also get £10) Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge On the Shelf 🥰

A hot cup of tea fixes so many problems 🥰 I love the way the sun comes in in the morning onto this part of the living room Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Hot Cup Of . .

My Happy Place is definitely my bed! I love it so much! My safe space and the place I’m so thankful to wake up in every day and go to sleep in every night. Starting the day being thankful for what you have instead of searching for what you don’t have has an amazing impact on your day! I hope you’ve all had an incredible weekend and are ready for the week ahead! Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Happy Place 🥰

My little dinosaur obsessed cheese monster with a t-Rex 🥰🥰🥰 Elara is my life and I just can’t even imagine what my life was like before she came along now. It’s so strange but what was I living for before?! Do any of you feel this way? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Fresh Air 🥰

I’ve started nesting 🙈 we took our Christmas Tree down early to get the living room sorted and this is our new little reading nook that use to be in the snug/home office, which is now in the living room. The snug/home office will now become an actual office with both mine and Mikes desks and then the games room (spare 3rd bedroom) will become Elara’s Toddler Bedroom and Baby will have the Nursery! Whew. Did you follow that? I’ll have to do a home tour one day to show you the layout. I love a good home tour 🥰 Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Let’s Organise!

Positive Vibes really help me to keep myself calm and relaxed while all this craziness is going on. Yes I still suffer with anxiety and depression but I really notice a difference when I’m actively looking for the positives in things. If your feeling low then that’s okay too. You are completely within your right to feel exactly how you feel. These are extreme circumstances and we are all lost in this storm together. Please reach out to someone if you need to talk. And remember myself and Emma are always over on @the.mama.project to help you in any way we can. Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Positive Vibes 🥰

I absolutely love @lush and was over the moon with the Relax gift box for Christmas. Full of 4 products that help you to sleep, what could be better. It’s really important as a parent to still find that time for yourself and take yourself away and practice self care. You can’t pour from an empty cup and all that. For me, me time is any time that I get to think as a single person again. About what I want and not what everyone else in the family needs/wants. It’s okay to switch off for that time and put you first. My favourite me time is having a nice relaxing bath and doing a full skincare routine, getting into bed early and reading until I fall asleep. What’s yours? Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Me Time 🥰

My girl gang! What keeps me going when I’m exhausted and feel like giving up 💕 My January Goals are: •5k on instagram •3k on Twitter •Remain Positive •Love in the moment What are yours? I will try my best to help you succeed! Also I need to clean my mirror, desperately 😂 @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge January Goals

The glow getters of 2021! I’m still here for the full on glow and these products always give me the best results! No messing about here, futuredew goes all over my face underneath the cc creams and then add even more glow with champagne pop! Joining in with @the.mama.project #themamaprojectchallenge Hello 2021!

Ad-gifted. I use to be really scared about getting stretch marks; no idea why, I guess it’s a social pressure kinda thing. That was until I got pregnant with Elara and as my tummy bloomed to carry this beautiful child it stretched my skin and gave me tiger stripes. Stretch marks are beautiful and so are my scars because they hold a story. I developed gall stones at the end of my pregnancy with Elara and my liver was unhappy, I had my gall bladder removed when Elara was 6 months old and I’m left with a few little scars. This pregnancy I’m not worried about the stretch marks but what does bother me is the itchiness. So I’ve been using this lovely @typologyparis Stretch Marks Gel with baobab oil and it feels so lovely on my skin each evening and soothes the itchiness. My stretch marks will continue to deepen in colour and intensity but that’s okay because I’m growing my second baby girl and there’s nothing more beautiful than that 🥰

My rainbow book shelf 🥰 My What I’ve Read in 2020 blog post is now live! I managed to hit my goal of 20 books this year and some of the books were incredible! Link in my bio to read ❤️ What’s your favourite book you read last year?