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Our journeys are different. Our path would be different. You would go somewhere, I would go somewhere. Maybe our paths would intersect someday. May be we would never meet again. May be we will walk along the same path, Pretending to be strangers. May be we will walk together in a parallel road. Which will never intersect.. So may be, I would keep you in my heart as a piece of memory And still be unbothered. And may be, The ending would be painful. But it would be beautiful ❤❤ . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_🍁

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How things have changed💕 . . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ 🌻 P. C: @_classyy_ .. . #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writersofindia #writing #writersofig #writings #writeaway #writingprompts

At the end of the day when the sun sets down, May be I'll write those incomplete poems. Remembering the reminiscences underneath those teared pages. Winding up those broken pieces. Carrying a dozens of emotions inside me. May be I'll write those incomplete poems. Hearing the old melodies, Sitting just by myself, With a heart heavy carrying an intense feeling of nostalgia. May be I'll write those incomplete poems. Wondering how my life has changed in front of my eyes in a moment without me even realising it. I know the question would be "why". But I'll keep on writing those incomplete poems. Looking at the sunset. Willing to erase those awful memories, Willing to Start my life all over again. And the feeling won't subside, The nostalgia would hit me back. May be that's how I'll complete those incomplete poems. . ~Joyati🌻 . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ 🌻 . ... #naturephotography #nature #photography #naturelovers #photooftheday #landscape

Shooting stars ❤

Sometimes you have to be your own Comfort, Because at certain times, It seems like The more you socialize, The more you get disappointed.

We often tend to forget things. We pretend like everything's fine. And it doesn't matter whatever it is, However it is. But deep down, It matters, It always does. . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ 🌼❤

Perhaps, The world is too big, Perhaps, The world is full of crowds. Yet! Aren't we all alone? We are surrounded by a number of people. Aren't we still feel lonely in this huge crowd. We're just lost somewhere, Pretending to be someone else. -Joyati . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_


Life is everything about stealing a short time from the lifetime and call it forever.. ❤ . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_💛

जिंदगी चलती रहेगी तुम्हारे साथ भी और तुम्हारे बाद भी, मगर, इतनी लम्बी सफर में मुझे कैसे पता चलेगा की "तुम वो नहीं हो?" ❤

We don't need one. . . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_💛 ..

FLAWS💘 . . . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_🍁 P. C. @aesthness

Nothing but everything❤ . . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_🍁 P. C. @tripotocommunity . .

A long way back to nostalgia❤ . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ ❤ #writers #writersofindia #writersindia #writingprompts #writeitout #instawriters

Sunsets are always special❤ . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_

Be here❤ Live in the present.❤ Expect a less and live a more❤

It is about what you are💙 . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ ❤ P. C @dreahmin

Memories❤ . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_

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The present is the thing that matters. ❤ . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_❣ P. C. @tk.somewhere .. .. .. #writers #writeitout #writersofinstagram #writersofindia #writes #writersden

Fleeting yet everlasting moments of our life are intangible. It can only be felt with heart. . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ ❤ .. .. .. #writers #writingprompts #writersofinstagram #writeitout #write

It’s often hard to let things go that mattered to us, but in order to heal we must learn to let go. That can be the hardest yet the best. 💛 . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ 💜 . . . #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #writers #writersnetwork #writers_den_

When you realize you're just existing and not living.


And sometimes we just need a space❣

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Kahin toh❤ . . . Video from @pinterest 💕

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Kal pe sawaal hai jeena filhal hai💓 . . . @siddhessh_ 🐒

Let bygones be bygones💜

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Silence speaks a lot💜 . . V. C. Pinterest💞

May be it is what it should be. 💜 . . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_ 🌻 . . . #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #writerinspiration #writers #writeitout

Detachment is also a process of healing. . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ 🌷 . . . . #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writerslife #writer #writersofig #writersofindia #writtenword #writinginspiration

Be the best you can be. 💞 . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_ 🌹

Happy children's day to the child inside us and the gone childhood days. . . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_ 🌹

Realisation💫✨ .. .. .. .. .. Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_🌻 P. C: @apaosaid

Shades of a day❤ . . . . Follow: @life_beyond_poetries_🌻 P. C: @moonahead

Let the chips fall where they may. 🌼❤ . . . . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_ 🌼

Let's fall in love with the darkness all over again. 💕 . . . . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_ 🌼 . . . . . #writersofinstagram #writer #writingcommunity #writing

Does it?? .. .. . . Follow:@life_beyond_poetries_ 🌼