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Photo #madewithlightroom by @itskaiwan⁠ ⁠ Imagine the tranquility of being caressed by the cleansing water under a full moon. This #artwork is the manifestation of my paradoxical feelings towards the idea of complete solitude, longing, and fear existing within me simultaneously.⁠

Photo #madewithlightroom by @b.kolaczkowski⁠ ⁠ This #photo was taken a year ago on my first trip with my car. I went to Dolomites and visited during sunrise. This epic place is Lago Di Braies. This trip was the start of my overlanding traveling. Now I’m writing this message from Albania and soon I’ll be heading to Greece.

Photo #MadeWithLighroom by @Polina.Washington⁠ ⁠ Shooting flowers is my guilty pleasure. It’s such a meditative process when you explore the #composition and light work with no rush, and your object being still. I love nature, and flowers are pure perfection to me. I love exploring their beauty while shooting.

If you could master one thing in Lightroom, what would it be? 🧠 Photo #madewithlightroom by @nicholas.fols

Photo #madewithlightroom by @lennart A Matter of Horn. Continuing my throwback series with the legend @theolator. As you probably know by now, him and I have done a ton of photo adventures together over the past few years. This morning in Switzerland back in 2016 was one of the coldest, but also one of the most wonderful ones we‘ve had. I wish I could start every day like we did that morning: waking up in a tent, admiring the glowing Matterhorn, eating mountain porridge by a lake, taking an icy swim and then some sweet Toblerone on the way back down. Could a day start any better?

Photo #madewithlightroom by @Polina.Washington This image actually is my favorite type of shot - an accidental shot - when you just carry your camera everywhere and don’t plan anything. Me and my family were exploring the top of the White Rock when I spotted some people arriving on horseback. They were standing at the edge of the rock and I hurried to #capture them. My husband was already taking pictures of them and I thought it would be nice to keep him in the focus frame against the horses as the backdrop. A flare from the sun also got into the lens and it added something #surreal and space-like.

Photo #madewithlightroom by @myvisualmind⁠ ⁠ ‘This was an environment built, not for man, but for man's absence’ - JG Ballard.⁠ ⁠ “The Barbican” an iconic sanctuary amongst the hustle and bustle of central city life. The housing estate is reminiscent of a dystopian era, a momentous concrete jungle made up of 2000 homes. Its brutalist architecture is a fantastic backdrop to capitalise for street, architecture, and portrait fashion shoots alike. This basketball court amongst the grey high rises has often been frequented without much success of capturing a practicing occupant.⁠ ⁠ One overcast March day, during lockdown, I was lucky enough to witness the purpose of these facilities. With sub-framing, a method I often employ in composing my shots, I was able to utilise the dark concrete beams as natural frames. I managed to optimize these to full effect, hiding a group of children playing separately to the left of the scene, and otherwise causing an unnecessary distraction to the image. This provided me the opportunity to create a shallow #depthoffield and to isolate the child playing basketball for dramatic effect.

A few months ago we launched #LifeReflected: a collaborative, modern photo album that reflects us to connect us. And today, the gallery is here. ⁠⁠ Along with @photodre, @valheria123, @laylahb, and @iamjamesanthony we invited you to show us your raw, unedited photos. And you delivered: over 2,000 stunning photos, from 50+ countries. In curating the final #LifeReflected album, we unearthed common threads that connect us no matter where or who we are. And as an added bonus: @photodre selected 36 photos and edited them in Lightroom in his signature style.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Click the link in bio to read about the #LifeReflected learnings, view the global gallery, and to see @photodre’s edits.⁠⁠

Photo #madewithlightroom by  @filmbykait_ I grew up somewhere in between my Pop’s mechanic shop around old dirty, beat-up cars and my Mom’s hair salon amongst powerful women and queer people. That is exactly what I hope my #photography encompasses; gritty nostalgia, strength, beauty and of course some good ol’ rock ‘n roll. I’m inspired by the 60’s/70’s, classic rides, grungy music and folks who care about things that matter. I love to work with artists, makers, musicians and the queer community. This photograph was taken of Johnny Joe in my ‘64 Plymouth Valiant. Inspiration pulled from my favorite 70s punk bands.

Photo #madewithlightroom by @hans_christie I try to carry some sort of camera with me at all times because I find that the photos I enjoy most are the ones I take in a specific #moment. This photo was taken on the Staten Island Ferry, and it was one of those photos that just felt perfect at the time. With everything aligning, it felt like I couldn’t have been in a better place, at a better time, anywhere else in the world.

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A day in the life of @filmbykait_

Photo #madewithlightroom by @mikehamersky I took this on a short road trip during the middle of the pandemic to deliver some items to a family member near Las Vegas.  This particular location was a road side gas station/restaurant on the way to Vegas from the Los Angeles area. What once was, now sits in ruin and decay. Riddled with graffiti and completely vacant of life. But for me, it’s a place with a story to tell.  These spaces and places take me back to days I've never lived. The smell of unpaved roads being kicked up by old cars from a bygone era. The "Lo Gas Eat" sign still stands as a beacon off the highway, and it is iconic for those who remember this place way back when.