MAKOGE FOUNDATION is a registered non-profit, advocacy and campaign organization that fights cancer, mother and child mortality in africa.

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#makogefoundation #worldhealthday2021

God rest your soul Goodnight beautiful soul. You fought a good fight. Your reward is in heaven. #cancer #makogefoundation #breastcancer

This day today is celebrated throughout the world as World Cancer Day - to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and precautions of cancer. Let us all choose to come together and work for a healthier, brighter world without cancer. In loving memory of every cancer patient, family & friends who have lost the battle to cancer and to the one's who continue to conquer it. Saying a prayer for the fighters, sending love and light to the survivors, honoring the ones gone and never, ever giving up hope. #makogefoundation #cancerday #worldcancerday #cancerday #cancer

Happy New year God bless u #happynewyear2021 #makogefoundation #Goodhealth

Dear Men, You can help YOUR woman prevent breast cancer. Tips: 1) Look: Any changes on her breast?⚠️ 2) Feel: Any lumps, or pain?⚠️ 3) Press/Suck: Any nipple discharge?⚠️ 4) Remind: Monthly self breast exam & Yearly breast Ultrasound/Mammogram. 5) Encourage: Breastfeeding 👶 Dr. Chioma Nwakanma

October is often referred to as the pink month in the health field which means breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer awareness month is an annual campaign to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer worldwide. Every October people all over the world show thier support for people affected by breast cancer. October serves as a reminder for women across the world to be screened in the hope that by doing so , early detection will lead to more positive outcomes in the fight against breast cancer. #makogefoundation #erasecancer #cancereveryday #fightcancer #worldcancerday #spreadtheword #october #cancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth

The world needed the strength that you delivered with everything you had. And all too quickly it’s gone.      legends never die🙏🏽 chadwick boseman, you were and will forever be remembered as a real life superhero. Rest in Power. Goodnight Legend #chadwickboseman #beatColonCancer

Today is #WorldMosquitoDay 🦟 an opportunity to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on ongoing efforts in the fight against the world’s deadliest creature. Nearly ½ the world 🌍 is at risk of malaria, a disease spread by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are everywhere & are one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. This #WorldMosquitoDay, let us raise awareness and protect ourselves from mosquito-borne diseases like #Filariasis, dengue & #malaria. #WorldMosquitoDay #makogefoundation

Our thoughts and prayers with #Beirut, Lebanon. Solidarity to all those affected and those working tirelessly to help.  On top of the meltdown they were already suffering this is the worse that anyone could have imagined. God give them strength. We pray #Beirut returns more beautiful than it was before. All our prayers for #Beirut. May they rise from the ashes again. Ameen ! #Beirutexplosion #BeirutBlast #makogefoundation

World lung cancer day: lung cancer is one of the most common cancer worldwide claiming lives in large number every year. This day is observe to raise awareness of the risk factors, ensure early detection , how to prevent, followup measures and improve quality of life. I will continue to use my voice because of the loss i esperience. Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. Lung cancer can happen to anyone. Take care of your health. Let's support the cause. Lets unit to fight this cause everyday Lets take care of the breath we breathe in Today we celebrate survivors Today we remember those who have passed away. It has become my mission to make people aware of this horrible disease which can strike anyone. Young, old , smokers and non smokers I stand in solidarity with people suffering from lung cancer. #Worldlungcancer #cancereveryday #fightcancer #makogefoundation

#WorldHepatitisDay #hepatitisfreefuture

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Today is #WorldHepatitisDay. It is a day to raise awareness for people living with chronic Hep B, to reduce stigma & touch on the progress of research into a cure. @worldhepatitisalliance @hepatitisawareness @who @hepatitisbfree #makogefoundation #Hepatitis #HepatitisC #WorldHepatitisDay