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Find the Myths and Facts about Home Schooling. 👉 As per current situation the best gift which you can give to your child is the best Home Schooling with right set of tools in hand. ✅ We have the best Early Learning Program for kids. 📣 DM @munchkinsland for full program details. 📣

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Learning Activity by @stayhome_andlearn 👉 Hand Eye Co-ordination 👉 Concentration ✅ DM @munchkinsland for repost and feature.

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Repost from @happyparentingbydivya 👉 As a parent we should never feel that we can't Love ourselves. 👉 Rather we should be practicing more of Self Love which will help us to be more motivated 🎆 Visit @happyparentingbydivya to have amazing content on parenting. 📣 DM @munchkinsland to get featured 📣

Repost from @thepahadi_momma Some useful information heading towards the safety and precautions you can take care of if you are expecting. 👉 Such an amazing post which will be helpful for all To Be Mommies.. 👉Must read and share. 📣 DM @munchkinsland to get featured.

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#Repost from @theblossomblende "DREAMS"....Do come true, its just that how much you believe in them and how much you attract Universe to make it True. 🎆 Many times I have been thinking of something but didn't had any clue, how i am gonna make it done...but Yes, it happend. Just in a way, like I wanted. 🎆 So, have faith and believe in Self...everything will be sorted. Just a little push is required that start feeling that moment. You are defined gonna achieve it. 📣 DM @munchkinsland to get featured 📣 #theblossomblende #life #dreams #affirmation #positiveaffirmations #dreamscometrue #universe #lifecoach #listentoyourheart #trusttheuniverse #raiseyourvibration #mindset #positivemindset #zindagi #believeinyou #beyourself #selfcare #successmindset #lifegoal #gratitute #attitudeofgratitude #mindfulquote #affirmativeprayer #lifecoachingworks #womenpreneur #delhimoms

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Early Education for kids of age 0-9 years. 👉 As we mentioned earlier that the more early child starts having exposure the more Learning begins. 👉 Showcasing the video with some of the products of our program 📣 DM @munchkinsland to know more about the program and to book the appropriate. #munchkinsland #learningtime #learningthroughplay #funlearningathome #homeschooling #motherhoodunplugged #kidsandmoms #earlylearning #braindevelopment #learningpower #play #playfullearning #momsofinstagram #delhimoms #childcare #activities #funactivities #flashcards #talkingposter #TalkingPen #usa🇺🇸 #australia #Toronto #newzealand #mumbaimoms #punemoms

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🎆 My 5 years old loves playing Word Search Game.. 🎋 I started giving him puzzles like this when he was just 3 and today he came so fond of this game. 👉 Now trying to read big words and also try to find them by seeing the Word. 🎆 Do encourage your child for all kinds of Learning. 🎋Puzzle Activity Benefits👇 ✅ Brain Development ✅ Recognition Capability Increases ✅ Thinking Ability. 🙏 Please show some and encourage . #parentinglife #homeparenting #parenting101 #homeschooling #learningathome #learningthroughplay #mompreneurlife #momlife #brainpower #kidsdevelopment #happykids #newreelsvideo😘❤️❤️🙈😍 #newreel #reelsinsta #reels #reelitfeelit #encouragement #childdevelopment #mom #motherhood #exploringmotherhood #parentingmemes #parent

🎆 Kids Brain Development 👉 Studies have shown that 80% of toddler brain is developed by 3 years of age. 🎋 Which means the more exposure you will give to your child the more they will learn. Its our myth that a small baby or toddler won't be able to understand or we are giving burden..They have the maximum capacity to grasp anything between 0-3 years of age. 🙏 👉 No as a parent you need to be sure that what quality of exposure you are giving 👉 90% of the Brain is developed by 5years of age..Almost everything has been feeded in their brain. Don't wait , give them as much exposure as you can. 📣 We do have best solution for the Kids Brain Development, DM us for appointment.

Hello Everyone... In today scenario when everyone is facing tough situation and we are not able to go out for any activity...the repercussions have been faced most by the small age group 🎆 Toddlers who miss playing outside 🎆 Kids are missing school and their little friends 🎆 Not able to enjoy learning as they should be 👉 But we can't stop their Learning, we can't stop them to play. To resolve all these queries and to give the best Learning Experiences to your child, we have the best concept and Early Learning Program. 📣 DM us now for demo and appointment 📣

Early Stages of Childhood Development 🎆 👉 Stage 1: When a child learns about the world through their senses and the manipulation of objects. 👉 Stage 2: When a child develops memory and imagination through symbols. Also understands the idea of past and future 👉 Stage 3: When a child becomes aware of external feelings, emotions other than their own. They become less egocentric and begin to understand that not everyone shares their thoughts, beliefs or feelings 👉 Stage 4: By this time children are ready to use logic to solve problems, view the world around 🎆 Shared some useful early childhood growing stages which will help you all to groom your child in a better way...Happy Parenting 😊 📣 DM us to book appointment for Early Learning and to get featured.

👉 Concept of Early Education The picture clearly depicts how the Brain within the early years of age. 👉 Why we should focus on Childs Learning uptill age of 5years 👉 What power does a brain has to grasp things in Early age 📣 This is exactly what we as a parent need to understand and give right direction to our children. 📣 To make it simpler for you we have got some very Beautiful Early Learning Program for kids. 👉 DM us to get the appointment fixed. #munchkinsland #learning #learningthroughplay #earlylearning #childlearning #kidslearning #learningathome #skilldevelopment #learninglanguages #dmnowfordetails😍 #newconcept #upbringing #righteducation #RightTime #earlyyearseducation #braindevelopment #brainpower

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