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Up and coming Nigerian stripper and pornstar, Kenneth .O. Joseph @jotkid continues to perform wonders under the infamous RED LIGHT... watch video @jotkid

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Still on the challenge @jotkid came prepared...

Which would u rather pick, vanilla or chocolate? Hope you getting ready to hit the gym....

If symmetry was a person...

Beefy and sweaty young man...

Ever heard about “ something to calm the nerves”? Here you are!!!

Chasing my dreams... @mooo_fitness

How big can you get??? @kelvin_fitness_refinery


Can your friend ever!!!! @boluokupe

Corpos porandy...

Ethnically pure, crossomotologicality of an espichiated Africano getting some muscularity dasaparitalungituniated energy... @gabrieldonson

Typical of an African warrior...

Words fail me... @otulefitness

#shredded ? Yes or no @iam_bigjohn

Let’s not even lie about it, an aesthetically pleasing physique builds up a confident mind and personality... oui ou non?

Building muscles since 2020...

From Africa with love

Hard work does pay... @tayorfit_

Please, I got to wear some glasses, the shred is completely blinding... Damn!!! @vim_mangh

Would u rather be kidnapped so this officer can rescue you??? @commando_the_volcano

Humans die but legends live forever... @legendlives4ever

I like it oversized most times... I meant the brief!

#tgif @itz_shim

What’s ur favorite slide?? @mahorny_shredds

Yes!!! SYMMETRY.. @ghfitkai

The Abs please!!!!! @phrankkukwah

Black mamba.. @dukefit_beast

Please don’t invade my privacy!!!

Who knows this guy?? @normal_hulk

You deserve to be happy... happy holidays!!!

What’s the day after Christmas called? BOXING DAY... so guys happy Boxing Day!!!

Une fois que j’ai vu cette photo, j’ai toute suite su qu’il ya qqch de spécial. Je l’adore, j’aime la façon dont la physique était photographiée c’est super au même temps sexy. Cela peut vous dire que les africains ont les plus meilleures physiques du monde entier... @ome_gh

All i want for Christmas is youuuuuu 🎼🎹🎧🎤🎻🎺🎷🥁 @nee_martialart

Body by @mrfit_fit

23.12.2020 we spending our Christmas Eve chez @mahorny_shredds

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Damnnn!!!! It’s the facial expression for me... @ogwaraemmanuel you good!!!

Ladies and gentlemen! I give u @lekanibrahim in my opinion, this guy right here is a body god 200%, with the best symmetrical physique in Africa and the most impressive height to compliment it... once again, it’s @lekanibrahim

If this isn’t gorgeous, I wouldn’t know what is... @siriki.combala