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Trank you @earthrise.studio for this Great Diagramm

to end fast fashion, maybe we have to first reflect why there seems to be such a unquenchable need for it, especially amongst the young women. #stopfastfashion #girlpower2021 #reborn_barcelona #conciousconsumer #weareallfeminists #forahealthierplanet #healthyselfimage

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Cycling just got even more useful with this air filter connected to your wheel

Great move !

foto of the biomaterial by MYLO from Bolt Threads #myloleather @boltthreads @mylo_unleather

This is not leather! This is the future !! It’s not “ vegan” leather made out of plastic. This is biomaterial created out of mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus that feels almost identical to animal leather. You can produce ready-to-use sheets within a matter of months and the production is carbon-neutral if not even carbon negative in some cases. There are a few brands who produce this commercially already, from ‘mycoworks.com’ to modernmeadow.com’ but look up MYCELIUM LEATHER and you find a tons of amazing start ups working on it. Hopefully this is a what we are wearing on our feet very soon... and not just our feet, but packaging, what we make our bricks of to build our houses etc. This is a revolution!

I read a statistic recently that every third young woman in the Uk considers a piece of clothing to be old once it has been worn 2-3 times. That’s total insanity! We could fix this by making “second hand or clothing rental” market places more popular and acceptable for the mainstream. But I feel we need to go a little deeper to actually fix the problem. WHY do young women feel the need to buy new fashion this frequently? How can we take away the insecurity that the fashion industry has provoked by creating this unreachable expectation of beauty & success ? I feel we change young women's self-perception & feeling of self-worth and we create a cleaner planet !

#sustainablefashion #sustainabledesign #systainableliving #conciousconsumer #conciousclothing #conciousfashion #designingforabettertomorrow #greendesign

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