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Happy Saturday! Anyone else feel like a zombie until they’ve done their morning skincare? 💕 Even on the weekend, it’s always the first thing I do. Some people need coffee, I need products 😂

Light and thin like a serum, but lush and hydrating like a moisturiser cream 💦 the @avene_au Hydrance Intense Rehydrating Serum ticks a lot of boxes! Full review on the blog, just follow the link in the bio 💕

Today is an absolute scorcher 🥵 I’m staying inside, icy cold water in reach and so I thought I’d share my favourite binge-worthy TV shows to keep you busy this weekend… 📺 link in the bio #happysunday

I know a lot of people roll their eyes at reading goals, they say you should read for fun, and I totally agree 📚 but having a number of books in mind that I wanted to get through really helped me last year to prioritise reading. Even though I *just* fell short of my 15 book goal for 2020 (I spent December watching Christmas films and baking instead of picking up books 🎄), I'm setting myself a new reading goal this year and I’m hoping it’ll help me to keep reading as a priority because it really is something I love but don’t do enough of 💕

The best deliveries are a mix of big loves and new goodies to try! I've almost finished the little bottle of @jordansamuelskin Hydrate Facial Serum so I'm stocking up on the big size 🥰 and because cleansers are my Kryptonite, I got a small @indie_lee Brightening Cleanser and the @theinkeylist Oat Cleansing Balm to give a whirl too 💕

Despite 2020 being a year we’d rather forget there were a few beauty discoveries that I made and loved 🥳 so these are the newbies that I’ve happily brought into the new year with me. Link to the blog post in the bio 💕

The one thing I love more than new products is using up stuff I already have, here are my recent empties 💕 @muradskincare Hydro Dynamic Moisture: Big love for this moisturiser. Hydrates all day, gives great glow, and is fragrance free. Pricey but I love it, currently working my way through some others before I repurchase. @neutrogena_anz Ultra Sheer Fluid: a great everyday sunscreen ☀️ it’s SPF50+, not too shiny and doesn’t make my pale/Caucasian skin look ghostly. Also really comfortable to wear all day, and reapplies well. @drdennisgross Ferulic + Retinol Eye Cream: genuinely the only eye cream I’ve ever used that makes a noticeable difference to my fine lines ❤️ love this. @indie_lee CoQ10 Toner: my holy grail toner; hydrating and balancing. I use this morning and night, and it makes an incredible difference to my skin. @aspectskin Extreme B17 Serum: this is my favourite Vitamin B serum I’ve found (and I’ve tried a few!) hence why I’ve been through two in the last six months. Already got a new one open, it the best 🏅 hydrates, brightens, evens, calms, the works! @alphahskincare Vitamin E Serum: the ultimate skin calm down. Nourishing, hydrating and soothing. Great for reactive skin, but also great for when the weather is temperamental or your schedule is a mess and your skin is suffering. Highly recommend! @drdennisgross Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster: Loved this. Add a few drops to your morning moisturiser or serum for an added boost, like a big drink for your skin 💦 this stuff is great. @emmahardieskincare Moringa Cleansing Balm: I’ve had this a while and I although I loved using it, it’s been open too long. Smells divine; citrus and lightly floral, works well as a balm cleanser, great for massage, just not something I reached for often enough. What have you used up recently? 💕

How many candles is too many to have on the go at once? Asking for a friend… 🕯

The hydrating moisturiser I’ve been reaching for lately 💦 this gem was made especially for protecting skin in extreme cold, but I can confirm it’s absolutely lush in this Aussie summer weather too ☀️ Click the link in the bio for a full review ✨

The January heatwave has arrived (boo!) and that means I’m permanently slathered in sunscreen. Face lotions I tend to hop between but for body I’m all about this guy... 🥥 Coconut-scented ☀️ SPF50+ ☀️ 4 Hour water resistant ☀️ Non-greasy ☀️ Sweat resistant (🥵 - a must) and did I mention it smells of delicious coconuts??

Easing slowly back into the year with books, sleep-ins and a whole lot of Netflix (Bridgerton ✔️). If reading more is on your resolution list this year, check out todays blog post. It’s all about online book clubs and why I’m loving them. Link in the bio 💕

This December weather just can't make up it's mind, hot and then cold and then torrential rain 🤷‍♀️ Whatever the weather I reach for a hydration serum every day. Here are a few of my favourites, all are wonderfully hydrating, non-sticky and a joy to use. @jordansamuelskin - light serum texture, absorbs quickly, perfect for AM and PM use, no fragrance. @mariobadescu - gel consistency, very light, perfect for layering over another serum on days where its too hot to finish with a cream, no fragrance. @avene_au - super light lotion, soaks in quick but hydrates deeply, this worked a treat on my brothers girlfriends’ sunburn, signature Avene scent. @drdennisgross - water-like consistency, adding a few drops of this to a serum as a booster or apply it alone, light and fresh fragrance. Any favourites of yours that I need to try? I’m always on the hunt for hydration 💦

This year I've really found my love for reading again (helped along thanks to all that spare time I guess…). This stack is my last read (Juror No. 3), currently reading (Where The Crawdads Sing) and next read (Harry Potter - love a bit of nostalgia over Christmas). If you’re in need of any reading inspo over the holiday break check out the bookshelf highlight on my page, I’ve saved all this years' reads there.

Everyone loves a radiant and glowing complexion, but I find some acid products that promise luminous skin can be a bit too harsh and drying on the skin. Not the @zelensskincare PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads. Lengthy name, but fast results. Not only does the combo of Salicylic, Lactobionic, Citric and Lactic Acids exfoliate, but you also get a hydration boost. Plus! They allow the products you apply after to work even better. What’s not to love?! Full review in the link in the bio 💚

The Black Friday sales were very good to me this year 🛍 I was able to snap up a few products that have been on my wish-list for ages, and a jumbo size of the Kielhs Moisturiser I've been enjoying lately. Gotta love a sale!

We’re half way through four days of 30°C here, so now feels like a pretty good time to share my top hydrating body care picks #SummerIsHere Link in the bio to today’s post with all the info on everything I use on my problem dry skin.

‘Tis the season to buy rom-coms 🎶 Something tells me my beach reads this Christmas will be happening from my living room, but nonetheless, as soon as the weather warms up, all I want is books that are fun and light #summerreading

When I was a kid, you could get these tiny, colourful capsules in fun shapes like hearts and moons that were filled with bath oil. I was obsessed with them, I blame them for my addiction to soaks in the tub. Fast forward twenty something years and a little, shiny, beauty product-filled capsule still gets my attention. These are from @elizabetharden, the white ones are Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide and the Pink are Retinol and Cermaide. All enclosed in a biodegradable capsule to keep everything fresh until the moment of use. I'm a little too excited to give these a go...

Don’t you just love it when a product is just as effective as it is gorgeous to use? A luscious gel cleanser that melts into a luxurious oil and leaves skin feeling soft and looking bright. There’s a reason this is an award-winning and bestselling cleanser. Click the link in the bio for a full review.

I'd been eyeing this off since it launched a few weeks back but I decided to wait for Black Friday in the hopes that I could snag a discount (Spoiler: I did. @adorebeauty 😘). The idea of Retinol and Glycolic in one superhero product sounds too good to be true but here's hoping it delivers...

Clocked off work early this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine (sitting in the shade, of course 👻) and got started on the @bethsbookclub_ book for December. This has so many rave reviews so I'm excited to finally start reading it 💕

A little outside of my skincare norm, but I'm so impressed with this Granola recipe I just had to share it 🥣 this year I was diagnosed with Coeliac which means no more Gluten for me (seriously 2020? My bread-loving body wasn't ready for that bombshell) but it's meant I've done a lot of recipe experimentation and tweaking and I think I'm on to a winner here 👩‍🍳 An easy base recipe that can be made in bulk, but then totally transformed with a couple of simple additions. I’m all about maximum flavour with minimal effort. Link in the bio for the recipe and all the info 💙

I’m always reaching for light and hydrating layers in the morning, but especially on hot days ☀️ today is shaping up to be a scorcher, don’t forget the spf 🧴

Is there anything that says Spring more than the scent of roses? 🌹 I love using products that smell amazing, and I’m always the most excited to use products with delicious scents. This rose oil infused moisturiser is no exception. Click the link in the bio for a full review ❤️

So fun story, I first picked up the Cranberry version of this new Vaseline Radiant Glow Skin Serum a few weeks back, but the first time I wore it I was absolutely annihilated by mozzies 🦟 turns out mosquitoes like sweet Cranberry too! But I loved the cream (hydrating, quick to absorb, not sticky) so I went back and grabbed the Green Tea version and I can now confirm that the mozzies aren’t the least bit interested in it. So, if you live somewhere that is going into Winter right now I highly recommend this hydrating body lotion in all scents. But if you live anywhere warm that has mosquitos right now I can only suggest the Green Tea version... opt for the Cranberry one at your own itchy peril 😂

Book deliveries shouldn’t be allowed to arrive in the morning when you have worked to do, they just shouldn’t... 📚

Black Friday has rolled around far too quickly, serving as an epic reminder that December is only days away. Today’s blog post is all about the five things I always shop for on Black Friday 🎁 certain things just make me happy, and snapping up things I genuinely need during a great sale is definitely one of them 😊

Incorporated a few new finds in to my evening routine and my skin is loving it... 💕 Finally managed to up the glow and boost the hydration while still banishing those pesky spots from the compulsory (and totally necessary, I’m definitely not complaining!) mask wearing 😷

Summer is here (in sweaty reality, even if nobody has told the calendar yet...) so I’ve been in the hunt for some lighter layers for body hydration. My dry skin needs help all year round but the thick butters and rich creams I reach for in Winter are a bit too much on balmy, humid nights. Very excited to give the Hyaluronic Concentrate from @deciem another go, I had this years ago and I’m sure I liked it 💙 and I ordered a hand cream to try out too, because you can never have enough of them, especially this year! Happy Saturday!

Last week I finally had a chop, my first in almost a year... 💇‍♀️ Rather than try and revive my dry and damaged balayage, I had about 6 inches chopped off and finally my hair feels healthy again 🥰 now I just need to get it growing because I'm a long hair gal through and through! Here’s hoping this pair from @ogxbeautyanz promising strength and hydration helps a bit 🤞🏻

I love a potted lip balm, and today’s blog is comparing three of the most popular ones out there. Click the link in the bio to find out which of these three is my holy grail, and which one I’m giving the boot.

What a beautiful, historic, unforgettable day! 💙 It took a while to get here (and I don’t just mean the days of counting...) but finally it’s official. Bring on January 20th, 2021 👨🏻‍🦳👩🏽 I spent a chunk of this week stress-cleaning and found a heap of samples to use up. Question: do you hoard all your samples together and forget about them, or are you normal?

Hi, my name is Stef, and I’m addicted to murder mystery books... 🕵️‍♀️

It's been a long day of refreshing screens and watching the live coverage with crossed fingers. Here's hoping tomorrow brings some good news 💙 in less important (but more joyful) news, there's a new post on the blog all about my love for Sunday Riley Juno Face Oil. Link in the bio x #everyvotecounts

Public holidays are for doing your morning routine at 9am and your afternoon routine at 4pm. With naps in between, of course! Happy Tuesday! #melbournecup

The candle is lit, the podcast is on, and I have a new bath oil to try out. Best way to Friday 💕

Combo and oily skin people, this one is for you... Gel formula, Salicylic Acid to target oil (breakouts and blocked pores) and Aloe and Chamomile for calming and soothing unhappy skin. Gentle but effective. Oh and did I mention, super affordable?! Ticks all around 💕 link to the full review in the bio

I definitely didn’t need another cleanser... but, the idea of a cleansing butter with pumpkin enzymes and fermented cherries was too good to resist, so here we are 🍒 #welcometothefamily

With hairdressers now officially open again I'm counting down the days until my appointment 💇‍♀️ until then, this @kerastase_official Resistance Mask is helping my dry and damaged hair be as frizz-free as possible. Best left on for a few hours #ineedahaircut