Disruption is the new black.

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🔴Red today (12 Jan, 2021) vs 🟢green then (11 Sept, 2020). It’s all about perspective and progress 🚀

Sweet metal.



Shaping the future one piece at a time.

Pairs well with anything😌

X 🔥

It’s on sale againnnn ✨

Q3, take a bow 🚀

Vroommmm 💦

Buying opportunity? or will it dip further? With DCA, anytime is a good time :)

X marks the best spot.

Resistance level broken🚀

White never looked so good.

12102020 🚀

The future of transportation making a splash 🚀

Rugged, yet clean 🔥

Have a good weekend everyone ✨🚀

Who needs a PR department? The product speaks for itself 🚀

I guess the market truly reflects ground sentiments and emotions, and reacts to everything - like tweets.

Next up, disrupting legacy automakers like never before 🤭

Healthy - just like the future of this world that #TSLA is trying to make that bit better.

Sleek, powerful, clean.

Riding the overall wave of green today - and a bit more.

Where to, next? 🌓

Moved up around $10 and holding steady today. Plus, has it already been one month since the split?!

Soar into the future with unrivalled tech ingenuity✨