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Create an investment pitch with all the crucial components needed to get funding and accelerate your venture. Schedule a strategy call with one of our Growth Managers. 👉 https://www.thedelta.io/contact #venturecapital #budget #Innovation #technology #fundraising #thedeltacompany

A recent economic impact study conducted by MetricNet revealed that AI-led automation can not only enhance efficiency, but reduce company costs as well. The results - which analysed the performance of Global 2000 companies and their performance in different markets - showed that AI-based autonomous optimisation can reduce the number of issues logged, while simultaneously managing to solve them more rapidly. This leads to improved customer satisfaction while, at the same time, reducing IT support costs by as much as 25%. How best are you harnessing the power of AI in your business? Let us know in the comments below. #technology #ai #automation #Innovation #startups #thedeltacompany

From your venture set-up to your go-to-market strategy and everything in between, we help you build and launch your product swiftly, seamlessly and successfully. Get in touch and let us help you build your next product and venture. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #venturebuilders #startup #Innovation #launch #thedeltacompany

We combine desk research and customer feedback to identify consumer need, market gaps and emerging trends so that your venture or product is a success. Partner with us to validate, design, build and launch your next project. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #venturebuilder #research #validate #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, we don't just build great ventures, but great people, with world-class skills and the work ethic and enthusiasm to match! Contact us and let our expert team help you bring your corporate-venturing vision to life. www.thedelta.io #venturebuilders #corporateventuring #teamculture #workculture #thedeltacompany

You may or may not have noticed, but over the last year, QR codes have quietly been making a comeback. QR, or quick response, codes are action-prompting 2D codes that take those who scan them to a specific app, website, link or social media profile. They first rose to fame around 2011 when the use of smartphones started gaining global traction. And, after initially seeing these squares everywhere, soon they completely disappeared. This was for a number of reasons, the main one being that people - consumers and marketers alike - didn't understand how to use them. Much has changed over the last decade, and they are now starting to earn favour once more. Concert, movie and even some plane tickets now often come with QR codes to streamline the process. South African online payment processing platform, PayFast, has reported an enormous 412% increase in QR code payments since the national lockdown last year. Could this be the start of a major comeback in a socially-distanced, post-pandemic world? As a leader in the tech and marketing space, what are your thoughts on the return of QR codes? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #qrcodes #digitalmarketing #technology #Innovation #startups #thedeltacompany

A great idea is saying no to 1000 good ideas. At The Delta, we validate your venture so that you put the right product to market the first time around. Get in touch to validate and build your next project. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #Innovation #validate #validation #thedeltacompany

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We know that data security is important - both for you and your customers. This means that innovators are always working hard to find new ways to keep personal and business information private. Three standout trends in the cybersecurity space are the integration with AI, making mobile a priority and looking for ways to protect cloud-stored data. AI has been a game-changer for the security sector at large, thanks to its language, face and threat-detection capabilities. It is now being developed to be able to predict attacks and notify admins of data breaches as they occur. There has been a 50% increase in mobile malware attacks. With mobile devices now being the focus of many hackers, there is an increased need to find innovative ways to keep our smartphones safe. Every day more and more organisations are using cloud application to store their data. This is not as safe as many believe, and improved security measures need to be in place to safeguard data from potential leaks. What changes do you think we need to see in the cybersecurity space in order to keep our data safe? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #corporateventuring #data #datasecurity #dataprotection #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, we help you grow your business by attracting early adopters to establish a customer base. Get in touch to make the most of your marketing. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #brandidentity #marketing #venturebuilder #thedeltacompany

We believe in building ventures that matter. Partner with us to bring your corporate-venturing vision to life. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #venturebuilder #Innovation #Quote #MondayMotivation #thedeltacompany

We all know that marketing is essential for business, but even more so for startups. Startups are a completely different animal when it comes to marketing. We often don’t have the luxury of massive marketing budgets, resources or tools, so our approach needs to be lean and agile. Find out how Jana Kotze, The Delta's Head of Venture Marketing, does it in our latest blog post by clicking on our Linktree ☝️ #corporateventuring #commercialisation #commercialization #marketing #startups #thedeltacompany

Using design sprints, rapid prototyping, user research and strategy workshops, we make sure you build the right product for your corporate-venturing needs from the get-go. Partner with us to build ventures from ideation through to launch. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #venturecapital #venturebuilder #thedeltacompany