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'Many of the product managers I meet are really just product owners, who play more of a waiter role, than someone who truly contributes towards the product strategy. When building ventures, this isn’t enough.' Find out more about problems facing the product management space in SA from The Delta's Chief Product and Operations Officer, Alex Matthews, by clicking on our Linktree. #productmanagement #Innovation #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

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As with most roles, the one of the product manager has undergone, and continues to undergo, changes as industries, and the role of innovation within them, shift and grow. Nowadays, there are a host of methodologies and best practices which are being widely embraced, with product management evolving from being a primarily marketing-based position to becoming its own, stand-alone role worthy of a seat at the management table. Some of the upcoming trends predicted in the product-management space include the incorporation of more tools - such as AI and machine learning - to be able to offer relevant, innovative products, prioritising the creation of clear product roadmaps and strategies, and allocating more budget to user research and market experimentation. What do you, as a leader in the product-management field, think about the present, and future, of this important role? Let us know in the comments below. www.thedelta.io #productmanager #productmanagement #Innovation #corporateventure #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, innovation is part of our DNA. Partner with us to bring your next venture to life. www.thedelta.io #Innovation #thoughtleader #Quote #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

Do you have something *extraordinary* to offer and want to join our dynamic team? Click on our Linktree to go to our site and visit our 'Careers' page to see our available vacancies. #venturebuilders #Careers #thedeltacompany

Using the latest trends and best practices in UI and UX, we make adaptable design systems to create engaging and consistent user-friendly experiences. Want to create functional and memorable applications? Contact us to validate, design and build your next corporate-venturing project. www.thedelta.io #appdesign #applicationdesign #ui #ux #Innovation #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

When it comes to disruptive innovation, there are numerous ways to go about it, with different tactics that are better, or worse, suited to meeting company goals, depending on a range of factors. From strategic partnerships to mergers and acquisitions and corporate venture capital, there are many effective methods to choose from. Read all about them in our latest blog post: by clicking on our Linktree. #corporateventuring #DisruptiveInnovation #thedeltacompany

We know that people ignore design that ignores people. This is why we ensure that ours is simple but significant. Get a look inside The Delta by clicking on our Linktree as we chat to our Head of UI Design, Alvin Finnemore, about our approach to creating memorable user experiences. #ui #ux #Design #corpporateventuring #thedeltacompany

Using product feature roadmaps, user flows, site mapping, wireframes, prototyping, user testing and reporting, we build human-centred experiences that are easy to understand and use. Partner with us to create the perfect user experience. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #venturebuilder #technology #Innovation #thedeltacompany

There are a number of technological trends, some emerging and others more widely used, that can be implemented to power corporate innovation, not just in 2021, but always. These include, but are not limited to, intelligent process automation, which refers to the combination of technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, growing in popularity, as well as robots, drones and autonomous vehicles being used to streamline processes. 5G internet will also mean that consumers have faster and more reliable connectivity which can lead to increased capacity, and extended reality, which refers to virtual and augmented reality, will enable corporations to create more immersive virtual experiences for their customers. As a big hitter in the corporate-venturing space, which trends will you be keeping a close eye on in 2021? #corporateventuring #corporateinnovation #Innovation #thedeltacompany

The culture of an organisation plays an enormous role in creating a space where every employee feels valued and motivated to work towards achieving their goals, as well as setting the tone for how conflict and communication are addressed. This is something that Denise Nel, Chief Marketing and Team Officer at The Delta, believes in strongly. Click on our Linktree to read her insights. #Innovation #startup #venturebuilder #thedeltacompany

Our experienced team will help refine your business plan and turn your venture into a new business unit within your company or spin-off startup. Get in touch with us and let us help your build, and launch, your vision. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #Innovation #technology #businessmodel #thedeltacompany

Creating functional, easy-to-use and customer-centric products is our game! Contact The Delta to bring your vision to life. www.thedelta.io #thedeltacompany #corporateventuring #venturebuilder #Innovation #technology #simplicity

After a long, hard 2020, the New Year is finally here. May 2021 be a satisfying and successful one! #newyear #2021 #thedeltacompany #corporateventuring #Innovation #technology

Ralph Hamers, the CEO of international investment bank and financial services company UBS, recently spoke at the Singapore Fintech Festival on the importance of legacy financial institutions and the FinTech world joining forces, even more so now after the impact of COVID-19. 'Innovation is not a thing that we can determine to be a trend, it is here to stay,' he explained. 'Banks and companies have to embrace the digital future and, with this, realise that you cannot innovate alone. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas and, therefore, you have to be open to innovation and collaboration.' He goes on to say one of the main reasons for this would be to improve cybersecurity. 'Everything that is crucial that we need for safety within society will increasingly become the subject for cyber-attacks and to defend against that is something no institution can do alone. There must be a concerted effort and open communication between institutions across sectors and with the government.' Do you think that the traditional financial sector will decline completely without continuing to innovate? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #FinTech #finance #corporateventuring #banking #thedeltacompany

Using big data and BI tools, we extract actionable insights from diverse data sets into a holistic environment that can be used for modelling and predicting new market opportunities. Partner with us to build memorable and functional products and applications. www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #Innovation #DataEngineering #thedeltacompany

Sending festive cheer to you and yours. Happy holidays! #thedeltacompany #christmas #corporateventuring #Innovation

When it comes to design programs, Adobe has dominated the market for many years. The problem is that their software was essentially built for desktop use by individuals. This means that files have to be uploaded, emailed or sent and downloaded, with limited options for collaborative input. It was this frustration that led Dylan Field and Evan Wallace to launch their startup, Figma, which is now one of the most popular and fastest-growing cloud-based design platforms in the world. Read all about this cloud-based design startup by clicking on our Linktree. #Innovation #startup #Figma #interfacedesign #Design #thedeltacompany

Cryptocurrency might just be on the verge of making its way into the mainstream. On 20 November, the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) issued a draft Declaration stating that crypto assets should be recognised as a financial product under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (FAIS Act). This came about after much consideration by the National Treasury, the SA Reserve Bank, the FSCA and the Financial Intelligence Centre as well as members of the Intergovernmental Fintech Working Group and the subsequently-established Crypto Assets Regulatory Working Group on the best way to regulate the exchange of cryptocurrency, as well as legislation for those who want to establish a career in digital-wealth asset management. The result of this Declaration will be announced next year. What do you, as a leader in the FinTech space, think the outcome will be and how will it disrupt or impact the financial sector? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #FinTech #finance #corporateventuring #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #thedeltacompany

Our team of product developers and builders are passionate about what they do. Partner with us for your next corporate-venturing project. www.thedelta.io #thedeltacompany #Quote #inspirationalquote #Innovation #corporateventuring

At The Delta, we have seen our fair share of successes, and losses, when it comes to corporate-venturing projects. But over the years we've spent working closely with corporates, we have witnessed problems arise that stand in the way of new ventures gaining traction or maintaining momentum. Click on our Linktree where our CEO, Louis Buys, shares a few of the reasons he's identified as to why corporates sometimes don’t succeed in starting new ventures and what we, at The Delta, do to mitigate them. #corporateventuring #venturebuilder #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, we set up everything from development and database management tools to remote servers and secure networks ensuring they can be used as a base for further development. Get in touch today so that we can help to develop your platform. #platformdevelopment #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany

InsurTech has been around for 10 years and, during the decade, much has changed about the future of technology in the insurance space. In the beginning, most of the early InsurTech offerings were created by people outside of the industry in the hopes of disrupting it. It has now, however, morphed into being more of a collaborative effort between insurance corporations and innovators because, in reality, technology isn't able to do everything, making integration between 'man and machine' necessary for market domination. There are a number of factors at play that are contributing to the shift in the insurance industry. Not only are the consumer wants and needs changing but fragmentation within the industry's legacy system can stand in the way of better automation. Startups have been embracing these challenges nonetheless, and are driving change across the value chain using innovative methods, such as journey mapping, design thinking, lean process mapping and intelligent automation. When they join forces with traditional insurance corporations the emphasis should be on innovation rather than disruption. As an industry leader in the InsurTech space, do you feel that disruption or innovation is the best focus and strategy? Let us know in the comments below. #Insurance #insurtech #FinTech #Innovation #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, we know that your brand is what sets your business apart. Together, we create a unique and cohesive brand identity that expresses itself through your logo, brand guidelines and brand collateral. Partner with us to bring your vision to life. #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany #brandidentity

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on the global economy. This year has resulted in a paradigm shift across the board, and the world of FinTech was not exempt. But with 2021 just around the corner, industry experts have identified some of the main trends that are likely to take off – or, at least, continue grow – over the coming year. One of them is crytocurrency, based on several recent high-profile crypto investments from institutional investors and the prediction that Bitcoin should surpass its former all-time high and exceed $20k per Bitcoin. Another theme for 2021 will be the growth of peer-to-peer (P-2-P) technologies that can help to drive opportunities and empower customers across the globe. The effect of COVID-19 on the economy has also resulted in more people seeking out ways to passively generate income, which has led to investment apps onboarding increasing numbers of new users, which is expected to last into next year as well. What trends are you expecting to see emerge from the FinTech space in 2021? #FinTech #startups #digital #Innovation #finance #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

One of the main reasons that FinTech is disrupting the traditional financial world is because they provide user-centric offerings that suit our modern lifestyles. For just about every financial service available today, there’s a FinTech company innovating and grafting to create a user experience that can rival that of longstanding banking institutions. The result is that more and more consumers are gravitating towards these applications as opposed those from legacy organisations, who will have to prioritise innovation in order to go the distance. #FinTech #financialtechnology #ux #cx #Innovation #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany

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People ignore design that ignores people. At The Delta, we pride ourselves in delivering full-spectrum, top-notch design that is slick, simple and significant. Partner with us to build your practical and impactful venture. #Design #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany #ux #ui #appdesign #webdesign #brandidentity

We know that the only way for business models to stay relevant in a rapidly-changing world is through the implementation of innovative strategies and product offerings. So the question isn’t whether or not to go the innovation route. The question, rather, is how to go about it. There is no one tactic that will have the same guaranteed successful outcome when applied to corporations across the board, as they all have different structures, different products or services, different streams of revenue and different budgets. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to go about disruptive innovation that, if chosen wisely, can help businesses to evolve and to reach, or even exceed, their goals. Read about five common tools used for disruptive innovation in our latest blog post on Linktree ☝️ #DisruptiveInnovation #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

The goals of an MVP are to validate the premise of a product, to test hypotheses about market needs, to make adjustments to the product vision and to prioritise where to invest in future development. This is what makes MVPs a useful way to identify product-market fit, as they allow for testing, adjusting and thinking ahead. At The Delta, we validate early-stage mock-ups, fine-tune your concept based on user feedback, and optimise revenue streams. Partner with us and let us help you get your product to market. #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany #mvp

According to research from Accenture, 84% of insurance executives say that creating healthy and efficient digital ecosystems are important to their long-term innovation strategy. In fact, they believe that this is the insurance industry’s next big frontier for disruption. The results of a survey of European insurers conducted by DXC Technology last month revealed that 22% of insurers were already part of an ecosystem that currently provides additional services to their customer base, with 46% planning on joining a digital ecosystem soon. This shows that the traditional norms are evolving as the industry shifts towards greater openness and agility. Insurers will have to accept this new normal, and commit to innovating to improve business models and make the insurance process more future-focused and the user experienced more optimised. As an industry leader, how have you embraced digital ecosystems in your field? #insurtech #startups #digital #Innovation #Insurance #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

Indie was established in 2017 by CEO and founder Peter Castleden, with Sanlam holding the majority stake in the startup. The initial brief given to them by the 100-year-old insurance giant was wide but whatever they came up with needed to appeal to younger clients so as to future-proof their corporation. While there were high hopes for success from the onset, by 2018 it was evident that, in a market based on trust, it’s difficult being the new kid on the block. In 2019, however, everything changed. Read all about local InsurTech startup, Sanlam Indie, using the #linkinbio. #insurtech #Insurance #startup #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

The coronavirus that dominated 2020 may have had a devastating impact on economies the world over, but it has had a surprisingly positive effect on the FinTech world. Since April, the Fidelity National Information Services noted a 200% increase in mobile-banking registrations and an 85% surge in site traffic. The most interesting outtake from these findings was the adoption of FinTech among the older demographic, with more people over the age of 50 becoming comfortable doing online transactions over the course of the year. This just proves how technology can simplify lives, irrespective of age. #FinTech #startups #digital #banking #Innovation #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

LEMON (previously known as VIA Data), a real-time privacy-preserving COVID-19 risk exposure tool, presented at the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam last night. Want to make sure LEMON gets the recognition it deserves? Voting closes today! 4+ apps, 3 minute demos, 1 winner. You decide. Vote for VIA Data here - http://etc.ch/pDZa

At The Delta, our ideation sessions are made up of a series of tailored workshops where our creative and dedicated team of venture and product strategists come up with new and innovative ideas for your venture or product. Click on the #Linkinbio to partner with us and bring your ideas to life. #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany

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According to market research published by Technavio earlier this month, the InsurTech market size has the potential to grow by $21.72 billion between 2020-2024, and during this period the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at an incredible pace, with 46% of the growth originating in Europe. The adoption of digital technology has enabled insurance companies to reduce the cost of servicing clients, tailor products to the needs of specific income groups and streamline internal processes, as well as allowed for reach, access, affordability, simplicity, flexibility and scalability within the insurance market. Do you want to disrupt the the traditional insurance world with innovative InsurTech offerings? Talk to us at www.thedelta.io and let us help you build your digital enterprise. #insurtech #startups #digital #Innovation #Insurance #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, we combine desk research and user feedback techniques so that our business and data analysts are able to identify consumer needs, market gaps and emerging trends, which enables us to bring a new lens to your venture or product strategy. Click on the #Linkinbio to partner with us and bring your corporate venture to life. #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany

In 2020, no company should be failing to innovate, because as the market keeps growing, the consumer wants and needs keep changing, and disruptive technologies influence and alter the way we live, the more likely it is that they will get left behind while their more future-focused competitors forge ahead towards market success. Read all about how to establish a corporate-venturing culture in the workplace in our latest blog by clicking on our Linktree ☝️ #startups #digital #Innovation #corporateventuring #thedeltacompany

Investors have poured capital into FinTech startups around the world, including a record number of rounds worth $100 million or more in the second quarter of 2020. Inside the FinTech wave are various hubs of activity, including payments tech, investing and banking. That last category has given rise to so-called neobanks, offering mobile-first, consumer-friendly banking tools and services. From a fundraising perspective, neobanks are killing the game. Thanks to recent tailwinds from the COVID-19 pandemic that have bolstered interest in savings-related products, many of the same entities could be enjoying a strong year thus far. Neobanks are built on the latest technology stacks and focus relentlessly on solving specific customer needs. So, what does it take to become a neobank? 1. People and culture: Building a greenfield environment free from legacy organisational structure, process or technology. 2. Business model: The key advantage of neobanks is the low cost-to-serve due to a focus on digital channels and modern IT stacks. 3. Technology: With a strong focus on customer experience design, neobanks often develop proprietary frontend frameworks. Talk to our advisory team 👉 https://www.thedelta.io/ #FinTech #business #technology #thedeltacompany

At The Delta, we building companies that are solving global problems using technology. For leaders looking to fend off new entrants and grow their organisations beyond their core, as a Corporate Venture Builder we use a structured approach to identify and prioritise scalable business opportunities. We then develop and validate them in a focused, fast and proven path to market. We combine best practices in lean startup growth and design thinking with the power, access and knowledge of major corporations to rapidly scale targeted new businesses. Partner with us to build your new corporate venture www.thedelta.io #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #corporateentrepreneurship #corporateinnovation #thedeltacompany

In this competitive world time is money, and if financial companies are unable to adapt and bring changes in their operation, they are bound to get lost in this new wave of technological evolution. FinTech is not just a term that describes technological integration with finance. It is the fuel that is going to decide the race (and the winners) in the market in times to come. To drive towards success financial companies need to implement some changes. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain are used to make the system more efficient. Rather than just talking about it, the financial institutions should implement these technologies to bring desired changes and results. #FinTech #Innovation #digitaltransformation #corporateventuring #corporatestartup #thedeltacompany #quotes