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What a day! What a day! It was wicked nice to get outside, and hike Cutler Mountain in Hiram, Maine today. Also brought this delicious farmhouse ale made with dandelions to share at the top with my good homie @207tonypajamas The beer was fantastic, and the perfect thing to crush. It was crisp, dry, and filled with bright, refreshing, and wild, flowery flavors. Very impressed by this, and can't wait to crack open another later in the year. Cheers beer friends 🍻 #thenewenglandbeerguy #keepingtogether #unlikelyforagers #eqbrewery #cutlermt #maine

Happy Friday everyone! Today was a pretty epic day! I met up with my buddy Jake for a small beer trade this morning, and stopped by Definitive Brewing in Portland, Maine to pick up my new killer glass that I won from the recent Instagram giveaway through Thicc Bois Glass, High Sierra Glass, and Definitive Brewing Co! And to celebrate this victory, I couldn't resist filling this bad boy with one of my favorite Kölsch-style ales! Contee is an easy sipping ale that weighs in at a crisp, and refreshing 4.6%! A perfect brew for a sunny afternoon, or something to open up the evening with! So refreshing, so clean, and so so gooood! Label Illustrated & Designed by @release_the.hounds 🔥 Glassware by @thiccboisglass + @highsierraglass 🔥 Thank you again 🤗 And hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Cheers beer friends! #thenewenglandbeerguy #definitivebrewingco #release_the.hounds #highsierraglass #thiccboisglass #kölschstyleale #contee #kölsch #maine

Got that late night drip ❄💧 @17percentdrip Another late night post 😆 It's not that late, I'm just an old man 😁😂 #thenewenglandbeerguy #dewarsscotch #17percentdrip #dewars

**late post** The OG dankness returns! See below 👇 I stopped by @bissellbrothers for a mandatory 64 ounces of that OG Substance! #4pack #ogkush This recipe of The Substance Ale is always a solid offering during this time of the year, and a nice switch up from the readily available Substance. Clocking in at a smooth, and refreshing 7.2% -It's dank, and earthy with a citrusy-lemon // flowery taste. It's lightly carbonated, and very well balanced. Bissell Brothers: Worth a visit, worth a lifetime. Cheers beer friends! Glassware Illustrated, & Designed by @hopfictionglass - "King of The Web Brawlers" - #57 #thenewenglandbeerguy #bissellbrothersbrewing #kingofthewebbrawlers #smallbatchglassware #hopfictionglassware #thesubstanceale #ogsubstance #ogrecipe #ogkush #maine #og

Happy Wednesday beer friends! I just woke up from from a late afternoon nap, and had to share this great offering // collaboration from @twelve.percent.beer.project + @frontporchbrewing + @proclamationale !! My buddy @tan_man_truman visited his grandparents during Easter weekend, and was kind enough to stop by @skygazer_brewingco for me! Appreciate you bro! Face-Kini is a crushable, and an outrageously tasty IPA brewed with Cashmere, Ahtanum, Citra, Loral, and Sabro hops weighing in at a calm, and cool 6%! This beer is one of my favorite single IPAs that showcases flavors that are absolutely out of this world! Super smooth, and tropical ;P #thenewenglandbeerguy #twelvepercentbeerproject #fatorangecatbrewco #proclamationaleco #skygazerbrewing #facekini

Happy Holidaze everyone! I'm not as big of a stoner as I once was, but a little puff, or two never hurt! Anyone that knows me, knows that I'd much rather have a beer now. Shout out to the Real Ones over @bissellbrothers & @austinstreetbrewery for bringing this heater back! I'm so stoked I was able to get both releases, but a little disappointed that this is my last can 😣😑 Real Ones is certainly a treat. The aroma coming off this is just so pungent, tropical, and soft; it's like candy. And that flavor is so balanced! It's hoppy, juicy, and luscious with notes of citrus, and pine. If there was a carnival, or fair that had a Dunk Tank, I would totally nominate myself to be dunked into a large tank of this beer!! 😂😂 Hope everyone is enjoying their day, cheers beer friends 🍻🔥💨 #thenewenglandbeerguy #austinstreetbrewingco #bissellbrothersbrewing #happyholidaze #hmdcdesign #happy420 #realones #maine #420

Happy Sunday Everyone! I'm just now settling down after a great afternoon at Bittersweet Ridge Disc Golf, in North Yarmouth, Maine! My friends, and I played the Sweetside, a wicked fun, easy to moderate course that features a lot of gorgeous lines, and good times! I can't wait to get back there! #bittersweetridge #bittersweetridgediscgolf And now... I'm sipping on this goodie from @otherhalf.flx - a Galaxy forward, double dry hopped, double ipa brewed with 2-row, oats, and wheat, dry hopped with Mosaic, Idaho 7, and Cashmere Hops... A wonderful treat without a doubt! It's a dank, hoppy, and smooth DIPA that does not disappoint! Glassware Illustrated, & Designed by @hopfictionglass 🔥💨💣💥 #thenewenglandbeerguy #hopfictionglassware #otherhalfbrewingco #diamondreflections #doubledryhopped #cypresshops #newyork #beer

Happy Friday everyone! I know I haven't been as active as usual, but with graduation on the horizon.. I've been stressing out, as well as, just trying to live a happy, and healthy lifestyle. And today I just realized, I have to, "Let The Light In," and get this shit done! #goals #grad #smcc Stay tuned for some upcoming updates, and news! Glassware by @rpg_glassware #thenewenglandbeerguy #treehousebrewingco #rpgglassware #plinythedryad #letthelightin #optimism #hope

Oh snap!! Late night crusher 💣💥 I had a buddy go down to CT over Easter weekend, and it just so happened to be that he was only 20, or so minutes away from @skygazer_brewingco // @twelve.percent.beer.project !! So happy he was able to stop by for me.. Althought we didn't get exactly what we wanted, I was still stoked to get something. This is everything you would expect from a lager. It's crisp, refeshing, and watery with a calm, and subtle flavor. Satisfying for what it is 🔥🍻 #thenewenglandbeerguy #twelvepercentbeerproject #skygazerbrewing #northgmhazenct #snappylager #houselager #lager #ct

C-C-C-C-CRAZY GOOOOD!! @deciduousbeer has always been one of my favorite breweries in New Hampshire, and anytime a friend travels to NH, especially New Market, NH - I have to ask for a favor 🤗 Double Created Chaos is a fantastic double IPA, double dry hopped with Idaho Gem, BRU-1, and HBC 586! This bad boy clocks in at 8.5% and fills your nostrils with an aroma that just makes you want to gulp it down. And that flavor just confirms why they're my favorite brewery in NH to date 😍🤗 #thenewenglandbeerguy #doublecreatedchaos #deciduousbeer #newhampshire #newmarketnh #instabeer

I had a killer day playing disc golf at Bittersweet Ridge in North Yarmouth, Maine today! We did the Bittersweet Ridge Championship Loop, and it was a test to all of our skills (and patience)! A great day indeed. Can't wait to go back! #bsrdiscgolf #maine @bsr_discgolf // @bsrdiscgolf is one of my favorite courses to play at, the people are always nice, the courses are well maintained, and the people who play there are always reputable. Anytime I've lost a disc, it always seems to be returned to the club house. If you're in Maine, it's definitely worth a visit! #pdga #discgolfmaine #discgolf And now, I'm just chilling out, sipping on this goodie from @otherhalfnyc - a collaboration with @thinmanbrewery - An 8.5% Imperial IPA with Hallertau Blanc, Sabro, Simcoe, and Talus Hops.. AND IT IS JUST SO GOOD! It's a medium bodied, juicy double IPA with a bright, and tropical floral, and fruit aroma. It bursts with big flavors of citrus, pineapple, and passionfruit; subtle notes of coconut, and a pleasant earthiness. #satisfying #yes Glassware Illustrated, & Designed by @hopfictionglass #thenewenglandbeerguy #hopfictionglassware #otherhalfbrewingco #thinmanbrewingco #meatballspacewalk #beermail #newyork #newman

What a day for @hopfictionglass This most recent release was absolutely wild! Sad I missed it but life goes on 😎🍻 Shoutout to @dewars for this blended scotch whisky! It's so smooth, and tasty for a bottle around $20 😊🤗 #thenewenglandbeerguy #hopfictionglassware #hopfictionglass #thebiglebowski #scotchwhisky #scotch #dewars