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Livin' the Dream - Fruited Pale Ale with Orange, Mango & Passionfruit 🦩🕶🌴 We packed this Pale Ale with Passionfruit, Mango and Blood Orange giving this beer a tropical fruit punch. A dry hop of Amarillo Cryo Powder amps up the citrus character without imparting any bitterness. Huge tropical notes and a light pillowy body makes this refreshing beer perfect anytime of the year! Now available!

We’re getting some new tanks today! Our tasting room will be closed during the installation, but will re-open for this evening (hopefully around 4pm!). If you’re planning a visit to our brewery today please stay tuned, as we will keep you updated through our social media channels. Thank you for your patience! Cheers

Some tropical vibes are coming your way!🦩🕶🦩🕶🦩🕶 Livin’ the Dream - Fruited Pale Ale with Orange, Mango & Passionfruit is releasing on Friday! Both Livin’ the Dream and Slam Dank are available for pre-orders on our online shop! Link in bio.

Would Crush... all year round 🙌🏻

Alley-oop! Slam Dank is releasing this Friday 🏀

Fresh batch of Juice for the weekend!

The Thorn & Burrow Chardonnay is officially releasing this week! Keep an eye on the @thornandburrowwines Instagram and website, we will be updating the stocklist early next week as it rolls out to stores!

We’re stoked to partner with our good friends at @craftbeeryvr to create an exclusive collaboration community brew, Room for Dessert! Who says you can’t have pie in a glass?! This mixed berry Sour has an abundance of raspberries, blackberries, black currants, vanilla and cinnamon, added to make this sweet and sour liquid a quintessential dessert beer... we even added in the crust! $1 from every beer sold will be donated to @vanfoodbank and @cofoodbank , so grab a bubble buddy and head down to CRAFT to enjoy some community brews on these sunny winter days!

Flex Mex - Aztec Imperial Stout with Ancho Chili, Cinnamon, Cocoa & Vanilla We started with Str8 Flexin' as a base and conditioned it on an Aztec inspired spice blend of Ancho Chili, Cinnamon, Cocoa and Vanilla. The ancho provides a delicate dark fruit and raisin character along with a warmth that beautifully accents the aromatics of the cinnamon. The cocoa adds a decadent dark chocolate bitterness while the vanilla's sweetness brings everything into balance. Expect lots of warming spices on the nose while the palate is dominated by bitter cocoa, vanilla sweetness and dried fruit.

Str8 Flexin’ - Imperial Stout Weighing in at a huge 11% ABV, Str8 Flexin' is a big, full bodied stout. The carb was kept low leaving the mouth feel silky and rich. Huge aromas of chocolate fudge on the nose and balanced roasted espresso and vanilla flavours round out the palette. If you're planning on aging any of our stouts from this winter, this would be the one. Now available!

We can’t do one without the other! Flex Mex also droppin’ this Friday. - Now available on our online shop for pre-purchase! Link in bio.

Str8 Flexin’... This Friday 💪🏻 - Now available for pre-sale on our online shop! Link in bio

Throwin’ down a “Birdbuster” on this can of Koko B. Ware - Koko B. Ware - Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Coconut - An ode to one of our favourite wrestlers growing up, Koko is a big stout brewed with a ton of malted oats giving it a rich, creamy mouth feel. In our usual style, we conditioned this beer on an absurd amount of toasted coconut which balances beautifully with the roast character of the stout. - Now available on our online shop and in our tasting room!

Front Lawn Bench Press - Double IPA with Ekuanot, Galaxy & Citra Front Lawn Bench Press is brewed with a combination of flaked wheat and oats providing a beautiful creamy body. The small addition of lactose lends a light sweetness, combined with a nice early hop addition for balance. It's double dry hopped with a generous amount of Ekuanot, Galaxy and Citra, so definitely no lack of punchy fruity aroma and flavour! FLBP & Koko B. Ware are now available for pre-purchase on our online shop! Both are releasing tomorrow at noon.

“The Birdman” returns this Friday...

Canning a fresh batch of our West Coast IPA this Friday! **Update, unfortunately due to a production issue, the pack date has been moved to Monday!** - Good Clean Fun has a crisp, clean malt bill that sets the stage for the Simcoe, Chinook, and Cascade hops to shine. Expect big flavours of citrus, resinous pine and tropical fruit backed by an assertive snappy bitterness. Dry on the palate, yet displaying a full and rounded mouthfeel, this beer showcases a different side of IPA for us.

It’s been a while... We’re excited to have you back! Releasing this Friday 🙌🏻

We feel ya buddy... 2020 was a “ruff” year, here’s to a much brighter 2021! - We’re closed for some rest today, back to regular hours tomorrow! - 📸: @unlikely.paws

HAPPY NYE!! Yesterday’s last minute provincial health announcement suspending alcohol sales after 8pm is a terrible blow to our already struggling hospitality industry. Many of our favourite restaurants had already stocked up with extra food and alcohol for this NYE celebration that will now likely go to waste. We highly encourage considering purchasing not just takeout, but your alcohol for tonight’s celebrations, from a local restaurant to help support them in any way possible! Let’s try to help the hospitality industry that we all know and love end this year the best way possible! If you’re looking to grab some Twin Sails to ring in the New Year with, please see below for the following restaurants that offer off-sales: @thewhip_yvr @acornvancouver @theamericanvancouver @nitalakelodge @farinaalegna @hundyyvr @labattoir_van @rockymountainflatbread @viateverepizza @shuckshuckyvr @pidginyvr @littlebirddimsum @hunnybeebrunch @theblacklodgevancouver @pizzacomingsoon @tapsandtacos We look forward to putting 2020 behind us, and have great optimism that 2021 will be a brighter year! Be Kind. Stay Safe. ♥️ the Twin Sails Team

Coming Soon... 🏋️

Say cheeeeese! Mama Said’s Pine and Swine - mozzarella, pancetta & caramelized pineapple 🤤 @mamasaid_pizza will be parked out front all week! (Closed Jan. 1st)

Hand picked for your taste buds’ pleasure - Con Leche - Horchata style Milk Stout

HAPPY FESTIVUS! - This year has been a little messy... it’s time to air your grievances 😉 - These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty - Chocolate, Peanut, Pretzel & Marshmallow Stout. 🥨 🥨 🥨 🥨

Single Barrel Death Blow - Barley Wine aged in Bourbon Barrels This barley wine was brewed with a simple grain bill of quality British malt and a small amount of caramel to add body. The beer pours a rich amber colour and an intentionally low carbonation allows the malt and barrel profile of the beer to be at the forefront of the palette. We barrel aged this version in Basil Hayden’s Barrels for 12 months before packaging. The result is a beer with notes of caramel, toffee, vanilla and raisins with a stern Bourbon backbone. At 11.8%, enjoy this beer now, or age to enjoy during holiday seasons to come!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! We wish everyone a safe & joyful holiday season! ♥️ The Twin Sails Team

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty Nicknamed “Pastry Street” at the brewery, this beer is the pastriest of pastry stouts. On top of using biscuity malts and sea salt to mimic the flavour of pretzels, we packed this stout full of marshmallows, vanilla, cocoa nibs, peanuts and hazelnuts. The put it simply, this stout is in no shortage of flavour. Dark cocoa, vanilla and peanut butter are at the front of the aromatic assault while the palate is dominated by roasted coffee, sweet marshmallow, hazelnut and sea salt. At 8%, this stout is dangerously easy to drink and would be a perfect holiday treat for that pastry stout loving friend of yours! Now available on our online shop and tasting room!

"When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether." - Death Blow - Barrel aged Barley Wine releasing this weekend!

We’re incredibly excited to finally announce our partnership with Thorn & Burrow Wines! For those of you who know us personally, know our love for low-intervention natty wines, so we couldn’t be more stoked to partner with our good friend, Alex Thornley, on this project! In 2016, after a stint in New Zealand working with some of the country’s top natural wine makers, Alex launched @thornandburrowwines with a small production of a skin contact Muscat. He then set out to expand his knowledge about low-Intervention wine by working at Le Vieux Pin, one of BC’s top winemakers, helping launch their low intervention line, Artakama, before setting off to work with leading producers in South Africa, Chablis and San Sebastian. Alex finally returned to BC in 2019 to put his expanded knowledge to use, and restart his Thorn & Burrow project working out of one of Vancouver’s OG low-intervention producers, Scout Vineyards, in the Similkameen Valley. We first met Alex after the finish of his 2019 harvest. And after a trip up to Scout Vineyards to sample some of his wines, we were hooked, so when the opportunity arose for us to team up, we jumped on it! We’ve since worked with him to bottle his recently released 2019 vintages and have set our sights to grow the label over the coming years! Check out @thornandburrowwines and follow our journey as we study and explore the endless possibility of what natural wine can be! For those looking to pick up a bottle or grab a glass, the Thorn & Burrow 2019 Gewürztraminer will be arriving at the following locations this week! Vancouver: @legacyliquorstore @highpointbws bottle👆🏻glass👇🏻 @published.on.main @dachivancouver @the_boxcar @juicebaryvr @ubuntucanteen Lower Mainland: @blacksheeppubbc bottle👆🏻glass👇🏻 @twinsailsbeer Interior: @caskbarrel @metroliquorbc (trainstation location) Island: @cascadialiquor (quadra & langford, arriving next week)

The perfect decorating companion. - Low Life Lager - This American style lager was brewed with drinkability in mind. We kept the grain profile simple and light using only quality Pilsner Malt and flaked rice. We fermented this beer with a foraged lager strain from our friends at Bootleg Biology and allowed for an extensive lagering time. Finally, Mittelfrüh and Tettnang hops were utilized in the whirlpool to round out the delicate aroma and add noble character. - 🎄

Can you guess what’s making me thirsty... ? Releasing next weekend!

Feels like a Juice Plus sort of day. - Freshly packed and now available!

Sleeping for now... but not for much longer 🙌🏻

Shower time - Our forever favourite... Dat Juice - Citra Pale Ale ♥️

Hungry...? @mamasaid_pizza is parked out front all weekend, and serving up their new Meatball Sub! - Pork and beef meatballs, marinara sauce, mozzarella, red onion, banana peppers, dressed arugula and parmesan cheese. - You won’t be disappointed 🤤 - **this sub is only available Fridays - Sundays**

Throwin’ Shade - Pineapple & Passionfruit Pale Ale now available! - Pssst... we also have Throwin’ Shade pocket tees and totes! - Check out our online store for more info, link in bio.

We’ve got a new shipment of winter merch! Checkout our online store (link in bio) for the selection 🙌🏻

SURPRISE! Throwin’ Shade - Pineapple and Passionfruit Pale Ale, releasing today! - This fruited Kveik Pale Ale was brewed with huge amounts of Pineapple and Passion fruit. With our house Kveik strain kicking out huge tropical fruit notes, this beer hits huge with Pineapple up front, and Passionfruit notes backing it up with a fruit forward tartness. We're all in need of a little sunshine in a glass these days, so enjoy this beer with good vibes only! - Now available to grab and go, and on our online store.

Can’t decide? No problem 😉

Fresh batch of Would Crush packaging this weekend 🤩 - Would Crush - Raspberry Wheat Ale - This beer started as a traditional American style Wheat Ale, packed with flaked and malted wheat. We selected a yeast strain with a lower ester profile than its traditional European cousins. We then loaded it with raspberries until the lid blew off! This beer is teeming with raspberries, backed up by a creamy mouth feel and light crisp malt profile.