I don't like malt 1.75/5 DM reviews 📩 'Tose + #propervaseware = ♥ ⚠️ Not @untappd 🍔 @yelpwtf 😈 @karenwtf

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Ehhhh idk

2-for-1 combo on this beer damn 🔥

maybe full crystallization would amp it up idk

can't feel a thing cuz of the hopps even brush my teeth twice and its still jus hopps

They put the IBU at the BOTTOM of the paragraph 🤬

dudeeee it's insane even the label held up 🔥 🔥 🔥

Shoutout Buffalo, NY apparently Friday nights go super hard 🔥

still taste good!


I do like what is there though 🥰

-0.5 for sluggg



Maybe if I used solera method and left some of the last beer in my glass before transferring from the vial I would've been able to retain a higher percentage of the remaining 5~6 carb bubbles but this was still the opportunity of a lifetime in the perfect format.

You know what I'm sayin???

Appearance, aroma, taste, mouthfeel, banana intercourse temperature = overall score ✅

Reminds me of hitting up Home Depot and trying all the new flavors 🤤

Just remember: while I might seem nice on Instagram, I will annihilate you with the hate of 1,000 suns when less women and people I want to impress are looking. Beware of my absolute Internet strength and shape-shifting abilities 🐍

Two problems are that the floor didn't necessarily add good flavors or adjunct and that @tgbrews didn't do anything ahead of time to make me not drop this like what gives


Tag someone that is special to you 💖

Imagine if it was yellow 🔥5🔥5🔥5🔥

Happy New Year! 2021 is gonna be special 💖

I'm not saying they did, but if they did say it was an NE and it's not an NE but an IPA then it would just be an IPA and not an NE so minus points in case something like that happened to be safe.

Tomatoes gonna be pluuuuump 🍅


Rough for tea boys RIP 🪦

sour face for sour beer ha ha ! yuck

doesn't even taste festive 🎄

Much more of a holiday than a Christmas 🎄

"You gave Goose IPA 4.5 caps a month ago. Your opinion means zilch." Someone call the burn ward 🔥🔥🔥

Sorry @hopbutcher I'm sure some other reviews can make up for my rating 😷 I had to do it it's been so long since I ticked ughhhh

Wouldn't have bought this if it said it was hazy it's so gross looking, I thought this was a REAL beer from new england like 90 Minute

Pump n dump w the bois 🔥🍼💦 #propervaseware

Ummmmmm these 5 brunch stouts were so bad especially vs real thicc cereal bangers 🔥 hmu if u wan 2 plinys this shit is lame


I kinda figured since beer has incorporated more candy than ever that this would've been made properly but I guess you can't assume anything in 2020 my mistake 3.5