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Fight or flight Fight or flight, Wrong or right, Each choice bring consequences , whether or not you Know what they are. Peace or war , forfiet or score Some game have no winners, only loosers yet players participate just the same. Prodigal son or the left behind We play or role, despite wishing we didn't have to, Cross lines we swore we never would . Fight or flight Sometimes the choice is made for us. . . . . . . writersnetwork #writerscommunity #poetry #bymepoetry #poetsofindia #poetsofinstagram #poetsociety #poetscommunity #astheticquotes #wordsmith #terriblytinytales #writersofindia #wordsmith

I love you for a 1000 more❤️

Being an avid reader, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a heartwarming story of a couple who despite being at odds sometimes, love each other unconditionally. Here the protagonists, Deb and Avantika had to face a lot of struggle once they decided to take a step further into their relationship. This work beautifully portrays the joys and sorrows of parenthood and the unexpected unfortunate circumstances sometimes they face with. The narration is pretty good and the plot is amazing. Give this book a try and the tears are worth it. Writer @durjoydatta . . . . . . . #theperfectus #love #togetherness #readersofinstagram #durjoydutta

Happiness is something which we can create by oneself.. Don't expect for the happiness ....Create the happiness instead.. I just want happiness in my life. Not only me everyone wants the same. No matter what we do or what we have at the end ,Goal of life is to be happy...Happiness is something that give us life to live, A life to love .A life where we can overcome our stress -if we are happy we can easily overcome everything in life. This is how I learned to acquire the state of mind. 1-I Learned to love myself . Don't you guys think self love is important as we can be happy in life when We learn to love ourselves first. 2-I Believe in Myself . we all should believe in ourselves because believing in ourselves helps us to face life with all its challenges is self belief. if we believe everything is possible which leads to happiness. 3-I Learn to control my anger . Many of us be a slave of triangle which is not gold on certain things try to control your anger and you will start to live a happy life. 4-I started Saying goodbye to worry. Life is not easy as we think there are option downs but there is no need to worry just say goodbye to worry and say hello to happiness 5-I started keeping Never give up attitude. Remember failures are common leave them and never give up happiness comes with efforts so never give up.

"EMPTY PAGES" . . . . . . . . . . . . . #loveyourself #poetry #bymepoetry #writersnetwork #poetsofındia #poetsofinstagram #poetscommunity #evenfallpoetry #poetssociety #writerscommunity #writersofig #aesthaticquotes #bloggersofındia #bloggers #rocoverysayings #wordsmith #terriblytinytales

Look at you! You take care of your body You try to strengthen your mind You try to exercise your soul You tackle with your problems You live each and every moment You try to relax your mind and soul You enjoy the things as they are You are unafraid to be Happy You believe happiness is from within You believe in you You are amazing in your own way Look at you! . . . . . . . . #loveyourself #poetry #bymepoetry #writersnetwork #poetsofındia #poetsofinstagram #poetscommunity #evenfallpoetry #poetssociety #writerscommunity #writersofig #aesthaticquotes #bloggersofındia #bloggers #rocoverysayings #wordsmith #terriblytinytales

All we need is self love. . . . . #lazygardener #greenstick #bloomstix #plantfoodsticks #lazygreencorner #plants #plantoneonme

THE EXPERIENCE OF ONENESS. . when the experience is gained that the 'self in me is the self everywhere,' only then is there total liberation from the bondage of the mortal. There is nothing superior to the experience of the oneness in everything', this is the highest experience. When this experience is gained, we become completely rooted in the spiritual experience of the supreme. The perception of plurality ceases, meaning, that no longer do we see the objects of the world as distinctly separate, but that in the light of wisdom all of them coalesce to be the one- shining in their new garment of beauty, peace and harmony #World #peace #quality #experience

Friends like You guys are like a Four leaf clover. Hard to find , Lucky to have❤️ . . . . @uden @aishwarya @priya💕

We all women drape a saree slightly differently and everyone’s body looks different in it. But we women in sarees are like snowflakes😉😜 Unique yet beautiful in our own way. Sarees are like women so versatile, From business meetings to first nights, from political speeches to red carpets, from college farewells to Indian kitchens, they truly have many avatars.😊🍀 . . . . . . #ethnic #traditional #Women ❤️